Saturday, 1 October 2016

Drew Canole - Bayer Aspirin purchase Monsanto

This is bad news. Bad for farmers. Bad for agriculture. Bad for us. A pharmaceutical company is about to have a monopoly on our food supply.

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Here’s why Monsanto is getting out of control:
Monsanto already owns 93% of all soy and corn.
Monsanto also owns 35% of all seeds.
Monsanto owns almost 80% of the canola oil market.
Monsanto owns 40% of the market for tomatoes and lettuce.
They’re responsible for the 200 billion gallons of pesticide dumped on our country every year!
Glyphosate, the main ingredient in their pesticide, is the main ingredient in napalm!
Glyphosate is also a registered carcinogen
This pesticide use has led to the endangerment of bald eagles, monarch butterflies, honey bees, and thousands of other plants, animals, and insects. (If we lose honey bees, we lose half of our fruits and veggies!)
Here’s why they are a ruthless, immoral company:
They patented their corn gene, which spreads like wildfire. Now they sue and bankrupt innocent farmers who might use a seed genetically mixed with one of theirs. Monsanto desires that all NON gmo seeds go extinct! We’ll have no choice but to eat pesticide-infused food!

And now, they’re merging with a drug company!?
That means a pharmaceutical company will now own the world’s food supply. They’ll be able to make us sick with the gmo, pesticide filled food… then sell us drugs to treat the symptoms.

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What can you do?
Make the switch to organic products. It’s okay if you think it’s difficult. The alternative is we get stuck in the trap of eating poisonous food and relying on 20 pills per day to make us feel better.
Boycott processed food. Almost everything in a package, bag, or container is full of gmo soy, corn, and riddled with pesticides. These pesticides show up in mother’s milk, your hair, even in your bones. You’ll probably lose a ton of weight in the process. It may be tough at first, but I promise, those random ailments will stop, and you’ll feel amazing.
Remember, we’re in this together.


P.S. This is crazy. The line is being drawn. Your health, and your family’s health are at stake. It’s no longer possible to take care of your body, without a FIGHT. Make the switch to organic. Boycott the GMO food. Trash that crap in your cupboards and warn your family. Take a look at the report and video we snagged for you here. Good luck.

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