Friday 22 June 2018

At least one Conspiracy Theory Factises in front of you!!!!

For more information if you missed hearing about the conversion of all these Wallmart facilities
review the earlier blogpost while online word about all this first emerged. This particular post material became part of the Briars series which is still ongoing.

Thursday 21 June 2018

Chinese pastor Yang Hua Released from prison

20 Jun 2018 This page from CSW report
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I heard about this release through Premier Radio on Free To Air TV as I was cleaning yesterday.

Pastor Yang Hua of Living Stone Church in Guizhou Province, China was released from prison on 19 June.

Pastor Yang Hua of Living Stone Church in Guizhou Province, China was from prison in the early hours of 19 June after completing a two and a half year sentence. According to friends and supporters, he is in urgent need of medical care and is suffering from several unspecified health problems.

Yang was placed under criminal detention in December 2015 on the charge of ‘illegally possessing state secrets’. On 6 January 2017, he was sentenced to two and a half years in prison. Another leader at the church, Pastor Su Tianfu, was sentenced to one year in prison suspended for two years, with a further six months’ residential surveillance, following his trial on 26 April 2018.

Both pastors were also fined over US$1 million for collecting ‘illegal’ donations from members of the congregation. Pastor Su Tianfu and Pastor Yang Hua have filed several appeals on the basis that the money was voluntarily donated by church members and was only used to fund church activities. All appeals were rejected.

In March 2017, Pastor Yang’s lawyer reported that he was “on the verge of paralysis” as a result of severe inflammation in his legs. He is also suffering from skin complaints which began in detention. He received only basic medical care in prison.

Pastor Yang’s release comes amid increasing violations by the authorities against both registered and unregistered churches in China, including forced closure of churches, demolition of religious buildings, harassment and physical attacks against church members, and a ban on under-18s attending church services.

Mervyn Thomas, CSW’s Chief Executive, said, “While we welcome the release of Pastor Yang Hua, we reiterate our belief that he should never have been convicted and sentenced in the first place. Pastor Yang Hua and Pastor Su Tianfu have been targeted for their leadership of Living Stone Church, an independent church which engaged in peaceful religious activities, served their community, and supported needy members of the congregation. We are extremely concerned by the authorities’ oppression of independent religious communities in China, in particular the use of arbitrary detention and torture to pressure religious leaders to stop their activities. We call on the authorities to cease all harassment of Living Stone Church and other independent churches, and to release immediately and without condition all those detained in connection with their religion or belief.”

Monday 18 June 2018

Joy Series 14 - Episode 5 BBC Radio 4 The Digital Human

The Original Link for this Programme
Aleks Krotoski explores Living in The Digital World

Eric Whitacre Composer (left) presents how his Virtual Choir series was developed.
He is now taking entries for Virtual Choir 5

Eric Whitacre presents Cloudburst in 2013 at TED TALKS

If you like this style of music checkout my musical odyssey earlier this year up at St Andrews

Saturday 16 June 2018

How to build the church in the flesh


Introducing the new course entitled:
How to build the church in the flesh with the help of The Holy Spirit

It's a three year course with a full paper certificate at the end entitling 
You to a position in most Spirit filled denominational and non denominational churches.

As well as the usual Bible study subjects, and Learning Greek and some Hebrew.....

  • You will learn run services as a one man ministry
  • We will teach you the correct way to pull strings so that the congregation are having a little go
  • We teach you in the manner of the book Good Morning HolySpirit by Benny Hinn how to
  • Run a Holy Spirit church as one man while still maintaining a Genesis 3 consciousness of being a selfrun human being.
  • We teach you how.many choruses to sing and how many times each particular  one should be sung
  • We teach you how to be a pyramid pastor and how this can easily be adapted to other situations by simply changing the name to priest or vicar or curate.
  • We teach you how to extort a tithe from everybody so you know how much financial backing will continuously be yours
  • We teach you how to.function within a denomination or.New independent framework by submitting to various ministry names which again can be adapted for.Catholics, Protestants like.Lutherans, or New apostolic.churches.
After three years you will know everything about the subject of running your own church

  • After three years you will know everything about the subject of running your own church, mission or ministry as a fully supported solo operation and how to run meetings up to 3 hours in length.

  • We teach you how to be part of the local ministers fraternal in your town without ever changing anything that matters.

  • one of the biggest training organisations in the world
    In short we run one.of the biggest training operations in the world because it has been updated to include the Holy Spirit in all the existing denominational and independent settings, while still remaining totally in charge of your new church plant.
    We.are.pleased to promote this successful franchise of Genesis 3 independent living consciousness with the Holy Spirit tagged in at key religious moments.

    This course is fully accredited and overseen by Wicca and the World Council of Churches and all national Jesuitry organisations.

    Join now.

    In Africa.we donate a special head dress with feathers for the New accredited ministries so the women know who to revere.

    Inspired by a comment by Paul Noble

    Thursday 14 June 2018

    It’s difficult to work out what offends people more....

    The offense of the gospel is that we are containers.
    We are not self powered beings
    We are not even front of house people
    This really offends people.
    It is actually glorious as all God things are.
    It’s like those birthday presents that look like nothing until you open them, and they turn out to be a priceless jewel or a very rare penny black stamp or some nano sculpture that has to be seen under a microscope.

    It’s no small secondhand thing Gods doing here.
    New Agers are quite close but they are completely sold in carnality , listening to a demon trying to explain pure holy God stuff while the demons themselves are covered in their spiritual excrement. Less than impressive.

    It was pretty darned glorious for Adam to be breathed into.
    But we are
    In the Spirit
    Of God Himself.
    When Paul writes my life is hidden with God in Christ

    The Greek is
    Inter layered
    Twined like rope

    There is no clearly defined point where
    The Holy Spirit and the Father
    Begin and end

    If that’s offensive to you you need your brain seeing to....
    It means you haven’t yet looked upon His glory and seen yourself clothed in His same glory .

    It’s difficult to work out what offends people more
    That you are a sinner
    That you have no independent self so you can’t technically be a sinner unless you choose to be eternally entwined with the original sinner.....
    We chose sin
    We complied with sin
    But we have no intrinsic nature of our own

    This is the massive racket and rattling of bones on the Internet

    You have Francis DuToit and Andre Rabe presenting the gospel as our authentic self,
    But they don’t define what a self is nor how one works,
    Which means they are perfectly able to drum up Mediterranean cruises because nobody is essentially challenged to their core, but everyone is free to enjoy the sun the beaches , the decks, and the Mediterranean cities knowing we have “ arrived” at our glorious authenticity.

    Which is true but only half true.
    It doesn’t mean the gospel is only half true.
    The gospel is yes and Amen. Totally.
    But simultaneously true is that Ishmael does not get to share one tiny bit of inheritance with the Child of Promise that is pure Christ in us as us.

    There is a double edged sword coming for us in Hebrews 4.
    It doesnt mean that we shouldn’t have cruises, but for the sake of the rest of our life on this planet we need a true apostolic foundation
    Of all that we are
    And all that we are not.

    I spoke in tiny snippets in Andre Rabes conference.

    Within a couple of minutes two things had happened

    One lady Rosie got smacked between the eyes with a revelation

    The rest you could see having their eyes glazed over.

    We are used to this happening with our teaching. We used to be the same.
    I had to be practically frogmarched into a talk by Basilea Schlink which changed the whole course of my life.
    Could I articulate it to anyone?
    Were they offended by the bits I managed . Totally.
    But now I can explain it much better.....
    To those who want to hear.
    To the others, we let them file out with glazed reptilean eyes until they too are desperate to learn the secret.

    The Real Kingdom of God

    Listen to me. Or anybody that sees the truth of this.
    We are not in something linear.
    But nevertheless we can put several linear things together in the manner of loom art or as we say in UK ,curved stitching . It’s not complete parallel thinking but it’s well on the way.
    Whatsoever is not of faith is sin.
    The faith that we have isn’t our own faith but Galatians 2.20 in the Greek says faith of Christ.
    We can shortcut to love or Agape, but that does not exclude the gift of the discernment of spirits. This is why New Age doesn’t cut it.

    Does it confess Jesus to be Lord ? 1 Corinthians 12.3
    Does it say Jesus is God come in the flesh
    1 JOHN 4.2
    He who has the Son has life
    He who does not have the Son does not have the life.1 John 5.12
    The Life is specific.

    Facebook is not here to clobber each other over the head with a leftbrain Nazi interrogator saying
    Are you born again?
    We are not born again in the leftbrain.
    So without blurring the edges as everybody on Facebook does, but using parallel scriptures to describe what Jesus has done for us, we come to a gentle curve of loom art.
    But at no point on one straight bit of cotton can you say “ aha..... there the Kingdom is”
    No it’s not, it’s a straight line, and by itself you can’t bisect that single line and say
    That’s it.
    Nope. It’s a line.
    But start to put the 66 books of the Bible together with all the Holy Spirit cross referencing and the New coming out of the fog and mists of the old, and you start to be aware of the Kingdom coming down from heaven.


    Giants of the Land are just big enough that the natural man has no chance of beating them, while being just small enough to be keeping the place tidy and functional for takeover by believing our great God.

    How long does a miracle take?

    Cause and effect have a real problem with Word.

    How formed was the church on the first day of its existence?

    Fully formed

    How formed was Israel the nation, the day they crossed into Canaan?

    Fully formed, the Giants were keeping the houses and farms warm for them.

    How formed was Adam on the first day of his life? 

    He was a fully formed man

    How formed was the earth in its six stages of being created?

    Supposing 13.7 billion years is just our theory.
    How long does a miracle take, and is it scientific?

    The Pitfalls of Organised Religion

    Tuning for Cara Dillon at Havant Arts Centre June 9th

    Tuning for Cara Dillon in Havant Arts centre for her and trio performing Saturday 9th June 2018
    Here's a Youtube clip of Hill of Thieves

    Tuesday 12 June 2018

    Rothschild's bosses

    I was quite encouraged by coming across this video within hours of the last post shedding a bit more light on how things work.

    Running around mindlessly trying to put out fires

    While its very nice the Body of Christ is
    Helping orphans
    Helping Aids situations
    Helping widows
    Having children’s ministries
    Helping like Havant church did with debt counselling
    Many many situations.
    And don’t get me wrong, each and everybody faces direct situations which demand response in their daily lives.....

    If Christ’s Body is the first fruits filling the role that was promised to Israel of being the Head not the tail...

    How come they are letting the Illuminati run rings round them such that we are now purely fighting fires rather than stopping the arsonists?

    Who paid to set up Isis
    Who organised that Isis would decimate the churches in the lands Isis functioned in?
    Who organised Isis and all previous so-called Muslim organisations....From PLO bombers to Muhajideen to Taliban to Al Aquaida to Isis, in order to displace thousands and flood Europe.
    Who organised AIDS
    Who designed to break marriage apart and claim sleeping around was perfectly OK

    Run your flaming marriage counselling sessions
    Organise your foster homes if the Illuminati allow Christians anywhere near
    Try delivering your silly little Gideon Bibles into hotel rooms when you already allowed a witch to ban prayer and assemblies in schools

    But who is going after the big people?
    Leave Bill Bright, Loren Cunningham and Lance Wallnau to go chasing after the Freemasons and the occult conspiracy of “1000 points of Light” and re establish 7 mountains or 7 spheres of influence

    We are not the tail we are the Head
    We are not firefighters rushing around putting out fires

    We are Christ in our forms Galatians 2.20, getting lit up with the Isaiah 60 fire to end all fires....

    The fire of Jesus Christ having the sum total of our bodies to do with what He wills,
    And for Him to organise the psalm 110
    People volunteering in the Day of His power.

    Volunteering in the day of His power is NOT imitating Satellite TV and trying to do a Christian version....

    It’s letting the ONE Jesus Christ have your body today, whatever He wants to do.

    He doesnt need clever systems
    Jesus never took advice off Lance Walnau and arranged a counter Sanhedrin in Jerusalem,

    Jesus spoke to the 120 before He ascended and said
    Can I have your bodies?
    Just remain at Jerusalem
    Confess your sins
    Until I send the Holy Spirit.