Thursday 28 July 2016


I have never done this before....
Maybe I should have.

I have never used a whole blog to introduce somebody.

This next person is of a different order to us in the west where social services have ripped away many of the functions that used to be performed by church....and  ofcourse ripped away the evangelistic advantage too

"Oh you cannot exploit people at their time of need and weakness...."

UMMMMM D'oh?     When else is the independent "self" that lives and swans along in the pride of life going to be more open, than when its existence is temporarily swamped by great needs???? When are you more likely to actually make a connection from your genuine inner self???

I digress. The next blog is written by a man overseas and his family at a different level of reality than most Christians in the West. So I humbly ask that you would give him the time of day to read it.

Many thanks
Chris Welch

Sunday 24 July 2016

Sin Stuck or Sin Freed by Ralph Harris

Not long ago I was involved in a Facebook thread in which people were discussing sin. One person became increasingly indignant with me—she was pretty much yelling via text—and insisted that, as a Christian, she would always be an “incurable sinner,” whose best hope was “sin in remission.” “Don’t you know that?!” she demanded.
Well, I answered, only if you think of yourself as the unchanged, old creation, the former creation, and as what you do rather than who you truly are in Christ, a new creation. Then you can you say that you are “a sinner.” You will be wrong, but you can say it. Essentially, you will be in error concerning what Jesus did for you and to you through the cross and resurrection. This error hurts you because, not knowing the cure of Christ, you will misdiagnose yourself and treat yourself as though you are sick. This will become a twisted and sickly caricature of Christianity; while perfectly cured, you will deny your health. You will frustrate yourself by looking for health—freedom from sin—based upon what you do, rather than upon what Jesus did. That won’t work. Never has. What He did is your cure and health, not what you do.
To the error-prone Christians in Rome, the apostle Paul wrote: “knowing this, that our old self was crucified with Him, in order that our body of sin might be done away with, so that we would no longer be slaves to sin; for he who has died is freed from sin (Romans 6:6-7).
So the big question is: “Did God’s cure work for you?” Through Jesus’ crucifixion, was your old self crucified with Him? Was your body of sin “done away with” so that you would no longer be a slave to sin? Since, in God’s thinking, you died with Christ, are you freed from sin? Is what He did your cure, or do you have another diagnosis and prescription? Who is the better Physician—you or God?
If you continue to believe that you are an unchanged, old creation and an old sinner-self, and that salvation “only” rescued you from sins and guaranteed you for heaven, your diagnosis will be wrong, because you will not believe the gospel and enjoy the perfect health benefits of the cross and the resurrection for you. One was for your sins, and the other was for your new life. Those in Christ are no longer “sinners” by nature, since through the crucifixion and being included in that, they’ve had a change of nature in Christ and now share in the Father’s. They are saints by nature, holy sons in fact, and already citizens of heaven—free from sin, as is everyone in heaven.
You cannot have dual citizenship. You are either born of this world and are of it, or you are born of heaven and are of it—alien to this world, and representative of heaven. Which one are you?
I love my citizenship and how I got there through the cross and resurrection with Jesus. I’ve never felt better about sin than after I knew the truth about the cross and resurrection and my being included with Christ. In Christ, I have died already, and sin has no power over me. In Christ, I have been healed and raised, and my nature is righteous—through and through. How about yours?
I hope this helps.
(This is a transcript of yesterday’s video, “Sin Stuck or Sin Freed?” and is for those who might rather read than watch.

Saturday 23 July 2016

Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism and the Singularity

This is what the occult driven Illuminati have been moving towards

A world that has no fear of God
A complete and firm belief in an absolute mythical foundation :evolution
An incomplete vision of who we are, discarding spirit, or declaring it to be just functions of two hemispheres of the brain which are uploadable
No clear perception of life and parameters outside the leftbrain.
Zero understanding of how God uses natural life, lived naturally to bring forth His Life in fulness
No understanding of Genesis 3 because craftily the demons have laughed it out of court and men now inhabit a spirit of arrogance as though they were like God
No life can endure for an instant outside the Life source of God
What makes a man or woman like God , and here I use the word LIKE as actually His Life John 15, is the birth of His Life in us according to His Word by the Spirit
The Illuminati beliefs are machine like, surface functions, but using surface functions in the broadest setting.
House of Rothschild gave itself to becoming the central financial control of the whole world and finance can drive everything of a surface material nature....
but it cannot work "spirit" and is the highest example to us of the words of Jesus about
a rich man who builds great barns and then reposes, but God says tonight your soul is required of you,
and what can the man do....Nothing. All his riches evaporate instantly as he dies and meets the Creator.
Notice what drives transhumanism is military warfare, is fear, to release untold amounts of money.

Related Facebook post by me today 24/7/2016
The end game of evolution is diabolical. It has brainwashed the whole of mankind towards existence being a matter of.survival and terror and adapting ourselves. It is a huge extension of Genesis 3 itself. The lie of Genesis 3 is that we are not enough....if we just become.independent and like gods, we can fix ourselves. But in the spiritual switchover we actually started dying. This was the diabolical plan for demon spirits that couldn't normally cross boundaries to begin ruling our earth. Transhumanism ends up literally rewriting our DNA so there is nothing really human left of us, just physical vessels completely overtaken demonically.

 Someone like Alex.and Kay(2 atheists in a forum) in their hubris will roll around on the floor laughing......but we already saw a scheme of  man turn into complete diabolical takeover and this was Ausschwitz and the concentration camps. Not even Hitler in his wildest dreams would think he would have ended up there.

 As Ken Livingstone ex London Mayor so contentiously  but accurately pointed out, Hitler was in talks with Rothschild about sending the Jews to Israel in the early 30s.....but in all his dabbling with the occult, and solstices and the Vril Society and other demonic goings on, probably including high level Jesuits and the Black Pope, the directive  for the Final Solution came through......We saw similar things in Russia and China. Humans are better than this. They don't begin there in their atheism.....but atheism is Genesis 3 on acid and always must lead to complete demonic takeover which then shocks everybody.

Friday 22 July 2016

Churchplants - Maintaining and Sponsoring Pyramid Leaders in your locality!!!!!

This open letter (below) looks great in terms of current churches. In that context it's a great letter.
I mean, think in terms of a prisoner concentration camp curate, a man working in incredibly negative circumstances to bring people forth in faith.
But in Biblical terms it's a it first


An Open Letter to Pastors (Hint: You’ll Want to Read This One)By Brian Dodd      Original here
I write this post with tears literally in my eyes. Charles Spurgeon once said, “Whenever God means to make a man great, He always breaks him in pieces first.”
As a member of INJOY Stewardship Solutions, I get to have personal one-on-one conversations with over 1,000 pastors each year. I have nothing but the utmost respect for those who stand in our pulpits each and every Sunday. There are several things I want to say to pastors as someone who sits in your church each week.
I respect your competence. You are smart and the world’s best communicators. You have a supernatural ability to take a passage of biblical text and pull out the truths that bring us comfort and guide us toward right living.
I respect your patience and kindness. You love us unconditionally in spite of our bad advise on how you should preach or lead the church.
I respect your bravery. You do not shy away from tough passages which are not well-received in a politically correct culture.
I respect your diligence. There are countless hard choices you are forced to constantly make.
I respect your preparation. Every seven days you give us a fresh word from God.
I respect your family. You live in a fishbowl and have to appear perfect.
I respect your generosity. You love people so much you are willing to earn far below the level of your education so we can know God.
I respect your compassion. Your knees are callused as a result of constantly praying for us.
I respect your commitment to Jesus and His mission. Because you love Him so much you answered the call to go into an incredibly unstable profession.
I respect your vision. You see those in your church as what they could be, not just what they currently are.
I respect you for being by my side. Every significant moment of my life—salvation, baptism, wedding, hospitals, baby dedications, funerals. You were there.
And I respect what no one sees. I respect the fact that you were broken to pieces by God. Personal Heartbreak. Sadness. Doubt. Disappointment. Devastation. Hurt Feelings. Sleepless Nights. Unspeakable Pain. You don’t talk about this part of your journey much. But one of the main reasons God uses you so effectively is you have been broken to pieces for His glory and our benefit and did not quit. You will finish this race.
And for this I say “Thank You.” And I and countless others will thank you every day for eternity because you were willing to pay a personal price others did not. And because you paid that price, I and others I love met Jesus.
You may not think anyone notices the price you paid. But this is not true. You are loved and respected. And I just want to say one more time to you and your spouse, “Thank You.”

Chris Welch This open letter looks great in terms of current churches. In that context it's a great letter.
I mean, think in terms of a prisoner concentration camp curate, a man working in incredibly negative circumstances to bring people forth in faith.
But in Biblical terms it's a disaster.......

In terms of the simple gospel obeying Jesus commands
Go into all the world and and preach the Kingdom of God saying
Repent be baptised (totally Greek =dunking) and be likewise dunked totally in the Holy Spirit
so you now have a normal congregation in Jesus terms
where all know Jesus from the least to the greatest, where the New Covenant is beginning to be written with a grace pen circumcisong the human heart, where no one grabs his or her neighbour saying know the Lord for they all know Him as we did when we were birthed into the Jesus Move knowing nothing in the 70s, except for some awful Methodist behaviour in my case which I had to hurriedly ditch in the nearest waste bin.
In Biblical terms where there are elders, and only there because they have been round the Throne a tad longer....until the others learn....because the local church is hothousing them them through 1 Corinthians 12-14 behaviour and Ephesians 4 behaviours.
No in real Christianity terms, the sort we were in nearly 50 years ago this letter is a complete disaster. It describes pyramid behaviour at its worst and doesn't have any Biblical backing whatsoever. Maybe Old Testament Rabbi in a synagogue type backing, but it is nothing to do with what Jesus was building on earth in the gospels nor from heaven in Acts and the letters.
Brokenness is not a PRIZE of's what happens when a person actually does what is on the tinlid and comes into the Kingdom properly in a local church that lives in Galatians 2.20 from GROUND ZERO.

Thursday 21 July 2016

The Continuing Role of the band Korn

For some of the story  so far, through Brian Welch's eyes look at this post.
Brian continues the story.

The continuing story below in 2014 as the group confront political changes for the worst.

The story of Fieldy, the bass player

The story of the whole band

Wednesday 20 July 2016

The Illuminati have gone public, and the reality that is Pokemon Go.

Regular blog readers will know I do not believe in the passive believism of this Christian. Nothing in the Bible stories to this point marries remotely with the passive scenario this man paints. This blog is entirely about growing up in the Spirit and it is this type of Church that God is bringing forth according to Ephesians, and Isaiah 60 verses 1 and 2.

That said, this is a shocking public acknowledgement that everything we have been sharing since my conversion in 1972 is absolutely true.

Tuesday 19 July 2016

Pinnochio Views

If you were God which bit of Adam would you ascribe value to? The bit that took Him two minutes scooping up from some mud, or His own Breath from eternity past?

Facebook status 19/7/2016
If we were selfrunning souls then the years spent on Facebook discussing whether God loved us or hated us, whether a hell or a no hell would make some sense.

Unfortunately, that is for the longevity of the argument, fortunately for our own well-being, we are spirit. 

So you can be working for UNICEF to help kids, or you can be working for UNICEF to draw up registers for slave trafficking and paedophile rings as part of the Illuminati, it makes no difference......
Your whole concept of you is wrong and what a you is and how a you operates.

Facebook is like a roomful of Pinocchios discussing how long they are going to live, what will be their end, what they will achieve....?

But it's all fruitless....because in their case they are missing one vital truth.....
Errrrr......whatever they chat about at some point they have to learn

Thursday 14 July 2016

The Challenge of a Galatians 2.20 Community

Chris Welch Facebook status
12 July at 23:37 ·
Don't you think it's a challenge? Norman Grubb and his wife Pauline deconstructed everything down to Galatians 2.20 in a plantation in the Congo as missionaries. To this day their groups don't build anything. They don't build churches, they share spontaneous life with those.who will listen. Then on the other spectrum you have Bob and Rose.Wiener and recently Lance Wallnau who organise anything that moves. Bob and Rose mobilised university students as movers and shakers in what would become the Religious Right, ultimately George Bush and the War on Terror. Lance Wallnau.sees so.clearly how.freemasonry has captured.what he calls the 7 mountains civilisation for.Satan, actually it's 1000 points carefully crafted for takeover. Lance sees the big 7 and is mobilising Christians to take them back. So.where am I? Actually pretty much in the middle, and I would.say with the apostles. It took 3 to 4 generations for God to roll out the revelation of Himself depending if you count Terah somewhere in the equation....then Abraham Isaac and Jacob, after which God.raised up.a nation in that revelation of.Himself. It took Jesus 30 years to get the God package Himself, receive the baptism of the Spirit, then raise.12 men in that package, which became the church. But as Paul wrote, the church is God's chosen vessel for.demonstrating to principalities and powers God's manifold wisdom......even before you get to talk of its evangelistic effect as a Light on a hill. But church at this level.......a community of.people.raised in Jesus own consciousness of Himself as the Divinely begotten Son Of.God.....that is something totally different from the quick fix travesty we have on the high streets at the moment whether stuck in dead human traditions, or pathetically immature versions of.people who are at least alive, but at best only equivalent to the very first days the disciples met Jesus. So do I rubbish what Lance Wallnau is.doing or Bob Weiner tried to do? Not completely. Do I.rubbish the union crowd who.Don't build anything in particular? No, because at least we now have something looking like the same believing the disciples were getting into as they literally took up their cross and.Followed Jesus. But this and this only is the context of the gifts of the ascended Christ.....apostles prophets pastors.and teachers and they, grounded in Jesus actual consciousness have the Grace gifting to raise.real churches.for.The first time.since the apostles. Do.we.raise.up structures to oppose freemasonry? Do.we.create steps to take over the political.realm? Did Jesus? Do you know you don't have to. If you simply live as Communities of Christ in you as you.....Do you know.what happens? The same thing as the first church. The same.thing as Jesus Himself or St Paul. They come See also the Woman and the Manchild.....The bipartite nature of the Living Church and what happens to her in Revelation 12. We are not building programmes to.deconstruct other manipulations. We simply live.from God's Life and watch what happens.around us. You see THE PROGRAMME IN THE EARTH, WHICH THE DEVIL.IS TRYING HIS OWN HARDEST TO EMULATE......IS THE RISE OF THE MATURE MAN IN EVERY NATION AND CONTINENT. What is the mature Man.? It is God incarnating Himself here on earth through believers who.simply believe upon His Name and all that brings forth in the life of a human being. What we are saying. What I am saying is the very picture in the Holy of Holies of the Mercy Seat, the acacia wooden box representing us in all our human qualities with God overshadowing us individually and corporately as is the very picture in the Holy of Holies. What I am saying is we don't have to be intimidated by the great supercompounding schemes of the Masons and the esoteric orders, it's the Plan of God in us who believe that they are trying to.copy. That humble human life of yours in its spontaneity is actually God going on.....and it is rarely good enough for the Pride of Life who just sees a root out of parched ground.....compared.with their Harrods bling.....but no matter.......Jesus really is enough inside us.

Later on Facebook
If you get Galatians 2.20 at a young age, and I would say in a Holy Spirit context, (that is, a community of believers who actually believed and acted on the message repent,be baptised and be filled with the Spirit) you would see something like the Kingdom forming. I was in the bare bones of such a community at 20, and before that in the spontaneity of the Jesus Move. But neither had the root core message of Genesis 3, of Galatians 2.20. So yes,we were Spirit filled and much Of Jeremiah 31 New Covenant was true for us, and we knew something of Agape together ......we were feeling our way......but knowing Jesus words "I have not come to being peace but a sword......I have come to lay the axe to the root" not really, neither we nor the blind guides leading us had any idea.....
And believe me, they were some of the best there were. Is the Kingdom possible? I really believe the Spirit tools are now in place but it's a topsyturvy kingdom. It's not just get born again......its not just get born again be filled with the Spirit. It's not just have these two elements in community or else people like New Life Christian Church would be known in all the earth......but still stuck in the notion of the independent self and Watchman Nees two dogs, one black and one white and who do I feed the most? like most charismatic churches no one knows of them. So in that context you flounder around to complete the job, and like Terry Virgo you revert to Reformed theology again, or like Selwyn Hughes to psychology, or to variousn12 step programmes or to sending people toseminary . But everything is arse about face. It's filling out the lack of foundation with slabs of pure mud. The kingdom works......building your life on the sand of Genesis 3 separation and orphanhood does not.

Tuesday 12 July 2016

Supercompounding and the Kingdom

This is above all for evangelists so read this. This is not over your head and will envision what YOU DO.

This is what is on my heart so without shame I will announce a new word.
In Kingdom terms it is the creation of a perfect storm of blessing.
Anyone see the film Perfect Storm? When several contributory factors combine to create a huge and powerful storm.
I want to lead into the Kingdom version and what is on my heart, by briefly using examples.from Darkness, but before that I begin in Light.
Supercompounding is right inside God's DNA. It's so normal to us we for.granted. Anything the devil does is a copy, a clunky manipulation, but that doesn't mean it isn't real and it isn't huge.
Supercompounding is the simultaneous layering of.different components to.achieve an incredibly powerful combinative effect. At its basic level you and I are that. Biological studies now reveal more and more about the wonder of humans conceived as a sperm entering an egg, then dividing off into a myriad of combination processes to bring forth you and I eventually as adults who.reproduce the same. We are God's own perfect storm in the earth as individuals. Then in the church God starts the whole thing off again. But not those things you see on the streets. No I am talking about the Ephesians 4 model. The body built in love by that which each joint supplies. Nothing with the cork in the bottle pyramid pastor versions that fill 99percent of the earth. I digress.
Revival is a perfect storm of prayer, of hungry youth and psalm 110, of current Rhema Word, of hitherto unseen components of the Gates of.Jerusalem in a Holy Spirit cycle, and of the heavenly version of the 3 Jewish Feasts. and the Feast of Ingathering, multitudes of new born again people.
God's history on earth is.a perfect Storm of.a. Mature Man being forged within tremendous resistance from Whore Babylon who then erases herself.from all history books without trace so you think the devastations are random.
So Darkness, yes, in copying the Kingdom, L Frank Baum , a 33rd degree freemason fingers House of.Rothschild in Wizard of.Oz. Lewis Carroll does the same by the way Alice's adventures with the Mad Hatter, the 19th century Tring Rothschild, the one with the stuffed animals.
The 1000 points of Light is supercompounding 1000 areas of.our life and gradually changing them so we don't notice, from autonomous sovereignty to Luciferian Globalism. This is more fully described in the 24 Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and of course in Albert Pike's letter in which he invents and masterminds the World Wars as Hegelian steps to World Government. It's like 1000 alarm clocks all set to go off simultaneously creating the Perfect Storm we read about in Daniel. The 1960s , far from being natural, were a clever precursor as those in Darkness experimented with the Supercompounding principle. This too was a setting of clocks decades in advance to all go off in the 60s to create a supercompound effect of the appearance of a New World dividing current thinking from all before it.
Basically, before 1960 you couldn't put your male organ into a woman without being married. Afterwards.....what is marriage?
Follow that principle through in terms of the god Baal , as used to appear on the hillsides in Israel, and you see the huge effect of lowering all fences to the demonic world. It has literally created a different atmosphere, a different holiness threshold in the earth. Do any of you begin to see the enormity of God calling a people whose covenant sign was circumcision???
But all of this has been to start to get you thinking in terms of the power of Supercompounding. But it isn't the message.
Jesus said preach this message
The experience is a tripartite SUPERCOMPOUND.
After 400 years of.increasingly cruel slavery the Israelites cried to God, and God thrust out a Deliverer for.them.....Moses. But after the wrestling with Pharoah, they were SUPERCOMPOUNDED into God in one day....
They had been a natural people, but in one day they had Passover, a decision to follow the Lamb, a baptism through the Red Sea, baptised into the Cloud and Pillar of Fire kind in the Spirit of God, following where He led.
The disciples lived before the Cross event. But in one day were making the decision to.Follow.Jesus, to be baptised in water, and participants already in the Holy Spirit anointing of Jesus. Very soon after they were sent out reporting back the same.miracles Jesus did.
On the day of Pentecost 3000 were added as they faced the stark reality that they personally had crucified God Himself. Their repentance was on a level that usually comes much later......they were baptised in water and they were filled with the Spirit.
In the Jesus Move.....things were not quite supercompounded But a few short weeks, my wife had come to know the Lord , had been filled with the Spirit and baptised in water. I did not know her 160 miles south, but the same happened to me in a few short weeks.
All traditional churches rob and thieve Christ's original command from happening. The devil speaks through all oldline denominations and destroys any chance of Supercompounding.
Metanoia actually means meta......moving outside the nous, or the narrow.confines of your step by step 5 sensed based insight......into the much bigger faith encompassing realm of.The Mind of.Christ. A subsection of.which yes.....does involve a switch to holy thinking and behaviour......But the one is a subsection of the other.......not the be all and end all of traditional religion.
Being baptised completely tells your body you have gone through the grave with Christ. It is no longer you that Live but Christ lives as you in your soul and in your body,
And in that context you are filled with the Spirit, co.experiencing Jesus resurrection from Hades and death as the Spirit raised Him.up.
For the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead gives life to your mortal body......
This is to be the Supercompound effect of your day one explosion into Christ, in context, all graphically immersing you in the authority of a new priesthood to begin sharing the Kingdom immediately.
Through largely benign thinking of.Catholic priests, Anglicans, Orthodox.and Lutherans,Calvinists and Methodists, wanting to initiate children in a Christian home and tapping their foreheads with water......they rob and steal from human beings the Supercompounding overwhelming experience of dying with Christ and becoming a new.creation. 99% of those.types.of.churches have minister who speak out of the mealy mouthed lack of Kingdom conviction that comes from generations of people who have been screwed out of their spiritual birthright of a supercompound experience of.God in their bodies and lives.
it is not going to be a Melchisedek event
It is not going to be Supercompounding
It is going to be meaningless to the child
Separated out by years
An intellectual decision........there is no power in the leftbrain encounter with the Spirit of God ever
And the ministers all.covenant together as the authority of God in the earth
"This is how it is going to remain"
And their rebellion has almost wiped Christianity off the globe in terms of contemporary culture. The fruit of an ugly rebellion against the Lord.of Lords while using His Name as representatives and deriving God's people's money for doing so. Quite a SUPERCOMPOUND of rebellion.

Monday 11 July 2016

Recent Events commented on plus general Facebook posts 10th-11th July2016

Sylvia Pearce
Chris Welch shared Sylvia Pearce's post.
15 hrs ·

Sylvia Pearce
18 hrs ·
“What is man that Thou dost take thought of him? And the son of man
that Thou dost care for him? Yet, Thou hast made him a little lower than God (Elohim); and thou does crown him with glory and majesty! Thou dost make him to rule over the works of Thy hands” (Ps. 8:6).

A Universal oneness is virtually unknowable except as expressed through a particular form. God the Father was incarnate in His Son Jesus. “The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory as the only begotten of the Father full of grace and truth” (John 1:14). The Son is the Father’s particular and unique form “who is the brightness of His glory, and the express image of His person” (Heb. 1:3).

God is a family man, so He created Man for the purpose of creating a family of sons in His image in order to re-express His own personal Glory. Man is not God; however, he is made a little lower than God (Elohim) (Ps. 8:4; Heb. 2:6). Man was created to express and contain God, but never to take God’s place as Satan tried to do. Man is a dependent being, and only a receiver. Man cannot produce his own life; therefore, he has no nature or life of his own, but instead he derives his nature from the One who indwells him. God created man’s free will out of His own free sovereignty

The Bible is God's
A record of thirdlevellers who according to Psalm 24 have sought the FACE of GOD as Jacob at Peniel

Chris Welch
2 hrs ·

The offense of Light is that there is more to be had. This is what really offended Cain's "bit on the side offering."
But ps.36 says in His Light we see Light.
Doesn't seem fair? We already have Light and there we are seeing more. But there's no Weights and Measures Department that says "Enough already you are using up heaven's stock. Put that bit back."
Church is nothing to do with what is practiced currently. Want to hear an apostles encapsulation of church on the genuine "tinlid?"
Walking in the Light. Walking implies legs. Going somewhere together in the Spirit. You were here but now a month later you are here. When Christ ascended He gave gifts unto men not so they Lord it over you Catholic Churches and modern charismatic networks. No, many gifts are given so they "key you into walking in this Light." If it was keying you into their particular Light.....well forever and a day you would be dependant on them, and this is what we see. They are fakes. The genuine gifts have the Spirit and grace impartation to KEY YOU into walking in THIS ONE LIGHT of God. The Melchizedek Order. Many think this is the lampstand in the Holy Place and have settled down nicely and folded their arms to endless prophecies and visions of.Light. I have some very discomforting news for them. The lampstand is just the Satnav. The waymarker. The Light is the Lord Himself, High and exalted and totally real, in another room altogether. The Holy of.holies where He is Head of His Church. While your eyes were still dimmed having just come from the Light of the sun in the outer courts He provided a candlestick for.reference.....but actually He is the Real.One and He is Alive and ever new, which is bad news if you are still living from " an object" instead.
In His Light we see Light.
We walk in the Light as He is in the Light and as we confess our sin we have fellowship one with another and His Blood cleanses us from all sin.
If you are not into Genesis 15 open carcass living, with the Holy Spirit supernaturally floating through the middle of you as you are laid bare, may I tactfully suggest you are not in any church of the Lord yet, but something quite quite different.


Chris Welch
1 hr ·
It's not that the Bible is insufficient for the task. It's that every single phrase that is currently leftbrain lore inside you has to be respoken to you in the Holy Spirit. The current Grace move is just that, to do with the one.word.Grace......which if you remember before.was this meaningless tag word that littered all the apostles letters that sounded very religious. Well the Spirit now.wants to take you through the whole Bible again and completely speak the whole thing to you from heaven.....because your own understanding isn't cutting it!!!!.


Honestly Paul Noble and I are not in a hidden cartel, we are in an open one!!!!
This is yesterday's status but had no time to put it up.
Many people accuse their pastors of being a cork in the bottle.
Can you find me the Bible verses about
1. being a cork?
2. the church being a slender necked bottle?
Paul Noble
3 hrs ·
What's the main job of a pastor? A pastor or shepherd is supposed to equip people to find their help and answers in the chief shepherd Jesus Christ. That's why many pastors get burnt out; people rely on them rather than Jesus.

PhillipMorris or via
Unless our thought responds instantly to the fact that God is the only life, that God is all there is to individual being; and unless in our heart and Soul we truly believe that, we cannot be spiritual healers. We might do some mental healing with a little mental pounding, here and there, but we shall never be spiritual healers until every call for help brings out in us a sense of love. This will be a sense of love that comes not as love for a person. In the normal course of events, we shall never know one-tenth of those who call on us for help; we never shall meet one-tenth of the people who will call on us for help, once we achieve this spiritual awareness of being. The calls will come from all over the world, and they will come by mail and telegram and telephone. We shall not know whether it is a metaphysician calling, or whether it is a Catholic or a Protestant, or whether it is a prisoner in a dungeon. And it is better so, since our immediate response must be: “This is the very Christ of God appearing to me as an individual call for help, as an individual person, or as an individual claim. All that can ever be accepted in my consciousness is God–God, and the Christ of God, which is God appearing as the individual, whether that appearance comes as person, place, or thing.” Until we can stand on that ground and on that rock, we shall not be able rightly to interpret, “the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.”14 Why is the place whereon I stand holy ground? Because I* am standing there; that is what makes it sacred. Could we, by any stretch of the imagination, first stop to ask who it is that is standing there, or what his name or race or religion or creed is? Not in this great revelation of God–God appearing as individual you and me. That breaks down in our consciousness all emphasis on religion or race or bigotry.

Chris Welch
22 hrs ·
from someone monitoring closely
Dallas shooters was a Clinton Serco Sniper hit sold to high bidders involved in murder for hire snuff films for her campaign fund. The evil snake kills with impunity and rubs America's face in the aftermath by creating chaos and civil unrest giving blacks the lie they need to proceed with insane retribution with out any claim that they are being targeted by an unnamed assassin running for el-presidente.

Daniel Skillman
8 hrs ·
The narrative behind the phrase, "black lives matter," is that in many ways it seems black lives haven't mattered. At least not as much as, say, white lives. Those who reject this narrative are likely to reject this phrase as well. If a person doesn't think that black people have had it worse than any of the rest of us, then the phrase, "black lives matter," is likely to sound, at the very least, strange to them, and possibly even offensive.
To many of us, it is quite evident that, as a group, black people, on balance, have had a rougher go of it than white people. This is not as evident to others.
The first priority is, of course, saving lives right now. However, a nearly concurrent concern has to be educating people about the nature, extent, and causes of racism, both personal and systemic.
There will still be people who, even in the face of copious statistics and strongly compelling interpretations of the same, will continue to deny the ongoing reality and effects of racism in this country. It is still possible to distinguish these interlocutors from hard core, personal racists, though, you'll need a lot of patience and a keen awareness of fine distinctions to see the difference.
Still, I maintain my hope that most people truly want to do the "right thing," and, at least, they desire to appear reasonable, if not actually to be reasonable. Evidence matters. Arguments, in the academic sense of presenting good cases, matter. Minds can be changed.
I continue to contend that the phrase, "black lives matter," is an important one, no matter its origin. But I'm not content simply sloganeering. I want to play a role in changing hearts, and minds, and actions, and *lives. So, I'll be presenting facts, offering interpretations, giving reasons, making arguments, and pleading with every honest tool of rhetoric at my disposal for you to believe that
Will you join me?
Chris Welch
Chris Welch I refuse to stoop to this level since I learned SERCO was involved in the whole thing as paid assignments. Maybe basic truths need stating, but how about the BIG ONE?
WHO employs SERCO to kill people and stir discord? I think churchmen everywhere prefer to waffle black and white stuff instead of actually finish the job.

Reply to Phillip on the matter of evil
Evil a State of Hypnotism Does wrong thinking, then, appear outwardly as sin, disease, and death? No, it does not. It comes to us merely as an appearance or a belief, and we accept that appearance or belief as if it actually were an external form. Can a person who is hypnotized into believing that there is a white poodle on the hypnotist’s platform, ever produce a white poodle there? No! All the hypnotized thinking in the world will not produce a white poodle. It will only produce an appearance or a belief which the victim claims is a white poodle. Wrong thinking will never produce sin, disease, or death. We are not creators; God is the creative principle, and It creates only Its own image and likeness. Our wrong thinking and the world’s wrong thinking, therefore, will never produce sin, disease, or death. Such wrong thinking will only objectify the belief as an illusory picture like our “white poodle” and then look at it and say, “How am I going to get rid of it?” It is not even here, so how can we get rid of it? There is no such thing as sin, disease, or death; and all the wrong thinking in the world that we can do will not produce such things. But the universal belief in a selfhood apart from God does produce these erroneous pictures which we see as claiming to have substance, law, and reality; but which they do not have. All such pictures are as unreal as the white poodle which the hypnotized man believes he is seeing. Let us remember, he is not seeing it; he believes he is seeing it. There is no way to remove that white poodle except to awaken the subject out of his state of hypnosis. How do we do that? One with God is a majority. If there were one person of spiritual vision in the audience who could laugh out loud and say or even think that there is not a white poodle to get rid of, the hypnotized man would awaken out of the dream. It is only because everyone is in agreement with him–the blind leading the blind–that it happens. If someone would consciously realize that he is merely witnessing a form of hypnosis, such a realization would quickly awaken him to the fact that hypnosis is not a power. It is a belief in a power apart from the one Life. Whenever we are confronted with any form of disease, sin, death, lack, or limitation, let us be quick to realize, “This is a hypnotic picture, and I do not have to do anything about it.” In this way, we can very well have an instantaneous healing. Even if the healing is not instantaneous, our holding to that truth will ultimately reveal the harmony which already is. We must realize that there is no disease: there is only hypnotism; there is only a hypnotic picture appearing as disease. Spiritual healing is not using truth with which to overcome error. It is not using the power of good to overcome the power of evil. Jesus answered the impotent man: “Rise . . . and walk.”6 This was not using a power to heal disease; it was saying, in effect, “There is nothing to be overcome.” He did not use the power of God to do something to Pilate or to ward off the Crucifixion. He said, “Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above.”7 Then he let the Crucifixion proceed and he proved life eternal. A spiritual healer is not a person who develops a technique of using truth to overcome error or of using treatment to overcome disease. A spiritual healer is that state of consciousness, which knows that God alone is the reality of all being, and that anything else is a state of hypnosis. The recognition that he is dealing with a state of hypnosis, rather than with a person or with a condition, is the healing consciousness.
Chris Welch <07000intune"">
10:43 AM (1 minute ago)
to phillip
I think the overall tenor of this is bang on. I mean at the level of there is only truly one thing going on in the Universe....God's Life.
But it is diminishing Satan the resister
The world wars were terrible and ultimately originated in Satan's instruction to one mind. Albert Pike.
Remember until 1871, there wasn't even a notion of a world war. he literally invented it. (Google this if you don't know about this. Also don't listen to the lies of the British Museum. Albert Pike's letter was on show in the 60s in the vestibule. That's where I read it as an 8 or 9 year old and asked Dad about it. What???? You mean the World Wars were planned?? Don't be silly Dad said. Since then Juri Lina's and Fritz Springmeiers and Barry Smith's work has shown different to what Dad knew)
So NO....according to the parable of the soil
and according to the principle of the scrawlings on the Temple wall in Ezekiel 8:10
the power of the devil's form of hypnotism is entirely according to the Proverb
What a man fears shall overtake him.
The devil's goal then according to Genesis 3 is to "OPEN OUR INNER EYES" God PLUS SOMETHING, but the horror is, unlike the white poodle, it actually manifests in the apparent realm we live in.

Sunday 10 July 2016

Making the Switch to Spirit

The rest of Facebook is entirely wrong in trying to change your leftbrain thoughts. All you are doing is staying in default mode which is a "leftbrain" empowered by a false spirit masquerading as you. You are using the same infested tool to try and think yourself out of a spiritual problem. The devil loves this.
No the Bible puts it this way
Enter Into His Gates with thanksgiving...that's the entrance door
and His courts with praise....that's the first area of the heavenly tabernacle.
God has designed music to make the switch for you. You cannot unhook yourself from the independent self by a simple switch of thinking, the whole machinery is infested, and Romans 12.2 supplies the key. Be Transformed by the renewing of your mind. This isn't just using the same old machinery and thinking God thoughts. This is unhinging the old spirit/mind hookup completely by a change of Spirit.
In meetings, how many times have you gone into a meeting all screwed up on a binary decision, a Yes No, one of two choices decision? The devil has had you scewed up on that one for hours.
You enter a meeting and a whole set of other parameters open up as you are all gathering in the Name of Jesus, putting ON HIS MIND.
This is what Jesuits are messing with America right now, getting whites versus blacks. If you entered the heavens Jesus Christ would probably show you what they are doing secretly and get you doing something totally different.
Notice thanksgiving and praise, the already a Kingdom protocol that totally ignores everything that your leftbrain is or is not up to. It doesn't aim to answer your screwed up state, it gets you practicing Kingdom protocols which are way above earthly protocols and catch you by the Spirit into your true position again, which is reigning with Christ.
Christ cannot reign on earth without "sons of God". Why? Because He's powerless. NOPE. Because God has exalted His Word even above His Name. So while patiently enduring the blasphemy of His Name, He is catching the sons of Men up into Him to fulfil His original mandate. This is the CHOICE of the Trinity.
He Gave the earth to the sons of Men.
Risky huh?
Except the groaning and the writhing of this present creation was designed to bring forth SONS. In other words we would be too darned uncomfortable we would eventually end up doing what we were asked to do, no commanded to do in the first place....
Selah.....for now

Thursday 7 July 2016

The Switch

Paul Noble
Yesterday at 07:09 ·
It amazes me why some attack what they call hyper grace. It's as if they don't want God to be that good; they have to put some sort of boundary on it - because then it makes them comfortable. They call it cheap grace or greasy grace but in fact what they are offering is exactly that! How great the fathers love for us, how vast beyond all measure. The prodigal son had a script of repentance worked out with a caveat of works - make me as a hired servant. When he encountered the fathers love though, it was completely forgotten!
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3Paul Noble and 2 others
Russell Chadwick
Russell Chadwick Well said, Paul.
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch There's just one more sticking point left.!!!
And it is the one that killed Jesus.
What's that Chris?
Well Jesus was a bit different in timing, but in no other way.
Jesus was God in the flesh because God plonked Jesus , a fully conceived egg, into Mary's womb by the Overshadowing of the Holy Spirit.
He couldn't legally do that with us.
So Jesus came as the last Adam, had to fully do the growing thing, Adam didn't, then in dying, as a perfect Lamb....
He did a "switch" thing at spirit level.
This is broken down for us in two ways in the Tabernacle and it took God a lot of headscratching to get this right.
You see, to illustrate two operations He had to use two goats.
One got burnt. One was a scapegoat.
But this was because you couldn't half kill one goat, and expect it to crawl into the wilderness.
Jesus DID BOTH THINGS for us in the Spirit. But you can do these things in the Spirit!!!!!
So the equivalent of the scapegoat bit in the wilderness, was Jesus actually being sent away with our "stuff" to Hades.
He Himself was perfect. So He deposited our foul spirit.....which includes everybody that ever was contaminated with it, and God would not allow Him to suffer decay, and raised His Perfect Son up.
So here is the clever bit.
Having ditched all our wrong attachment to the Satan spirit,
the Holy Spirit RAISED US ALL IN HIM.
Our lives, spiritually....but no less really...
( I mean carnal people think in terms of spirit being fuzzy. Jesus hammered that one by getting Thomas to feel His hands, and by making a fish barbecue beside Galilee....nothing fuzzy about that!!!!)
It is now nolonger you that live
but Christ -you.......your spirit DNA is a fusion....but spirit is who you really are....
clothed in a soul and a body.
The point is MR
The point is Mrs
Be ye lifted up ye Ancient Doors
Let the King of Glory come in.