Friday 24 August 2018

So What about LabAid after Dad died in 2016???

The LabAid Foundation accepts donations of used scientific equipment from schools and colleges in the UK. Mostly these gifts arise when a school is closing, or moving site or when it refurbishes its laboratories. Often, the equipment is still serviceable or can be cannibalised or easily repaired. After sorting and checking the equipment, it is packaged and sent to schools in developing countries.
LabAid has been doing this since 1991 when it was set up by the late Alan Welch. Following his death in 2016, for technical reasons it was decided to close the charity he set up, the LabAid Trust, and replace it by a new charity, the LabAid Foundation, with essentially the same aims and practices. However, this took some time so we didn’t start sending out equipment until October 2016. We used the slack time to sort through the stock of equipment, reorganise the storage, etc. We really benefited from this in 2017/18 and were able to send out much more equipment than in 2016/17.
During the year, from July 2017 to June 2018, we supplied significant amounts of equipment (typically about a dozen large (banana) boxes per school) to 14 schools, and much smaller amounts to a further 10. Some schools do send us wants lists, often wildly unrealistic – they would end up better equipped than the top public schools in the UK. Most schools were only teaching to the equivalent of GCSE level and whilst we listen to requests, we have a more or less standard pack which we put together for such schools – assuming we have the equipment on our shelves. The few schools teaching to the equivalent of A-level are given additional items. In 2017/18 we supplied schools in Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Bangla Desh, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia, and South Sudan, in all about 180 boxes.
We are very grateful for the generous financial donations from the Langley School, Slough; St John’s Methodist Church, Amersham (the late Alan Welch’s church); St Michael’s & All Angels, Amersham and especially from the Amersham Free Church (both from a collection and from effectively free use of the Sycamore Hall). We have had support from the Association for Science Education in the form of free publicity in its journals. The CLEAPSS science advisory service has put leaflets advertising our needs in the course packs it gives out to nearly 4000 science teachers and technicians each year. Through the generosity of Chemgo, we disposed of asbestos waste just for the cost of the Environment Agency licence. We also have some income from the sale of equipment which is not suitable to send – because it is too fragile, too sophisticated, too heavy or too antique. There is also a small income from the sale of scrap metal. Some of the income is used to purchase items we are never given, or need in order to complete sets. Ray boxes are no use without the right lenses, battery-powered equipment needs batteries! We are often sent Bunsen burners – with no tubing or with perished tubing. Despite having to spend significant amounts on repair of the roof and insulating the ceiling of the Sycamore Hall and the asbestos wastelicence we ended the year with an excess of income over expenditure which allows us to be much more confident about the future than we had been this time last year.
We do not pay to transport equipment donated to us. Some equipment is delivered direct to our store by the donating school, sometimes via a third party. Occasionally we pick up from nearby schools. However, most donations reach us through the generosity of The Entertainer chain of toy shops, with support from the charity SchoolAid. Equipment is taken to a local branch of The Entertainer and from there transported in their vans to their warehouse in Banbury. SchoolAid then takes items for both SchoolAid and LabAid to the SchoolAid warehouse in Hedgerley using their van and we pick it up from Hedgerley.
Similarly, we do not at present pay to transport equipment out of the UK. Instead, we rely on the recipient school having a UK contact who can organise transport. Sometimes, this is an expatriate seeking to give something back to her/his homeland. Sometimes it may be a UK church with links to a particular village or an individual with such contacts. If we were to pay for such transport, we would need a much higher level of income than we currently have but it would allow us to meet the needs of more schools and is something we will consider for the future.
We rely on about a dozen active volunteers. Most are former science teachers and technicians but we would welcome more volunteers. They don’t have to be scientists or indeed live locally – they could be fund-raisers, or help develop our website or facebook presence or tweet on our behalf.
Dr Peter Borrows (Chair of the Trustees of the LabAid Foundation).

Wednesday 8 August 2018

The two types of Authority

Art Montgomery is an example of a Christian who uses the authority of Jesus Christ to bring salvation, deliverance and healing to those who want it. In as much as everybody is precious, Art is special, but in terms of ministry he is a normal believing member of the Body of Christ.This is the authority of Jesus Christ through personal relationship with God in our hearts and lives.

Pope Francis

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby
These two figureheads of the "holding operation" religions of Catholicism and Anglicanism are being indicted currently for their involvement in 9th Circle Cult see description below my teaching.

One of the first things that happens to you when you encounter Jesus is you brush against religion. Some of the greatest persecution comes from religious spirits.
Always was so. Read Acts. Read Galatians.

We couldn’t really articulate what was going on. Other than the obvious. Spiritually we had simply asked Jesus into our lives or as JOHN 1 says, as many as received Him He gave the right to be sons of God. These others, although practicing every religious rite under the sun, never claim a time when they simply bowed to Jesus Lordship, said yes , Holy Spirit ,come in, specifically state they know they are born again.

So that much we knew and we also knew early on in the Jesus Move that disunity was wrong. George Tarleton wrote the booklet “ Forgive us our denominations .”
But our “ seeing” wasn’t sharp enough to do anything more.

Until the sons of God come into their inheritance in the Spirit , God doesn’t allow complete anarchy to reign. He installs a whole system called the law of sin and judgment.
The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil.

Notice the choice was never, “the Tree of Out and out Evil. “Darkness would have reigned completely, everything would have broken down, anarchy and misery would have covered the earth and the gospel and plan of God would have had no freedom to function.
As it is ,the prophecies indicate Antichrist will have no more than 42 months allotted, and China , Albania, USSR and Cuba were only allowed to be atheist for a finite period.

No. It turns out all faiths and systems are holding patterns until people start learning the internal substance of everything. In fact Buddhism actually is mostly the internal substance of Christianity with Christ and God falsely ripped out, rendering it in the end completely false.

But who is to say among “ holding pattern “ living that Buddhism or Anglicanism is more false. One contains the outer assets of Christ while preserving Satan in every individual, the other introduces people to “ life flow” and the inner principles of how everything works, but still preserves Satan and the independent self delusion without even any reference to God as Creator and Lover.

Holding pattern systems are pyramid systems.
There is always a pinnacle leader with a delegated pyramid underneath.

Catholicism and Anglicanism are paramount in organising Christianity into the same system.

Here is where the confusion lies when you get born again.

When you receive Christ you receive authority and right to be sons of God. This authority is inward of the heart.

Episcopalian and other pyramid authorities derive their authority from the pyramid itself, which is God given, as a holding pattern institution, but it is not the Kingdom of God.
It’s the Old order that was nailed to the Cross.
It’s part of “ that which is passing away” but that we must honour as God given “ holding pattern “ authority.
Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.

The world system is ultimately run in the independent self however much Britain want to still hold to snatched moment of prayer in the House of Commons, and this is some of the confusion. It gets even greater in America where so many are born again.
But how about Palestine when Jesus arrived.
Nowhere more confusing than the entire Jewish system which everybody believed was deriving from God, directly inherited by blood from the Child of Promise, then Jesus the true Child of Promise shows up without reference to the Old Adam at all.

Suddenly the ratchet has clicked back.
The sons of the free, the sons of Sarah, are now being labelled the House of bondage. The House of Hagar the bond woman.

And down through the centuries as each Move of God defines more of the Light of the heavenly blueprint, so the sons of Sarah in one generation are slipping back to be declared the sons of Hagar the next.

The Kingdom is one which comes down from heaven from an I Am realm.
An eternally plugged in realm to the I Am.

We had better remain plugged in.
Which is why the commandment number one is so rigorous.

Love God with all your mind , souls , will and strength. You want to hang onto the coat tails of a God striding through history revealing His Kingdom from heaven?
Well you better carry on that full force loving, because
“ the lukewarm, I spew out of my mouth”.....

In other words you get relegated to being part of the “ holding pattern wallpaper” and removed from the leaven of the Kingdom.

Slowly surely , relentlessly, you actually end up excluding yourself from that which is
Fresh wineskins

Two are in a bed one is taken the other left.
Two are working in a field, one is taken the other left.

Sobering stuff huh? But you can see it is true all around you and in world history.

10-13 The Pope discredited 2014   
“Eyewitness testimony: Pope Francis rapes and murders children; Sealed Vatican Documents 
Expose Their Satanic Rituals.”

“Last month Judy Byington mentioned that the Pope Francis, the Jesuits and the Church of 
England will be prosecuted for child trafficking and genocide. The Queen of England was found 
guilty by a previous test case. This article is based on the current exclusive interview with Kevin 
Annett of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State about disputes in Brussels 
Common Law Court of Justice this week.”

How the process unfolds

“Five judges and 27 members of the jury from six countries including the US, as evidence of more 
than 50,000 missing Canadian, American, Argentinian and European children who were suspected 
to be victims of an international child sacrifice identified as the Ninth Circle cult. Two adolescent 
women claimed that Pope Francis raped them while he took part in children sacrifices. Eight 
eyewitnesses confirmed the accusations presented evidence this week at a Brussels Common 
Law Court.”

“The Ninth Circle satanic child sacrifice rituals, they said that they took place during the Springs of 
2009 and 2010 in the countryside of Holland and Belgium. Pope Francis was also a culprit in satanic 
child sacrifice rituals and acts as an Argentine priest and bishop, according to records obtained from 
the Vatican archives. Those sealed documents for use by the court are obtained from a prominent 
Vatican and former Vatican curia employee. This was not the first time that satanic activities were 
suspected to be at the Vatican, according to this ABC news.”

“Another witness was set up to testify that she was present when Pope Francis encounters with the 
military junta in Argentina’s Dirty War in 1970. According to the witness Francis Pope had helped 
the trafficking of children of missing political prisoners to an international child exploitation circle, 
run by an office in the Vatican.”

“Evidence of a Catholic Jesuit document called the ‘Magistrate Privilege” was used by the chief 
prosecutor in the courtroom. In the report dated December 25, 1967 was said to show that each 
new pope was obliged to participate in Ninth Circle satanic ritual sacrifice of newborn children, 
including drinking their blood.”

“Documents of Vatican secret archives presented to the judge clearly state that the Jesuits for 
centuries had a deliberate plan to murder ritual kidnapped newborn babies and then consumed, 
the chief prosecutor told the five international judges and 27 members of the jury; The plan was born 
of a distorted idea to derive spiritual strength from the lifeblood of the innocent, making insure the 
political stability of the papacy in Rome. These actions are not only genocidal but systemic and 
institutionalized in nature. Certainly at least from 1773, these actions were done by the Roman 
Catholic Church, Jesuits and every pope.”

“Two witnesses claimed that there were child sacrifices for the former Pope Joseph Ratzinger. 
Ratzinger has since 1962 participated in child sacrifices as a member of the Knights of Darkness. 
According to Vatican reports which were presented to the court. Ratzinger was assistant SS chaplain 
to the German concentration camp Ravensbrück during World War II.”

“The children are slain, and were supplied by prisoners in the death camp. The Nazi Waffen SS 
Division Knights of Darkness was founded by Hitler in 1933 and embraced ancient pagan occult 
belief in human sacrifice.”

“Dutch Therapist and ritually abused surviving Toos Nijenhuis, testified about child sacrifice. According 
to the chief prosecutor who can describe these rituals, newborn babies are chopped into pieces on 
stone altars and their remains consumed by the participants. During the 1960s, the surviving witnesses 
forced to rape and maim other children and cut their throats with ceremonial daggers.”

“According to witnesses Pope Francis, the former pope Joseph Ratzinger, Jesuit Superior General 
Adolfo Pachon and Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby were participants in the Ninth Circle 
Satanic child sacrifice cult rape and kill children. Evidence may refer to cult ceremonies UK High Court 
Justice Judge Fulford, members of the British royal family, including Prince Phillip, Dutch Cardinal Alfrink, 
Dutch Queen Wilhelmina, her family and husband King Hendrik, Belgian Royals and Bilderberger founder 
Crown Prince Bernhard.”

“Documentation of the Canada Gazette Issue No. 232 of December 26, 1942. Ottawa was also submitted 
to the court. Apparently and unfortunately, the Canadian government and Privy Council Office in London 
to the Dutch royals have granted exception to all criminal, civil and military jurisdiction. Why would these 
global leaders be exempt from justice?”

“The chief prosecutor presented alleged links between the British, Dutch and Belgian royal families with 
disappearances of Mohawk children in Canada’s Church of England Brantford Ontario Indian residential 
school. A child mass grave was discovered in 2008 at the Mohawk School. An ITCCS excavated by 
archaeologists, was shut down when the remains of a small child was exposed.”

“More than 30 children mass graves were since then found, located on the Indian residential schools in 
Canada. The Catholic and Anglican Churches, United Church of Canada, Canadian government and 
Crown of England refused repeated requests     ITCCS‘ for the exhumation of the mass graves.”
  “This week convincing evidence was presented that the Catholic Church commits ongoing crimes 
against children, the chief prosecutor stated. The Catholic Church is the world’s largest company and 
appears in collusion with governments, Police and Justice around the world.”

“The Ninth Circle Satanic child sacrifice cult was said to be working at Roman Catholic cathedrals in 
Montreal, New York, Rome and London, according to the evidence submitted to the court.”

“Witnesses claimed that child sacrifices took place in Carnarvon Castle in Wales, an unnamed French 
castle and in the Canadian Catholic and Anglican Indian residential schools in Kamloops, British 
Columbia and Brantford, Ontario. The Ninth Circle Satanic child sacrifice cult was supposed to use 
private forests in the US, Canada, France and the Netherlands.”

“Yesterday five international judges adjourned the court for two weeks and is regarded as the 
continuation in closed sessions. This week the court gathered at a secret location because of a 
message that the Vatican and Jesuit ‘hit squad’ would disturb this thing.”
Source: Judy Byington, Examiner

More of these cases you can find through the link:

Remarkable, the Detroux case and the story Demmink (, 
which seems to be an exact blueprint. It is frightening to see the two reports that I own, along each other, 
and that there are hardly any differences besides the names of the players and the places. 
Still more frightening is that the entire history already is a blueprint on a blueprint and with time the same 
thing happens with the same rites / rituals and only new key players. 

Through the dark clubs, affairs repeat constantly because they all are stuck in a dead-end pattern of more 
power, more money and hoping for an absolute power that must come through sacrifice. By these petty 
thoughts and misreading of their many rituals and rules, it appears that they run against concrete walls 
where they don’t know what they are doing and why things go wrong. They do not see through the true 
secrets because these are not released in the way interpreted by them. They do not know how to use 
energy, and that the real most powerful ones don’t need any of the powerful rituals, sacrifices and the 
similar, to achieve a goal. 

We will definitely come back to it in the last part, but first we go through terrible testimonies of victims in 
order to show you that there are enough people (children) who have the guts to open their mouths no 
matter what will happen to them.

To discover more about this subject learn more from Kevin Annette's Youtube videos
Google also the work of journalist Greg Hallett and see his videos
More puzzling still are Project Camelot and the Bases series of Miles Johnstone, where "aliens" and other socalled tinfoil hat subjects are covered, but you will see people testifying to rape and abuse  within  the existing churches.
David Icke reveals similar details within his "framework of interpretation" which he describes as reptilean.

Tin Foil Hat Disclaimer
The Bible says sin came in by a serpent, THE REPTILEAN, the devil.
If there are strange demonic entities and fusions, that's where I am currently. Whether I believe in other entities on our planet, I have no knowledge, but we do know that Satan's fallen cohorts are being tipped down to earth to make a racket, before finally being judged.
my belief according to psalm 149 and 134, is that the church is totally involved in bringing the judgments written.
Psalm 2 certainly describes the spirit behind and pattern of all conspiracy to try and prevent the overt rule of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords , Jesus Christ.

f that makes me a tinfoil hat member then the Bible says it will have to be.