Sunday 2 October 2022

It's not just more of the same

I read Different Drum by M Scott Peck and Post Evangelical by Dave Tomlinson around 1989 when I was put out of Emsworth Church ( precursor to New Life Church ).

These books plus chapter 31 of Norman Grubb's book " Yes I Am" are really helpful in describing your Song of Solomon Chapter 5 experiences .

You don't just GROW in a linear fashion ....

More of the same

The wilderness isnt like Egypt , and Canaan isn't like the wilderness .

The life we live now is not like a mother's womb , nor is a resurrected body like our current clay one .

The three growth stages in the natural are not like each other and just more of the same .

Teen age and young adulthood isnt the same as childhood features two new things HORMONES and JOBS 

Fatherhood isnt the same . Before there was YOU.

NOW you are responsible for other's lives .

Water isnt just a Bendier Ice ....its properties are totally different . It's liquid .

Steam isnt a question of a more advanced liquid .

Steam isn't two dimensional .....steam goes in any direction 

M Scott Peck says we leave socialisation to get real inner answers to truth , to how life operates , to our own true identity which literally nobody can help us with . We are unique .

Having said that I think Myers Briggs Personality tests . THE FOUR WOODS OF TABERNACLES / FOUR GOSPEL WRITERS . And the fourteen types of ministry expression across 1 Corinthians 12: 27-8, Romans 12:6-8, and Ephesians 4 .11

All these have something to tell us about the sort  of  ways in which we work .

And we have to do our firstlevel secondlevel and thirdlevel according to our type .

Marks start out by doing stuff . Most of us are having to stop doing stuff and allow God to break all activity coming from the works  appeasement drive . Marks can fascistically demand we do everything .....but to begin with others are told to do very specific things but a lot is learning to wait on God which means in Hebrew , bind with God on Union .....and acknowledge God in all things .

He will be turning some of our places of weeping into springs . Psalm 84.

The idea is not that we stop doing everything but that we really know we have died and it is Christ living in our members . And then we can move purposefully , Swiftly , without jostling Joel 2...marching straight ahead ....whatever that means for our unique persons .

God gives us single eye seeing see only God going on and get in on it .

Charismatics expecting us to fall in line with them as though thirdlevel is a slightly more directed charismatic realm , aren't beginning to capture what Galatians 2.20 means , especially the more God adds the KHAVOD powers of the Melchizedek priesthood .

It just isn't the same realm , anymore that the nest realm of baby birds looks anything like the realm they move into once the mother starts overturning the nests so they fly.