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Monday, 7 May 2018

Letter recommending Sam Bashir

You know our "recommendations" DO FALL short in cetain ways.

Supposing you  are not in the Western recognised mould

of a pastor of a large church
of a Principal of a theological college
or id you havent published a book
or have never been on Sattellite Christian TV
or are in no way in particualr affiliated to the modern methods of recognition like Apostolic networks under say Barney Coombes, or Terry Virgo, or more modern names like Che Ahn,etc

SUPPOSING you are into some unique form of ministry that God has raised up specifically in  Muslim areas but that is nearly unknown outside these territories,


This by the way is also my own problem, and nobody seems tyo have the patience to wade through  my hence, apart from the genuine readers here, I am still unknown.

So I feel for Sam Bashir very keenly.
He wants to get to the CGI conference and the plane flights, and the conference cost money. But nobody knows Sam Bashir and he like many others before him is trusting God to supply.

Here for your information then is  a letter recommending him for a Visa.

Sam Bashir's Bank details

Bank Name: Summit Bank LtdBank Address: Mumtaz Hassan Road Off I .I Chandigarh Road Karachi IBAN # Pk49SUMB0313027140135841 SWIFT CODE:SUMBPKKA

Monday, 30 April 2018

Please help Sam Bashir get to the Church Growth Conference

Sam Bashir

Who is Sam Bashir?

Sam has been sending through photos for several years showiing his work of aiding and abetting Children's ministry in Pakistan which is Muslim.

They sometimes use the phrase Sunday school teachers, because that is a quick way of explaining to a Westerner what he is involved with.

But it doesnt quite convey what they are doing.
You see Islam has after school teaching for youngsters which is largely moral training according to Islam teaching.

Not only in Christian areas but also using  this service evangelistically with Muslims or secular Pakistanis, Christians run similar after school services to be able to teach life from a Christian viewpoint.

So these are practical and necessary academic boost training but within an atmosphere that teaches youngsters about the love of God and the Christian gospel.

Sam's work is incredibly ey and you can imagine all of them are at risk from attacks from Muslims who do not like their activities. Sam often convenes meetings of national Christian (Sunday)schoolteachers, to encourage them , teach them and make them more effective.

Sam requires monetary aid for stationery goods, Bibles in Urdu, for helping people have what is needed to live and work.

He contacted me because of this invitation to the CGI conference and it will cost him $2000 to attend.
I was quite annoyed that they were not going to help Sam get there. The advantage for Sam is that he can network with the right kind of evangelistically tuned people and let them know how this works in Pakistan.

Sam's Facebook page is here:

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Thoughts and snippets in the past month

The wild patch
I have not posted a blog since April 7, but I have written daily pretty well on Facebook.So  here like the patch I am allowing to grow wild around our apple tree is a series of thoughts through the month.

On the Book of Revelation....
Revelation is not the revelation of John.
Of all 66 books it is the most incredible.
Verse 1 States it is the revelation given to Jesus Christ by God the Father and then transmitted by His servant John.
All books are inspired by the Holy Spirit, but no book or gospel claims to be a book of revelation given to Jesus Christ Himself in the heavenlies.
It’s on another level again and if we need the Holy Spirit to unseal the book of Daniel at the end, then we really need the Spirit to almost do twice the job for this last book.
It’s like Christ in us the hope of glory.
The first thing was to unencrypt that sentence from the Greek.
The next task is for the Holy Spirit to unencrypt the full meaning of that sentence to our lives.
The whole of Revelation is like this and as we read it we see snippets and more is revealed.

What  is Preterism for? Perhaps this is the real reason...

I wonder if the greatest function of Preterism is as JOHN Noe has said, to get people at least for now, on the leftbrain idea that He comes and comes and comes.
Young Christians seem only to be able to handle one thing at once , which is why 40,000 denominations, and getting people unhooked from a passive rapture idea, and pro actively expecting Jesus to come and come and come, is only good as far as I can see.
Then when He has fully come in individuals and churches you can frighten the now mature Preterists by saying
“ Revelation 22 and psalm 24 say
Speak to things and Welcome Him back”.
I guess in the Spirit we have to be devious like this.....
A bit like Joseph with his brothers when they came to Egypt.
But not as devious as Jesuits who secretly run everything but tell nobody.

On Automatic Gears in Cars ....
Brits don’t really like automatic gears, having probably a fixation about control. But the automatic system is a great way of explaining the vanity that creation has been subjected to.

Just as when a car meets a hill and the gear finds itself according to torque or whatever.....
So we currently function in a lower gear, but we can change things as Christians by rising higher.
If we are lazy our outer world chafes us into finding answers, if we press into God, Romans 8 says our environment changes anyway.
It’s very clever.

and continuing on the subject of disunity

There isn’t really such a thing as disunity.
That’s just a local problem in our own personal mind and heart.
DAvid prayed unite my heart to fear your name.
It’s useless trying to get CHRISTIAN harmony if half of us are walking around divided in our hearts.... we’ll make that more like 100% of us.

The church is a great antidote when they are moving in the Spirit. If people walk in Light all the little wrinkly bits start showing up.

It’s nearly impossible to get a body of Preterists to line up with things , because their unity is around leftbrain ideas and not the Living Presence of Jesus Christ.

I used to be stacked out with doctrines until Jesus largely ruined all of the

No Checks and Balances

In Formula 1 there are rules to stop the richest teams forever installing fresh car parts and engine parts. So for example Hamilton changed his gearbox too near the season start and had to start today’s race in 9th place under the penalising rule.

This “ evening up of the playing field “ was meant to be happening in business .
The question emerges how only 8 big corporations run all the worlds media, and how vital it is that media is free

In the OT, every 50 years there was a Jubilee year, which was like a reset button on Israelite society.

It is frightening that there is no regulation whatsoever on the thirteen ruling world dynasties. Game of Thrones ain’t no TV series.

Becoming Professional
It takes 10,000 hours generally speaking to become professional.
That’s 5 years of 40 hour weeks.
Be it concert pianist.
Be it virtually anything.
It doesn’t apply to doctors. Their training is longer, but partly because it is warped.
If a doctor spent as long rigorously learning medicine as an advanced naturopath but with an evidence base, rather than relying on synthetic drugs albeit with an evidence base,
we would start to have a breed of doctors that were really getting to grips with the food we eat, and the vitamins and minerals we need, with which our bodies can virtually repair most things, including cancer and diabetes.

Levitical Class
12 April 2018 08:37
Funny how we don’t take little moves seriously.
In Genesis 3 it was quite a small arm movement to the mouth followed by a crunch.
That is all it was and here we are still dying in our billions

If you so much as go one inch towards tithing you create a Levitical class.
If you go one inch towards infant baptism you create an Old Covenant distant relationship with God and destroy John 3 and being born again.
Look around you brother.
What Move of God has lasted more than 40 years?
The Galatians always enter and rob the people of God who buy into the false spirit.
The Moravians did a 100 year prayer meeting and evangelised the world. Many apostolic groups have kept on the boil, but most of them use the tithe and it is gradually killing them.
Our covenant is with God and not through any man, but we are allowed to give gifts freely.

No Fishing

As well as cancer and diabetes, start examining “ no go areas”. These are whole areas where the devil has put up no fishing signs.
It’s where the problems are now so culturally protected that “ the right thing or the Spirit thing cannot be done “
Jesus had to forcibly silence mourners and throw people out of the room where Hecwas praying.
When He spoke to the lame man at Bethesda He had to first break the hold of the old system over the man.
Do you want to wait around for an angel or a Benny Hinn or do you want to walk literally with Me today.
In the 90s ARTHUR BLESSITT spent the morning with Yasser Arafat, crossed the border and spent the afternoon with Benjamin Netanyahu ( or whoever was Prime Minister of Israel). Every border, blockade, scrap of BBC news, every human intelligence would have said, you don’t do that. But ARTHUR was led by love and the Holy Spirit .
Wherever you start seeing mysterious fences and the Holy Spirit is saying, they are not real,
Walk through them.
Some of the most evil fences surround our Black Ops and security services and military bases, and a whole series by Miles JOHNSTONE called just Bases is on YouTube.
How much of even this is just Tavistock Institute mindbending I don’t know, but there is some dreadful truth in there.

A Gift Makes way for itself

Sylvia Pearce and ?
Talking of 10,000 hours to become professional, the next matter is the podium, the arena to shine in.
You can play guitar most waking hours, produce 50 CDs, be recognised by guitarists as among one of the top ten guitarists, singer,composer,innovationists of our lifetime, but if Rothschild has decided he isnt going to play you on his 8 world media corporations, then unlike lesser musicians like Elton John, or Ozzy Osbourne, or Coldplay, nobody is going to know Phil Keaggy. If anybody has put the time in to be world class, even with one finger chopped off, then its Phil.

I'll get to thirdlevel Christianity in a know it's coming!!!!

If you are not a comic like your Liverpudlian Dad quite, well not a standup that can survive in clubs. If you are not really that good at physics even though you were taught by my Mum in a Roman Catholic Convent school in Chorleywood. If you are not quite up there with the rest of TV Presenters, but if your niche is a very personable low key style of quietly being hilarious on Radio.....
You can understand why Lisa Tarbuck is only now coming right into her own form of genius because Radio 2 spotted something and gave her her own show.
It's kind of similar to the genius of Terry Wogan's show, but much more suited to Saturday evenng teatime.

You can train as much as you like in the air within inches of each other, but NOONE, NOBODY, ZILCH PERSONA is ever going to recognise a RED ARROWS pilot in a Wallmart or Sainsburys. Firstly because they dont shop together and position all their shopping trolleys in a V shape.
And secondly because they NEED AEROPLANES. Outside of all that, all their training, hours and hours of it, all their skill and genius, which has made them to rise like cream to the top....

For several decades now Fred Pruitt, Sylvia Pearce , DeeDee Winter, Paul Anderson-Walsh, Nancy (Barry Jacob Gilmore ) Gilmore , John and Linda Bunting and loads more have been "working with " Galatians 2.20.
Jesus Preached it. John 6. You have to "eat of Me"
John Preached it...."You have to walk in the Light" of the consciousness of Gods own very Life.
Paul preached it . Galatians 2.20



THATS 233,600 HOURS.

So yes, other ministries can quiety slip aside because, no, they have not been working with the apostolic material in quite the same way, and we can see their poor results.

How Each joint can supply before they are ready

The Body, building itself up in love by that which every joint supplies, when working properly.....

What does supplies mean?

Well before we really have the anointing to impart Jesus full message by us....

Sometimes it means us flagging up things that are of God like....

Hey Santo Calarco is in Indonesia at the moment on location for God,

Or hey, do you know Pete Cabrera yet?

Or hey do you know Stuart MORRISSON yet?

Have you enjoyed Tony Madens blog yet?

Have you read Sylvia Pearce’s material yet?

Are you aware of Torben Sondergrund at the Last Great Reformation?

Have you met John Stevens in Bristol?

What about John Fina Livingstone in the States?

The Millennium is about Genesis 3

The whole of the 70s and 80s was Word of Faith.
People preaching Deuteronomy 28.
Nothing wrong with that, but it’s secondlevel.
The Millennium is about Genesis 3

Jesus said I came to lay the axe to the root.
He was finding the “ root” in Peter the night before His trial.
And He repaired the root in Peter on the seashore having the fish barbecue.
Three times He asked Peter do you love Me.
This is Spirit repair for the three denials.
Interesting that the first commandment is such a repair tool huh?

Evangelicals hate prosperity preaching.
I just hate Deuteronomy 28 preaching that denies the root of our problem, which for Jew Gentile and Christian and any other faith, remains Genesis 3.

Judgment begins with the House of God.
So look out world.

In reality this means Gods foundation for building a world which He describes as
Surely as truly as I live all the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of my glory

The foundation for this is

But that in the Spirit is described as

Yet once more will I shake the heavens and the earth as of things that can be shaken.

Understand this.... His Life in us as us can’t be shaken.

So while the rest of Facebook regularly fights about the existence of hell,
I preoccupy myself with the fact that
In Christ is no hell.
Christ in us as us cannot be shaken.

Paul Noble and Breaking of Bread

Paul and Fran Noble

10 April 2018 10:08
Paul Noble is breaking bread most days with Fran his wife.
Why will that work?
Because actually , it ties us into the proverbs 3 scripture , acknowledge Him in all your ways. All sorts of daily everyday events.

Secondly because it’s ground zero of our believing. You know first levellers and secondlevellers don’t like Romans 6 and 7. Or they interpret it.
It doesn’t need interpreting. It is accurate.
But long before we can actually “ take” thirdlevel doctrine full on, God gets us doing two things early.
Praying in tongues , so our leftbrain can’t continually go..... hey I don’t believe that.... that’s too extreme

And breaking bread.

Breaking bread in the Spirit is Gods way of getting us habituated in the Spirit to being dead in Christ and eating Him and drinking Him, and learning that I have died, it really isn’t me that lives, but Christ fused to my new spirit who lives in me as me, as one thing.

This is the antidote to Genesis 3 separation thinking.

Dr Michael Greger Excerpt

8 April 2018 23:50
....not everyone is so magnanimous though. Others are angry.Why didn’t their doctors tell them how lifesaving our dietary choices can be? When I present decades old studies showing how easy some of our killer diseases can be reversed the audience is left thinking,
“ Wait a second. Does that mean my brother didn’t have to die?!” Or their sister or mother or best friend?
Dr Dean Ornish was publishing studies back in the 1990s proving that heart disease could be reversed. The diabetes reversal study I presented at the event that Chris ( mentioned up the page as having beaten diabetes) attended was written in 1979. It showed that people who had been living with type 2 diabetes for as long as 20 years injecting 32 units of insulin a day, could get off their insulin in just thirteen days.
Let that sink in for a moment: people with diabetes for 20 years can go off all insulin in less than two weeks . They endured insulin for 20 years because nobody told them about a plant based diet. For decades they had just been thirteen days from being free!!!🤦‍♂️
Dr Michael Greger M.D.
from how not to die series.

The Mystery of Collectives or Mastermind groups

7 April 2018 22:54
Many things happen in collectives.
Not all. There are still the Edison’s who work alone with 1000 attempts at a lightbulb.
I am watching a documentary about Spielberg.
He was part of a happening. A collective of passionate committed moviemakers.

I don’t fully understand the phase
Where the dead body is there the eagles gather .... but boy it applies to revival , the Cross and collective moves of God as called expressions of the Body of Christ.

Artist communities form. The 1920s in Paris.
For better or worse there was the Darmstadt bunch of Musicians in the 40s and 50s.

There was the Manchester collective of new composers .

Same often happens in breakthrough science.
Silicon Valley is known for tech.

There’s a mystery involved in how so many suddenly gather out of nowhere, and virtually all the bunch goes on to become a “ name “ in their own gifting.

The last buzz of the bee

This blog has often posted random posts as life throws up things of interest. I have spent the last weeks sorting through 37 years worth of business items and personal garden items and much much more to prepare my workshop for a now rare large piano restoration. While I was doing so I was suddenly aware of a buzzing protest that was going on in the end window. Here are the last seconds of a bees life on film. This is a record worthy of any students wishing to study a spider in real time.
It's also a warning to a world that is slowly being stitched up. Google Deborah Tavares, Stop the Crime. Also download Bill Cooper "Behold the pale Horse."