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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Only One Boat Out of Here

Just as Noah's boat had three stories/decks salvation has three distinct phases in 1 John 2.
It was NEVER MEANT to be a one or two level gospel.
Or to be more specific, thinking back to Noah...
Nothing else works.
We are not meant to be in the independent self at all.
Not a smidgen.
Because we have remaining "independent self" bits, the fruit is the 30,000 denominations in America.
ONLY the independent self is divided.
There are no 12 tribes shewbread in the Holiest Place
Head and Body.
We DON'T enter into a theology course to get it, because theology courses are leftbrain affairs and leftbrains cannot handle what THEY CALL PARADOX
Do you know that in the Spirit there is no PARADOX
Spirit is its own doctrine.
On earth it looks like a whole series of opposites as described in Ecclesiastes....there is a time for...and a time for.....
But in the Spirit it is not divided. It's all pure Spirit.
It doesn't need defending.
How do we tell an immature person?
They are still leftbrain locked.
You say FREE WILL and they SAY sovereignty of God
You say Sovereignty of God and they say FREE WILL.
Their politics is one sided.....Labour Conservative
Republican Democrat
Imagine going into a traditional house before women worked.
Who do you support the man? the means of earning wealth and production?
Or the one who distributes the wealth so that people are cared for and needs are met?
Chris I support the woman.
Chris I support the man, down with the woman
This is the sort of rubbish leftbrain stupidity we live in continually.
talking at all times of the day, sharing our own thirdlevel life in their context as they are growing up.
Because people only come to Christ late
Because many never even get baptised in the Spirit
Because those that do are like the tribe of Dan and never ever relinquish the devilish hold of their leftbrain....
we get malformed adults trying to educate kids using LAW to try to bring them into maturity.
By the teenage they have seen through our emptiness and then have the long struggle of having to find out most of it from scratch again whereas if they were brought up in thirdlevel communities
well as we see with most fabulous singers like Whitney Houston and Mavis Staples and Elvis......all raised in pentecostalism....
But by 20 they will be well through the young man phase which is learning Spirit flow in their own lives and well through confronting Romans 6 and 7 in their lives so that by 30 like Jesus they are grounded in consciousness.
INstead we don't get fathered at all.
Rothschild has arranged for them to be absent
Now the mothers too.
In Germany they used to start kids at school at age 7 and we in the UK thought they were a backward nation.
Excuse me Britain
Which nation has produced the greatest number of genius musicians and philosophers and engineers and scientists?
In Germany engineering is so revered you actually get paid a living wage!!!!!
Please please hear me
Secularism is crap because they don't recognise spirit.
Buddhism is crap because otherwise they would be a unified set of people by now.
Zero level Christianity (Christianity without the living Christ inside them) is crap.
First level (Evangelical )Christianity never moves an inch from the tiny leftbrain front cortex, so can never make a whole human being It is crap.
Secondlevel Christianity is great until you are a teenager, but as Maslow's Developmental Laws show, as M Scott Peck's Psychological stages of growth show, as 20th century Christianity shows......stop there in the 1 John 2 young man stage and you have a half built tower, only fit for the world to laugh......although they do like the Black gospel choirs!!!
THE ONLY Christianity that works is the one a thirty year old taught having learned His Father consciousness as a carpenter......and AS HE IS SO ARE WE IN THE EARTH....
Only because there are more of us
And because He was promoted to Lord of the whole Universe
THERE IS ONLY ONE BOAT OUT OF HERE AND IT HAS THREE STORIES. Exactly what do you think you are playing at people?????

Saturday, 22 July 2017

How the world church make meringue

In natural life as in the Spirit proverbs says a man's gift makes way for itself. The Holy Spirit set apart Barnabas and Paul for the was simple recognition of who they were in Antioch the first Gentile church and how they functioned.
In a gathering, pretty soon it is evident who knows Jesus best.
There is a weight of authority in the Spirit.
In the Old Covenant these would become leaders and direct the rest. We still have Old Covenant thinking in every single church on the planet today with one leader per church.
Jesus broke that in Acts 2 with 11 people standing behind the one preaching and called to open the Kingdom with his keys....St Peter. But Peter was never in charge of the church in Jerusalem. And it seems the head, who was James, who was later murdered, was administrative head, and this may have just been a carry over from the Jewish notion of a synagogue head. It is interesting that he was the one killed.
Jack Fortenberry points out that in none of the letters does anybody get asked to greet a single person over a church, as is our modernday pagan Catholic inheritance universally across the earth.
For most of you this will seem absurd. Look even John and Carol Arnott were in charge of Toronto say.
Were they?
They had input. But as far as I can glean the Ho;y Spirit was in charge.
A lot of you have no clue whatsoever when i use the phrase Melchizedek Order.
When we gather in the Name of Jesus all of us are synced up to the Head. The Holy Spirit makes it known what He wants done, using different members. But included with our salvation is the free gift of "the umpire of peace in our hearts".
We know the sound of heaven.
My Sheep know my voice, says Jesus.
This will all become so much clearer once we have a thirdlevel core in each church according to 1 John 2.
This doesn't make them into a super set of Stalins directing everything.
What happens in the Spirit is that they provide a core antennae for the Spirit in a gathering. These are broken men, who if David was writing about them in the Psalms , see 84, he would say
Blessed are the men whose strength is in thee, in whose hearts are the highway to Zion.
They don't have to do much or even anything at all....but the whole meeting is directed through their LIVE connection to the Living King Jesus.
No scripture
No scripture
No scripture anywhere states that one pastor is over a church.
This may have been a flesh reality in first and secondlevel churches, but the Bible churches were thirdlevel churches.
Founded by broken men,
who had Galatians 2.20 consciousness
rooted and grounded in grace
and any particular gifting or anointing God had given them.
The modern idea of a man out the front directing, speaking,leading everything is just pagan.
it's what you are left with when you
baptise infants
nobody is really converted or baptised in water consciously and then receives the fulness of the Holy Spirit.
So what you are left with at worst is denominational disasters
perhaps some are born again
but as nobody is baptised in the Spirit there is no flow of the Spirit, so the poor single man or woman is left pulling strings like a marionette show.
This isnt the Church of the Living God.
It's like saying something is a you have a good look expecting to see this lovely white risen thing
and you look at this crass rather grey flat mish mash that Catholics call a meringue.
So you ask them how did you make it?
Thats easy they explain
we didn't have any eggs so to get the colour we used turmeric. We didn't have an eggwhisk or a Kenwood Chef so we just made do with a few quick flicks with a spoon.
We didn't have a cooker so we left it outside in the sun for a couple of days and hoped for the best. But it rained on one of the days.
But it is definitely a meringue because the Pope says so and everything the Pope says is infallible.
"I see, But it never won Masterchef."

Friday, 21 July 2017

TTAC2 The Truth About Cancer - a Second Live Symposium

"It's been very rewarding to find out that there are kindred spirits here... We're hitting critical mass where we're gonna change medicine, not just in America, but in the world."
- Dr. Patrick Quillin

From: Ty and Charlene Bollinger
Nashville, TN

Dear Cancer Fighter,

Our mission here at TTAC is to educate people, expose the truth, and eradicate cancer from the face of the planet.

We're working every day to bring you the latest science and information you need...

Information you might never hear about otherwise...

Last year's event was profoundly special. The response, the emotion, and the stories of healing were truly overwhelming.
We talk a lot about how to heal your body, detoxify, and get things working properly again. But really, our mission is all about saving lives, plain and simple.

You can read books from renowned experts, watch their documentaries, listen to their interviews and podcasts, but there's no substitute for meeting face to face with them and asking your questions about your personal situation.

And that's why the whole health industry is buzzing about this year's event!

We’re gathering the best of the best -- 40 of the smartest, most innovative health and wellness experts in the world for a special 3-day event in Orlando, FL on October 5-7, 2017.

Dr. Mercola, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Stan Burzynski, Dr. Tony Jimenez, Doug Kaufmann, Cherie "The Juice Lady" Calbom, and so many more... gathered in one place, at one event, for the sole purpose of teaching you how they're eradicating cancer and other top diseases.

It's THE health event of the year.......MORE HERE

It’s called The Truth About Cancer LIVE, and we want YOU there with us!

DEEP STATE - 50 year old recording describing how things operate

Thursday, 20 July 2017

The exposure of Corruption - The Magnitude of what is going on

Shared by Doug Alexander

From Supplied SUPPLIER

rivers of living water

To take one area...just one...
of the move from "survival" to "contribution"
of the move from Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil" to the Tree of Life
of baby "supplied to "Christianity to adult or thirdlevel SUPPLIER Christianity
it means coming into a revelation of El Shaddai the Supplier God, the knowledge that the whole of God's creation is one of flow, of seed and harvest, of provision
But NOT in the immature vision of American condominiums and Cadillacs
This is purely one of the Rivers that will flow out of our innermost being.
Ask any entrepreneur....
But if that is all you have on your insides you will be a LOTTERY LOSER.
No, ask any entrepreneur
God promised Israel the POWER to make wealth.
So Hitler or Stalin can strip from them every penny, but in one generation they will still largely own
New York or London or wherever.....
because all that they had stolen from them was pennies...
nobody stole their "power to make wealth".
Our power to make wealth isn't from Ganesh or some Indian god......who is really a spiritual power in the secondheavens, squatting like The Hobbit's Smaug on largely stolen wealth....
Our power doesn't really even come from the firstlevel Christian understanding of an out there God arbitrarily answering our prayers for deliverance when He feels like it...."If it be thy will"....
NO it's more the abundance of an Ephesians 1 Revelation
Of a GOD who is TOTAL
whose Divine energy sustains all things because He is in all,
and in us too who believe
and also in those who don't believe, but don't know it yet.
Please, in describing God's allness, I am not going Buddhist either....HE IS ALL THIS while also being the Personal God and Father who numbers all the hairs of our head.
The real purpose of this post is to describe in just one area of life what it means to move into the Thirdlevel of believing.
The Entrepreneur will tell you it's not changing a philosophy of mind in a Harvard Business School. All you learn there are the material constructs by which our outer money system works.
If you become a Mason, or swear to Lucifer on some way, yes he will take of some of his stolen money and tip some of it your way.....
But this is not the POWER to make wealth.
God's Power flows out of our innards.
The entrepreneur has hunches.
He has an ability to imagine and envisage BEFORE anybody has put any toothpaste on their brush in the morning.
It's a sensitivity to the "flow" in the universe which is only an echo of God's Divine flow in the heavenlies,
always deeper richer wider.....
This is why Give and it shall be given unto you works
Not because it is a magic DO A THING and ZAPPO God does another thing PING!
No God is kickstaring us into the flow direction of the universe which is in "contribution" AGAPE /OTHER LOVE (love for others)
To do "Contribution" must believe God's Nature is Supplier.
The Wombats in the New World Order (the Illuminati) think out of their pyramid maths sheet of "dwindling supplies"
so they have invented Agenda 21 to reduce the world's population by nine tenths
Because they only have faith for our current supply, because they are the devil's materialists.
God looks at every individual man and woman as many Rivers of Divine Supply....check out John 7.38
He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From [i]his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.’” 39 But this He spoke of the Spirit, whom those who believed in Him were to receive; for the Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified.

John 4 " but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.”

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Leaving the Chequered Squares

Three(plus one) Facebook Posts originally conceived individually today
Hotel California -Eagles :
Ok it's set in a precise balmy location that appears to be paradise.
But actually it's talking about any infrastructure that has the appearance of comfort and safety UNTIL YOU EVER TRY TO LEAVE.
Then you reflect on the fact that the first ever meeting of the European Union was presided over by a leading Jesuit tasked with its formation, a formation that was by stealth. So the weather might not be the same in Brussels but there was a Catholic mission bell.
On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair
Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air
Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
I had to stop for the night
There she stood in the doorway;
I heard the mission bell
And I was thinking to myself,
'This could be Heaven or this could be Hell'
Then she lit up a candle and she showed me the way
There were voices down the corridor,
I thought I heard them say...
Welcome to the Hotel California
Such a lovely place
Such a lovely face
Plenty of room at the Hotel California
Any time of year, you can find it here
Her mind is Tiffany-twisted, she got the Mercedes bends
She got a lot of pretty, pretty boys, that she calls friends
How they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat.
Some dance to remember, some dance to forget
So I called up the Captain,
'Please bring me my wine'
He said, 'We haven't had that spirit here since nineteen sixty nine'
And still those voices are calling from far away,
Wake you up in the middle of the night
Just to hear them say...
Welcome to the Hotel California
Such a lovely place
Such a lovely face
They livin' it up at the Hotel California
What a nice surprise, bring your alibis
Mirrors on the ceiling,
The pink champagne on ice
And she said 'We are all just prisoners here, of our own device'
And in the master's chambers,
They gathered for the feast
The stab it with their steely knives,
But they just can't kill the beast
Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
'Relax,' said the night man,
We are programmed to receive.
You can checkout any time you like,
But you can never leave!
In general that is our function as creatives/prophetic/caricaturists.
The current Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil infrastructure, or the checkerboard of the masons and through them the police force presented as clear as if everything is as clear and simple as daylight. In reality everything is shot through with compromise.
Our job is to highlight "it could be heaven or it could be hell"
We are not interested in the greys at the surface level. We are interested in what is happening at root.
We come like Jonah to tell Nineveh it's direction arrow currently this very day. The fact that we appear wrong because people actually act sometimes on our seeing......well it may lead to us going off in a sulk.....but hopefully we are glad to have just made our God given contribution. We come across as extreme because we give you the read out now of the full effects of the spirit you are moving in.
Don't pick that fruit Adam it will lead to death!!
It did lead to death but outwardly it took 900 years to manifest.
Parents do no more with their offspring. Johnny if you carry on like that you won't have a career. They are not stating Johnny will really have, they are expressing the full outcome of proceeding with such and such a behaviour. But of course the hopes are and expectations are that Johnny won't continue and will have a career.

To effect change you have to change the legal infrastructure whose "front" is the superficial one here on earth.
How superficial Chris?
It's actually tenuous made up of lots of tricks and double meanings.
1.Like" I understand," which when you state those words actually mean I stand under or comply....
2. Corporation is the oration of a corpse, a dead man. it's fiction.
3. When your parents signed your birth certificate a fictitious but bankable slave status was created around your name in Capital letters. Your poor parents didnt know what they were signing for. They weren't meant to.
4. The final piece of info was taught us by Mr Loarridge headmaster of Dr Challenors Grammar School in his citizenship classes. Law is largely Maritime Law which is why we have names such as the BAR, meaning a measure of sealevel. Again it is fiction, because we don't live on seawater we live on land. But it keeps LAW in a very "fluid" inaccessible noman's land thatis very difficult to "get at".....purposefully.
Now here is where things get interesting.
When you have an encounter with God
Your previous "fiction" is declared DEAD in Christ.
You now only deal in reality whereas the world system only deals in fictional makebelieve pyramid schemes under a very few elite.
Christians relate open face, non Christians are encouraged to wear a mask, to have a telephone voice, and a "leftbrain " manner.
Since John Lennon and the death of the old paternalistic order and Pathe News etc... the world has had a lot more human a face.
The Book of Daniel described this as "feet of iron mixed with clay". You have a Rothschild type figurehead with a bank teller who smiles and wishes you a great Day. Same iron infrastructure as the Old World, but now with nice white teeth and a friendly smile.
Lance Wallnau wants to change the "frontage" of everything in opposition to the Freemasonic Make believe that we have now.
Justin of Company of Burning Hearts and Ian Clayton recognise that we only effect change by allowing or disallowing on earth the RULING OF THE HEAVENLY COURTS.
This is the nature of our priesthood.

When we declare a thirdlevel of Christianity in the earth, it is actually the apostolic Word of the first apostles. It is no different. But here is the issue....
which becomes clear if you analyse Romans 12.1-2. and then run this by the Tabernacle model.
Sunshine in the Tabernacle model means "that which is natural without enlightenment by the Spirit of God.
The Outer courts religions....Judaism, to a certain extent Islam, and Anglicanism, Catholicism and most denominations run in the natural mind.
Baptism in the Spirit introduced a whole different order.
Like Psalm 91, like Jesus telling us to enter our inner room and find the Father in the secret place, this brings us into the area of  revelation.
BUT HERE's the RUB. The covered area of the Tabernacle where there are no windows for the sun whatsoever, and runs entirely on the candlestick representing the gifts of the Spirit, and the Light of God Himself from within the Holiest place....
this covered place is divided into two sections.
Just as in the natural we cannot walk straight out of sunlight into a darker place....
we cannot walk in from sunlight into the superior and stronger Light of the Lord without accustomisation.
The accustomisation room is called the HOLY PLACE.
This is secondlevel Chrstianity
IT is the acceleration room
But here is the snag
All your worldly skills and thinking processes, and emotional responses kind of linger for a while, so secondlevel Christianity is this peculiar mishmash of GREAT BANG ON GOD STUFF plus loads of residual worldly thinking.
At the transition point between second and thirdlevel Christianity, between the Holy Place and the Holiest Place
Between the second Jewish Feast of Pentecost and the Third Feast of Tabernacles is basically the same POINT.
In the tabernacle model its called the table of incense
In the Feast model it's called the Day of Atonement
And in the world at large it's called
"Yet once more I shake the heavens and the earth as of things that can be shaken"
But on an individual level the Bible describes it this way
"the mature, who by training their senses (this means all our souls senses....emotions and intellect) according to righteousness are able to discern good from evil.
So back to the opening sentence....
When we declare a thirdlevel of Christianity
Your ability to "see it" is HIGHLY tied up with your relationship to Romans 12.1
Another way of putting that is in John 7.16-17
“My teaching is not Mine, but His who sent Me. 17 If anyone is willing to do His will, he will know of the teaching, whether it is of God
If anyone is willing to do His will
or....Romans 12.1 I beseech you therefore 9 ( based on the previous teaching in Romans 1-11) by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, [a]acceptable to God, which is your [b]spiritual service of worship.
THEN....THEN.... we face the little matter of a total change of mind, a transformation of mind, by it being renewed inwardly,
or coupled up with the Holy Spirit and the mind of Christ.
While you are still living locked in your leftbrain
in the previous manner of "survival" thinking
of thinking according to the "fictions of this world"
the elemental spirits which we have died in Christ to.....
All this is still in the charismatic/ pentecostal secondlevel
all this mixture needs to go
we have to acknowledge God in everything.....
" apostles only this way"

Monday, 17 July 2017

Silverstone Grand Prix 2017

Through a unique set of circumstances we got to Silverstone Grand Prix as campers in their Woodlands Campsite.

Woodlands Village,Silverstone Campsite

Woodlands Village,Silverstone Campsite fairground

Silverstone Grand Prix Camping Layout

Every so often I post something more personal for general interest and maybe as a helpful resource for others to enter this blogspace.  Above are pictures in and around the Woodlands Campsite and the specially constructed "Village" made up of a food supply shop, many take away stalls, music venues, a village pub and its own Force India Fan zone and Bar area and stage.

The toprighthand grey marked area is the Silverstone track itself and below you see the position of the camping areas.

Vids of the village area including the musician inside the "village pub".

Sunset at Silverstone Woodlands Campsite

Gents Toilets Woodlands Campsite Silverstone

Gents Showerblock Woodlands Silverstone

Woodlands wristband and gold Pitwalk band
When you enter the site you are given a Woodlands wristband which is your admission ticket to the camp area. You drive in then leave your car for the duration, and if its not over muddy you can park by your tent. NO driving offsite except by special permission from the site managers and nobody does.

You walk everywhere unless you meet one of the shuttles ferrying you from the village to the track.
There are the above washing and loo blocks providing toilet cubicles shower cubicles wash basine then exterir pot washing sinks.

if you apply early you can get electrical hookups for camping. We were late and camped without any electrics, which means daily purchase of food, and no charging mobiles , Kindles etc.

Toilets are a very long way from most tents. You are told NOT to bring Toilet tents....well if your tents and pergolas are not too big you can squeeze them in. You are also told not to bring barbecues but many do. All tents are on top of each other so utmost fire precautions are needed.

Although loudspeakers are used on the track, the cars are incredibly loud. TV gives hardly any impression of what it is to have state of the art racing vehicles tearing past you, whose volume effects your sternum. Silverstone will sell you an earpiece  radio for the whole event for £10 which is set to 87.7 FM and like many track events cannot be picked up on a normal FM radio . So check if you have one that fits the bill !!!


Food of all varieties is available and Woodlands village shop does containers of salad. BUT that is just about it for healthy food.  In this day and age when more and more of us rely on healthier eating
stores on the roadside like Marks and Spencers and Waitrose.....Silverstone is still quite backward
in supplying yes, great variety, but supplied with chips and virtually no salads or greenery to be seen.
Even Glaswegians now know what greenstuff is so this comes as quite a shock.
Both all round the track and all round Woodlands village is every type of food imaginable, together with bars and hot drinks stalls.

Everything but everything will leave you penniless.
Teas and coffees are £2-4.50 depending how much they have seen a coffeebean or tea plantation.
So for three of us two rounds of hot drinks , (and Becketts can be incredibly drafty and cold) can be from £15-20

All meals start at a very small portion meal for £5 to a more usual £7-9.
A steak at the meat restaurant in Woodlands costs £19.95 I was told.

Work out ways of making your own stuff some days, then splurging others.  A good quality all metal top of the range unbreakable Thermos is definitely THE right investment for these events. We didn't want to be carting it around....but we probably should have.  We had no idea that being elevated on the Becketts stand would make such a difference to how cold it would be even in July!!!!


In Woodlands alone there was
A Big Top for main event groups
a smaller big top for great cover acts
a village pub for more pub type entertainments at a personal level
a Bob Harris Country tent where he had put together some of his great signature finds that are on Radio 2
Force India used their stage for Interviews with drivers and the Force India CEO but also had quality DJs

In the Village area, the central part of Silverstone track, as well as merchandising shops eateries and loos, was a big stage for the biggest acts.
Friday was Sara Cox and with guest singer Carol Decker doing T'pau material, as well as Aswad.
Saturday was The Severs, the Hoosiers and Glastonbury heavyt rock band The Reef
Sunday had the late Rick Parfitt's son also called Rick J Parfitt whose self named RPN Band do everything that Status Quo used to do in lifting a crowd to great heights, but covering an incredible array of pop genres.
The Pit Walk

As a further build up to the event itself Silverstone let you apply for a free pit walk across the front of all the pit garages. We were lucky enough to be granted a gold wristband so were in the first group on the Wednesday. We have many many photos of virtually each pit, the only drawback was the huge volume of people in the very narrow pit walk area. Then they drove two safety cars along that area in the opposite direction to where everybody was walking. My son Ben got isolated after we had all crossed to the other side of the track again. They shipped him on a bus to the main arena area. None of this was pleasant and felt like being herded like beasts. Possibly smaller numbers are necessary. There was no access to water, we were standing in blazing heat together with some ill and infirm, and certainly without access to toilets for a two hour stretch.

The Races

We saw the practice sessions , the qualifying events and the main races of
GP 3
Formula 2
but especially ofcourse Formula 1 Grand Prix which we were again lucky enough to witness Lewis Hamilton win his 5th UK grand Prix, and with ease.  He was seconds ahead of his nearest rivals.

We saw some great interviews on stage with
Daniel Ricciardo
Jenson Button
Fernando Alonso

But there was none better than this interview after he had won the Grand Prix, and features the rest of his family too.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Handicapped and Proud of it

......and never ever reproduces

.....people who preach the whole message get sidelined for being heretics.
No.... sucking pacifiers and eating rusks your whole life is heretical! 20 year old babies get named handicapped.
What we have in the Earth isn't Jesus Bride. No after 2000 years we have a super large handicapped baby.

To a Facebook friend
Sheldon I don't care who does it but some apostolic figure somewhere needs to hold the whole church accountable to the Gates message and stop being so ridiculously divided. Evangelicals own Gates 1-5 but despise any further ones. Charismatics try to pretend Gates 3,4 and 5 don't exist and so they preach a warped 6 and 7 Gate centric message missing huge parts of the gospel and the whole of the baby world church doesn't really enter into any of the thirdlevel ones 8,9,10,11 and 12.
It's crazy and the utmost in stupidity. And people who preach the whole message get sidelined for being heretics. No.... sucking pacifiers and eating rusks your whole life is heretical. 20 year old babies get named handicapped.
What we have in the Earth isn't Jesus Bride. No after 2000 years we have a super large handicapped baby.

The Church pay for mannequins to stand in shop windows for 10% tithe income. Mannequins don't have SEED but the sex is a lot quieter, controllable and seemly.

God speaking about His true people
My people are hidden beyond the lattice. They have gone out to join the bridegroom who was beyond the lattice.
My beloved is like a gazelle or a young stag.
Behold, he is standing behind our wall,
He is looking through the windows,
He is peering through the lattice.
To a people still looking through grid systems, my people can hardly be discerned, but are hidden. Deliberately.
My people are hidden by a rock of offense, by apparent shame.
Moses slew an Egyptian and had to flee.
Jesus was hidden by apparent though not real shame and was considered a bastard.
Peter addressed the first ever church in the first ever sermon by a Rock of offense.....This Jesus whom you crucified....and 3000 left their offense that day and joined the Way.
Paul was hidden by his shame. Having been instrumental in the death of one of the loveliest first saints and evangelists, namely Stephen, as a new convert nobody would receive him or quite believe what God was doing with him.
Many today are hidden by their own paths into the thirdlevel.
When I spoke through My Son and said "You shall not see Me again until you say blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord"
I spoke of the true Son of Man.
You shall not see Me again until you recognise
as Peter recognised,
the existence of the Son of Man in a lowly ex -carpenter...
on such moments of recognition is the Rock of My Church
as at the foundation in Acts 2
as at those who received Paul and My doctrine in him.
I hide, by apparent shame, and by the earthly lattice, My Son, then in turn  My people who are called after His Name
sufficiently long for them to be established in Me and I in them.
Blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord
and His Name is Emmanuel, God with us.
Blessed are those who preach
and blessed are those whose feet is shod with the gospel of peace.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

A Summary or Abbreviated teaching on the Gates of Jerusalem

Here is a summary of the Gates of Jerusalem in Nehemiah.
What the apostolic figure Arthur Wallis knew he shared around 72 or 73 in Fountain Trust one meeting Michael harper was away, but in so doing he opened a door in the Spirit for at least 6 or 7 Gates, by which all our secondlevel churches were established as our generation sought God for His ways to be re established in His Church.

Quite without anybody that I know preaching on it, the Spirit has been completing the installation right up to Gate 12.

What is a Gate in the Spirit? It is a portal of God's power and life. These are doors you go through, in and out. The gospel is the power and the grace of God. If they were just off the shelf doctrines I personally wouldn't be interested. Nerds would. No, these are facets of the corporate experience of the life of God

They represent cycles also in the seed harvest flow of God.
Complete a cycle in the Spirit and you WILL HAVE a GATE 9 revival. Having kids ain't random. it involves a bedroom most often, and a woman and a man. Revivals, like walking round Jericho are not random. If we DO the stuff the Spirit engages us in....revival follows.
Anybody who walks with God will know more than they think about these gates already, so if I summarise them you will see that the Holy Spirit has already taught you much.

Gate 1 the Sheep Gate
Discipling people to Christ. There are many pastors in a local Body ( the current practice of a CEO pastor isn't what is happening in the Spirit, which is why we all experience conflict between what God is ACTUALLY doing spontaneously and the stupid tithed role of a pyramid pastor overlord.
Pastoring in the Spirit is a eunuchs only job. You are pastoring people not to yourself but as quickly as possible getting people up and running with hearing the Spirit and doing.
You are really discipling not doctrine....but your own life of
proverbs 3:5 and 6
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your insight ,Acknowledge God in all your ways and He will make straight your paths"
Gate 2
The Fish Gate
As soon as people are born again they spread the good news about the free salvation of God. Come and drink without price, and more pastoring goes on to ground these. God's heart is for the one lost sheep, not the nicely fed and watered 99.
God's heart is evangelism to reach more lovely people!!!!
Gate 3
The Old Gate
All the Holy Spirit revealed things thus far.
The Bible. The genuine moves of God and revelation of God
Also the genuinely authentic ABOUT YOU created in God before the foundation of the world and before sin even got a look in.
The reason we don't heap up prayers like gentiles is there is too much real communication to be had by going into our inner rooms to meet with Dad. About His plans for us, about His plans for the earth
Gate no 4 the valley Gate and Gate no 5 the Dung Gate
Matthew 5 makes it obvious the sort of paths we will be treading. days of humbling and difficulty to give us practice at being thrown onto God's solutions.
Also to reveal the depths of our independent self patterns, while learning all the time more about who we really are in Christ.
Ultimately this leads to our knowledge in Romans 6 that we have really died. Our spirit is our main not secondary identity....and we have really died with Jesus on the cross. This isnt religious fantasy....that was you dying there, and now we are raised in Him and we have a brand new creation identity inside us.
Gates 6 and 7 are the Fountain gate followed by the Water Gate. And they told us that Fountain Trust, the baptism in the Spirit teaching organisation under Michael Harper so nearly got called Watergate....but that broke as news a few months later.
If people haven't obeyed Christ's instructions to repent , be baptised (in water) and be filled or baptised in the Spirit, months or possibly decades of evangelicalism will cause enough burnout such that people give up, and let God !!!!
Not by Might nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord.
We learn the ongoing life of Spirit flow , the ongoing Water Gate) first in meetings then in the whole of our lives.
As He is so ARE WE in the world!!!!
We only do what we see the Father doing. Psalm 123.
Gates no 8,9,10,11 and 12 are thirdlevel gates. They appear at the moment only with particularly anointed individuals, but the idea through our thirdlevel gifting is tat they become resident at all times in all places in every church.
And as this spells the end of Satan on planet earth, this is why all Christians have more or less been against Norman Grubb's message. It has been Satan all along working WITHIN the people of God to prevent this message.
BUT LIFE and all its abundance doesn't actually work properly in our churches at the moment because these keys are missing.
Gate 8 is the Horse Gate or intercession and warfare. Opened in a big way in the 90s through Peter Wagner, Cindi Jacobs, Ed Silvoso and Suzette Hattingh from her real world experiences with Rheinhard Bonnke, and territorial warfare.
Gate 9 takes on new meaning after DeeDee Winter Winter shared with Linda Bunting and Paul Anderson-Walsh about Jesus Coming soon.
Jesus soon coming is happening all the time everywhere people are believing for it. It has the same dynamic as Jesus preaching The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. And Isaiah says His Name is Emmanuel, God with us. This is what the servants of the Lord speak out and declare.
The Eastern Gate, Gate 9, is Jerusalem's Front Door. It is the same door for the unbeliever who comes in (in type form) from the East, moving to the setting sun or completion in the West, as it is for Jesus when He returns.
The Soon Coming of Jesus is as bound up in heavenly visitation as it will finally be the consummation of Jesus Coming Soons exercised across the earth. The bride and the Holy Spirit say two types of Come in Revelation 22. To the fullness of the tribes we cry Come drink without price, and to the Bridegroom we say Come .
Gate number 10 , as indeed all the Gates are abbreviations for whole aspects of God in the Church.
The gate of Miphkad was traditionally the Gate of Judgment, the Gate where elders judged for israel and concerning the qulaity of the worship animals.
In the Spirit the gate of Miphkad is a mystery we are walking into. In its transitional form it is a democracy, but democracy is weakened by the spirit of error being still at large. It was democracy that chose Barabbas, being influenced by Satans servants disguised as priests. In the Spirit we are caught up in the Order of Melchizedek to function as king priests. All our meetings should be excercising us in this realm. As Paul said in Hebrews regarding the Tabernacle and I echo him, about all the Gates I have much apostolically to say but these are the abbreviations of this Kingdom City that comes down from above.
Gate Number 11 has been opened to us by John G Lake, by Smith Wigglesworth, by many of the healing evangelists and including Morris Cerullo who actually preaches on the Double Anointing.
This is the Gate of Ephraim that had to be doubly blessed to make up for the loss of the tribe of Dan.
It seems a double anointing is preceeded by extreme need. In Acts 4 it was the very real death threats of the religious Jews in Jerusalem. God's power lays bare the hearts and pride of men. Much in God is by "step" and "daily advances"....Psalm to day pours forth speech...
and "in returning and rest shall you be saved", "line upon line precept upon precept"
But a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as one day.
God's power in a moment can change everything. Like the Jesus Move in the 60s.
Like John Wesley and Whitfield.
Like God stepping in suddenly and almost absurdly with Brexit and Donald leaves everybody astounded.
Or Hitler suddenly turning away from Britian to Russia
Or the rescue of the troops in one day from Dunkirk in every boat that could be scrambled.
Rothschild lulls us into the thinking described in the Bible "everything contiin ues as it did from the begiining", now with the additional fairy tale of man being 300,000 years old with no mountain sized piles of dead bones anywhere to be seen!!!.
On one day Joshua announced we are going into the Land!!!! The thirdlevel message is no different.
This is Jesus is Lord consciousness!!!
The final Gate 12 is the thirdlevel dynamic. The Prison Gate.
Allowing God to shut us into places on behalf of others, to set them free.
Paul entered this Gate big time and it became for him a dynamic. So I feel Hebrews was probably written by Paul especially when he describes what is effectively the Prison Gate programme....
10 We have an altar from which those who serve the [c]tabernacle have no right to eat. 11 For the bodies of those animals whose blood is brought into the holy place by the high priest as an offering for sin, are burned outside the camp. 12 Therefore Jesus also, that He might sanctify the people through His own blood, suffered outside the gate. 13 So, let us go out to Him outside the camp, bearing His reproach. 14 For here we do not have a lasting city, but we are seeking the city which is to come.

By the time we have proved the goodness of the Lord and the Power of His resurrection coming through, what is deemed as something terrible and terrifying becomes to us an "engine" for driving the Kingdom of God forward.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

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