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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Chris Returns from the TheoArtistry Presentation Event

First a few details from their own website.

TheoArtistry celebrates the practice, making, performance, curatorship, and reception of Christian art. It also seeks to inform the scholarly and public perception of the role of the arts in theology and church practice.

TheoArtistry is a new dimension in the work of ITIA, the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts, based in the School of Divinity, University of St Andrews. TheoArtistry explores how ITIA’s world-leading research may impact the making and practice of the arts.

From arts festivals to art works, our collaborative projects bring together the expertise and interests of artists, theologians, and commissioners of art.


So I have just returned by plane from Edinburgh after attending the  TheoArtistry Event
Here are some of my immediate thoughts including a few suggestions for helping the problem identified by Sir James Macmillan regarding strengthening Catholic Boys Choirs voices.
I noticed in the off the cuff video I managed to call him James Stuart. That's my brain doing
Scottish pigeonholing of Scottish James's. My wife knows this stuff. I must apologise.

9.40 - "Reformation" should read "Enlightenment" ofcourse.

So What was being Presented
I was only able to attend one day of the poetry gathering which is on the heels of an event called Stanza. My real interest  for my own life was to get some more input musically.

The event was the pairing of theologians and musicians, and theologians and poetry, to tackle some serious Christian themes, and in particular portions of scripture.

Possibly the theologians saddled them with too much background information, but certainly it was thorough, and the scriptures given to each pairing concerned different Annunciations , supernatural impingements or invasions of our normal world, with Annunciations of God's Plan.

All the composers also benefitted from the wonderful mentorship of Sir James Macmillan, and the superb CD containing all 6 collaborations also contain works by Macmillan and  people who have influenced him: Britten, Leighton, and Taverner for example.

Here are a few notes as I remember.

 Each composer and each theologian shared their thinking behind each piece.
Genesis 3 is based around the three questions God asks, while ofcourse knowing the answers.
There are breathy wind sounds as the questions are being asked.

To me this definitely has echoes of Jesus asking Peter three times if Peter loved Him.
Cleverly these questions get turned and it is Jesus now on the Cross, being asked these questions.
He has all this junk put upon Him, and it is not His ofcourse. Powerful ideas and a powerful work.
Below I will leave a link to the sample and ordering page. I have the CD and think everything about it is stunning. All the new pieces are excellent and will grow on you a great deal. I bought mine early Monday and have been driving around with it for several hours in my hire car in Scotland.

 Genesis 32 is about the episode of the angel, or God or person wrestling with Jacob.
Readers of my blog will know how often I either refer to the scripture or  the songs that Suzanne Vega and I separately wrote.
In this track is an original use of whistling

 Exodus 3 refers to the Burning Bush Incident but the theologian is literally also somebody who has learned to be a fire spinner.  I went up to Kerensa to thank her personally for the superb organ writing which is done in tiers of flame images.

 This is about the call of Samuel and special mention of it being the third time the voice is heard.
This too is like my own message here on the blog.
What I am calling the thirdlevel message, is going to be the same message as it was the first time, but it's our capacity to hear God our cores

 Something of this depth of communication is the theme here in the still small voice, or silent Word sounds, that Elijah could begin to dicern after all the hullabaloo of the thunder storm and lightning had cleared away.

This passage is about the description of Solomon.
Whether the theologian thinks this was, but many of us now think there are three main protagonists in the Song of Solomon
The Shepherd or Jesus figure
The Shulammite
But also the Solomon figure who represents established religion.

Here is the Presto Classical Page where you can listen to 1 minute samples of all tracks and also purchase the CD

Finally here are my personal photos from the trip just for general interest, and yes I did treat myself to one incredible meal at The Old Golf Club Hotel

Sir James acknowledges the appreciation of his input and his compositions
The San Salvator Choir must of necessity refresh itself yearly with students newly arriving and final year students departing. This is not quite the same choir of last summer's recording.
Final applause and closer detail of the quality wood interior of the choir stalls

St Andrew's Cold North Sea

The Old Castle Ruins, St Andrews

St Andrews Old Streets by night

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

BIO AVAILABLE Multi vitamins

Ty Bollinger here in Conversation with Dr Nuzum

What should our ministry goals be?

Ministry goals?
God has a great levelling system. It’s called fire. Every mans work will be tested by fire to see whether we build with something of straw or gold.
It’s kind of handy to short circuit the fire by building in Gods fire to begin with.
If you are building in any other name but Christ, then it’s going to come down. Your name. The Anglican Name. Any denomination or moves name.
People randomly praying in revivals for weeks months years, should know there is a definite protocol. One is according to the meaning of the 12 Gates of Jerusalem that Nehemiah was building.
Pastors running churches should learn local churches are run by Jesus not by single pastors. Just like DAvid had to learn you can’t do what the Philistines do with the Ark of God on a cart, even if it’s a brand new one. You cannot run a church with a human CEO. It’s not a business.
Worship leaders should know worship is always in the context of making sacrificial space for the incoming Kingdom. You can’t buy the Kingdom but you can make space for it. We give to projects. We praise and worship within the context of growing relationship, steps of growing faith,stepping out of the boat into water. God always calls us to the impossible. God is always asking to move in further , to fuse with us more.
Training other saints is organic. Just like bringing up children is according to leading them in the ways they should go. Seminaries are quick work rounds. They are at one remove. 1 Corinthians 12-14 , and Ephesians 4 are the patterns for growth training and discipleship. Real church is community and Word and Divine Seed are given in that context in the midst of real life events.

All the gifts and graces are to form Christ within your soul from the “complete in you Christ “in your spirit . Praying , fasting, worship, teaching , all the gifts among the saints, they are all to establish you in Galatians 2.20 consciousness.
Christ in you the hope of glory.
Discernment of spirits, walking in the Light , words of knowledge and wisdom.... they are all to accelerate you in The Way, so your senses become more quickly attuned to righteousness which is a spirit, not just an outer behaviour.
Most churches are way off course in their actual aims, they get lost in their own jungles of what they are trying to achieve.
If we make Psalm 123 Living a priority and we are doing as the Master bids, hardly anything will be burned by fire, since it originated in Him, and has been carried to completion by Him Living our lives in us.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Permission from a Pastor to minister elsewhere?

Jackie Walker
I was having a conversation with someone and they believe that you have to get permission from your Pastor to minister somewhere else.
FBF what are your thoughts on this and please conversation purpose only...

........very very important question as the worldwide church move from the second to the thirdlevel.
(This on Facebook)Had some good wise answers.
What did Jesus do? He sent people out in twos but with the power of the Holy Spirit. Why is this genius?
.- Because KINGDOM cannot be manifested easily by one person. Two is the basic operating minimum to show forth Kingdom.
_Because right here, at the outset you nail on the head any idea of a Morris Cerullo or Benny Hinn or Kenneth Copeland named operation.
- Because even when people are still learners they can be a check and balance to each other, and often there is a bit of this reason in a pastor's reluctance....
If a pastor is doing his job right he is teaching his sheep the ability to lock into Psalm 123 lifestyle, into the lifestyle Jesus lived "I only do what I see My Father doing."
It should be possible , if we are all mature in flowing in the Melchizedek Order to be able to minister anywhere where the sheep are gathering.

Some patience is needed because we are at a time when the "returnees from the catholic Babylon cultures" are still in the process of rebuilding the Gates and Wals of the heavenly Blueprint.
I am ashamed to say that people who have the blueprints ot Gates 6 and 7, the Fountain Gate and the Water Gate of the Holy Spirit are still not welcome in evangelical settings. And thirdlevellers who have the keys to Gates 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 are still not welcome in the rest of the churches on earth.

Earth Situations NOW 3 :Can't Buy a Home? That's the Idea

Monday, 26 February 2018

Earth Situations NOW 2 : Monsanto attack Avaaz is fast taking the place of Greenpeace using online weapons of social media

Dear Avaazers,

We've just been hit with a 168-page court subpoena from Monsanto.

We have only days to respond, and it "commands" us to hand over every private email, note, or record we have regarding Monsanto, including the names and email addresses of Avaazers who have signed Monsanto campaigns!!

This is big. They're a $50 billion mega-corporation, infamous for legal strong-arm tactics like this. They have unlimited resources. If they get their hands on all our private information, there's no telling what they'll use it for.

So we're going to fight this. Because Monsanto may have unlimited resources to intimidate, but Avaaz has unlimited people power, and our members just aren't afraid.

Our deadline to respond to the subpoena is just days away -- donate to help defend our movement, and let's send Monsanto a message: every time they come at us, they'll only make us stronger -

Please Donate£2
Please Donate £6
Please Donate Other Amount
We urgently need to hire outstanding lawyers to go up against Monsanto's best. Just fighting this subpoena will be costly, and it could be just the beginning.

We don't know Monsanto's plan, but we know one reason why this is coming -- Avaaz has repeatedly beaten Monsanto in huge regulatory battles, including blocking the long-term relicensing of glyphosate, the herbicide that is the cornerstone of their chemical empire. We're winning. So they're changing the game.

The subpoena indicates that Monsanto needs all our private information to fight class-action lawsuits against them claiming that their glyphosate caused people's cancer. If that seems absurd to you, you're not alone. But they've gotten the authority of a US court behind them, and we urgently need the best lawyers behind us. Donate to help defend Avaaz, and let's send a message of defiance to Monsanto:

Glyphosate -- Crushed it!! (Avaaz 

Campaign group Avaaz calls on EU to block Bayer's Monsanto deal (Reuters) 

Monsanto's Harvest of Fear (Vanity Fair) 

Patients: Roundup gave us cancer as EPA official helped the company (CNN) 

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Earth Situations NOW 1 : NO, American Teachers do not need guns, they need this.

Ever had that squashing patronising phrase squeezed sideways at you?
You are not a conspiracy theorist are you?

The phrase "Conspiracy Theory" was one of the many genius CIA inventions, this one from 1967 to stop people prying into JFK's murder.
Means No Fishing Here, when there are fish all over the place.

Psalm 2 clearly says there is a conspiracy, and anything written that long ago would not still be relevant , but for one thing.  What Jesus referred to as "the generation of unbelief", referring to the whole Adamic spiritual state, is still with us, and one of the things the state of Genesis 3 orphanhood does, is feeling that the whole universe is against it, it feels it is necessary toput artificial plans in place to twist things in its direction.

Jesus referred to this whole attitude as "the sons of this present age, (there it is again) are more shrewd than the sons of the Kingdom."

Street kids, while appearing to be street smart, and they are, only have to be that way because extreme poverty, no parents, no friends but street compatriots (which when the chips are down is a pretty weak relationship) mean they have to fend for themselves, but the shortcuts they learn for today's needs, arent at all related to the skills you need to live life for the long term and make a success of it. (Well perhaps the extremes force you throught tests of endurance to keep on going when others would just give up)

Jesus Christ came to give us LIFE, HIS VERY LIFE, the one that began as a skilled carpenter making his way honestly in a fallen generation, who then out of His own strong relationship to His own Father, and then in the anointing of the Spirit, at 30, was training others up in this Father quality of Living. (See 1 John 2)

For some reason it is important to the Elite to get Americans to disarm. There are just too many similarities between each shooting incident. To me they are staged to create a revulsion against all private ownership of weapons.

But the mirror view seems just as extreme, when Trump says schoolteachers need to be armed.

America's Teachers do not need arms if they can keep adjoining doors in the building firmly shut. Traditionally locks can  be shot off. This gadget holds doors tight.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Flesh life manifestations :Overpolicing

One of the deeply ironic things about “flesh life””the independent self” “ living without Jesus “ what would Buddhists say? “ the over aggrandised soul”.....

Is actually in the realm of health itself.

It’s the same sort of “ over policing “ problem that Jesus had actually.

Firstly let’s look at health.
Practitioners of health using natural substances in or out of our culture may have been working decades
May have consistently treated queues worth of people with simple repeatable procedures
Let’s keep this simple, say treating nettle stings with dock leaves
( please understand I really mean cancers, severe deadly conditions inside and out, but this is Facebook and these words will be seen in America)
So for years these doctors have been healing people with nettle rashes,
But as soon as they reach the shores of America or write to be read in America
They have to use the “ May” word.

Now please understand there is no “ may” about it. For millennia people know that dock leaves do sort out the pain of nettle stings.
But because of the FDA anything with dried dock leaves and supplied in a pot off the shelf has to be done so in the realm of nutrition if it is to be sold and ( in this case eating dock leaves doesn’t sound good) and has to have the phrase
This is not intended as a medicine but may in certain cases help.

This is a lie on two fronts. The nutrition industry rises or falls on whether the products work.... well... other than ones you buy once... but many of those have buy back clauses...
They are entirely being sold on their efficacy to heal or prevent disease....
And it’s a lie on the part of the FDA, who let’s take an example, hemp, they are well aware of its efficaciousness, why do you think they took out a cancer patent on it in 2003?
So you could use it freely?
No. Not at all. So you couldn’t use it, and so they could keep you in the dark while they isolate the compounds and sell them under a completely different name Like say IQ170.
So two lies are going on just so Big Pharma can bully everyone else around.

Has Big Pharma done a published study on the cancer healing properties of “kale”?
According to medical doctor Michael Greger
No not ever.
But in the back rooms you can bet your doodle dandy that they have researched it and isolated the phytochemicals decades ago.
Will they submit that? Will they publish that it releases some of the most powerful immunity building chemicals known for staving off colds flus and bacterial infections?
Not on your nelly.

This is a case of over policing and here quite deliberately and nefariously.

I began this referring to our health as ironic.
Because overpolicing is exactly what allergies are. It’s when our own immune system wrongly ascribes danger to something that isn’t dangerous.

“ Fleshlife” is always doing this.
1. Mistakenly
2. Purposefully

MI6 and CIA know what they are doing. Their whole purpose for existence is to wage war by disinformation.
Right now the cleverest of graduates are being headhunted and offered absurd amounts of money for disinformation purposes. To invent new and totally misleading but believable lies.

Big Pharma do this
The tobacco industry do this .
In 1980 Phillip Morris deliberately employed people to quash all studies showing the categoric link between passive smoking and cancer.

The reason Jesus was never a real rabbi in the official setup was overpolicing.
There was a question of who he was. It was known Joseph was not his Dad. For the Jews Jesus was a bastard. Kabbalistic publications put this in books to this day.
Either that Jesus never existed when as has been refuted, there is better evidence for Jesus than Shakespeare.... or that he was fathered by some Roman soldier.

So this post is not to isolate health , it is to isolate how big and broadly encompassing in all forms of “ flesh life” overpolicing is.

Overpolicing is expending useless energy in a misdirected way which actually lets the real criminals pursue their actual crimes.

The best criminals of all are actually part of our system. They are the lawmakers of the FDA stopping people knowing about the readily available healing means so they can sell many of their highly questionable procedures at exhirbitant cost through a broken insurance industry that also has their members managing it.

The DEA is exactly the same when it comes to managing the drug trade routes while declaring they are closing them down.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

The New Creation is built differently

(Facebook Post today)

Yesterday’s revelation never got posted.
So maybe not everything gets to Facebook as it used to.
The Body is built by that which every joint supplies

Is a different way of working from the first creation

The first creation God formed and then we got into living from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and evil and purely moving things around by our five natural senses.

The new creation in Romans 10 starts by us “ supplying”
By believing in our heart by confessing with our lips and by it activating Gods salvation in us

( actually wasn’t so different with Abraham) his faith was accredited to him as righteousness

But this accounts for the crazy madcap way of training the 12 disciples

In university you study under professors and receive lots of knowledge and then this knowledge becomes your authority.

With Jesus, early on He sent them out proclaiming the Kingdom.
The Body is built by that which every joint supplies.
But I haven’t got anything Lord
Just like a pipe conveying water, we are instructed to begin by opening up our pipe and letting the Kingdom flow through from source.....

And by it somehow we grow, and the Kingdom is established in us too....

And accredited to us as righteousness

It accounts for the deluge in Acts 2.

How did the New Creation Church get established in one day....
Everybody was endued with power to begin speaking proclaiming , even if it wasn’t their own language.

That day the new Body was being joined from scratch by that which every joint supplies.

Amazing no?
Also helps you understand why the first two gates of Jerusalem are those two gates.

You become a sheep- the sheep gate

Then almost straight away you bring in more fish
The Fish Gate

Certainly was our experience. We barely knew anything but the four spiritual Laws verses, but we shared that didn’t we?

Sunday, 18 February 2018

The Race for a True Health Model V :Phyto Plankton beat Chlorella to top position

First, if you are not familiar with the story so far, here is the last 100 years featuring chlorella.

Even though chlorella has existed on earth for over 2 billion years, it was first identified in 1890 when Martinus Beijerinck, a Dutch microbiologist, was studying pond algae. In the early 1900's, scientists from various countries discovered that chlorella was 60% protein and multiplied very quickly, so they began to research how chlorella might be used as a source of food. Since then, there have been thousands of studies conducted in countries all over the world and chlorella has become the most researched algae ever! 

By 1950, a Carnegie Institute study concluded that chlorella could indeed be grown on a large commercial scale and could help solve the world's hunger problem. But the Japanese, who had been using chlorella for many years for its impressive health benefits, were the ones to develop the technology to actually grow and harvest chlorella commercially. Today, chlorella is grown in filtered fresh water ponds under the most favorable conditions. 

Chlorella is very popular throughout Asia, but especially in Japan. In fact, the Japanese take more chlorella per capita than Americans take vitamin C, which is the United State’s most popular vitamin. They add it to tea, juice, soup, yogurt, noodles, and other foods. Chlorella has been called the "Green Gem of the Orient," a term that describes just how respected this micro algae have become to these people!

In the United States, chlorella has been steadily increasing in popularity. More people have discovered that living in a world that is constantly bombarded by chemicals and pollutants can disrupt the balance in our bodies, compromise our immune systems, decrease our energy levels, and increase our risk of disease. As a natural superfood, Perfect Chlorella has the amazing ability to detoxify, energize, nourish, and balance all of our bodily systems to ensure overall good health and optimum functionality. 

Chlorella is a microscopic plant and vegetarian protein source with a higher protein percentage than meat, fish, and eggs. It contains significant amounts of vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin C, and iron. Chlorella also includes a high percentage of chlorophyll, which our bodies use for digestion, elimination, and purification of waste from the bloodstream.

Perfect Chlorella is a trade name, this is off their webpage Health Benefits
Perfect Chlorella only contains “Broken Cell Wall” Chlorella, a process that makes the nutrients in chlorella more digestible. Chlorella has been used for many centuries for detoxification, and may help to remove environmental pollutants and heavy metals, such as mercury, from our bodies.

Perfect Nutrients:
61% Vegetarian Protein: Supports Organs such as the Heart, Lungs, Brain, Liver, Kidneys and Sex Organs.
16 Amino Acids including all 8 Essential Amino Acids: The “Building Blocks” of Protein.
Essential Fatty Acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6: Promotes Healthy Heart, Nervous System, and Brain.
Important Minerals: Iron, Magnesium and Potassium.
Immune Boosting Vitamins: 130% RDA of Vitamin C and 60% RDA of Vitamin A in a 3g serving.
Vegetarian Source of Vitamin B12: Usually found only in animal products.
90mg of Chlorophyll per 3g Serving: May assist with heavy-metal detoxification.
Japanese researchers claim that Chlorella may:
Reduce the percentage of body fat and blood glucose levels. This is highly beneficial to those with Type 2 Diabetes and those who are battling obesity, cancer, or heart disease.
Stimulate the growth of probiotic (good bacteria) in the gastrointestinal tract which can assist in the treatment of ulcers, diverticulosis, colitis, and Chrohn’s disease.


Well there is a new kid on the Block and People are Excited

How the Most Potent Food on Earth Eliminates Nutritional Deficiencies and Causes Cellular Regeneration and Rapid Healing

Marine phytoplankton is a single-celled aquatic organism, or micro-algae, which grows in oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. It provides planet Earth with 90% of its oxygen, which is more than all of the
world’s forests combined. It is the food on which more than 99% of all ocean creatures depend for survival. It is also considered to be one of the most nutrient-dense superfoods in existence.

Most people are acquainted with micro-algae such as spirulina, chlorella, blue-green algae and astaxanthin, which have become popular health supplements in recent decades. Marine phytoplankton is the lesser known variety which many health experts believe is the most nutritionally superior.

Following over 10 years of research costing millions of dollars, a group of European doctors, microbiologists and botanists discovered one remarkable strain of marine phytoplankton called Nannochloropsis Gaditana, which contains the greatest nutritional values for human consumption. This strain of marine phytoplankton is exceedingly diminutive, 9 times smaller than a red blood cell. There is absolutely no known food which is smaller in size. Curiously enough, there is a significant amount of life energy stored in this single cell. It possesses the ability to multiply and proliferate exponentially, producing trillions of healthy cells that human beings need to maintain and restore health.

This one-of-a-kind micro-algae contains over 65 nutritional properties, including all the amino acids, all the essential fatty acids, nucleic acids, vitamins, key minerals and trace elements, enzymes and co-enzymes, rare anti-oxidants, phospholipids, and electrolytes. It’s this rare combination and concentration of elements and nutrients that makes this strain of marine phytoplankton extraordinary and highly effective in enabling cellular regeneration and healing.

Many health practitioners, nutritionists, and even doctors agree that if you were to consume this strain of marine phytoplankton daily, your health, well-being and overall health would actually improve as you grow older!

Among its many attributes, Nannochloropsis Gaditana may quite possibly be the world’s top source of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), an omega-3 fatty acid that Dr. Mehmet Oz declared as the most important food supplement one can consume for health. DHA is the most abundant omega-3 fatty acid in the brain and retina. The brain needs sufficient levels of DHA in order to function more efficiently. Approximately 60% of the fats in the human brain are composed of DHA as are the heart’s nerve fibers.

Furthermore, Nannochloropsis Gaditana is remarkably rich in EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid), another fatty acid which works in tandem with DHA to produce nearly every nutrient the human body needs. As such, nutritional supplementation with this micro-algae could single-handedly erase most, if not all, existing nutritional deficiencies.

The high chlorophyll content of this marine phytoplankton also strengthens your immune system, produces cancer-fighting carotenoids, and protects the body against free radicals in the air, water and food we consume.

Individuals who consume this strain of marine phytoplankton often enjoy enhanced brain function, anti-inflammatory support, improved immune function, allergy/asthma relief, antiviral/antifungal/antibacterial effects, improved cellular repair, radiation protection, detoxification support, antioxidant support, improved circulation, improved heart function, and increased energy and vitality.

Bulletproof Adjunct

Having explored Dave Asprey's Bulletproof Site further I have discovered further mines of knowledge:
Checkout the Bullet Proof Podcasts and latest Blogs. They read like a TED Talks List of Cutting edge Science Health
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