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Friday, 17 November 2017

Not Kirk or the Greek goddess Cerce.....but Ekklesia

Ekklesia is a pattern, a protocol
in the Spirit...
seeing what the Father is doing Ps123
Activating the Body
And above all faith power and love.
You can have love but the afflicted leave still afflicted.
You can have power, and people leave delivered but as vulnerable as orphan sheep to get themselves tangled up in similar messes again.
You can have expectancy and faith but have no knowledge of your own personal need for power or personal relationship with Father.
Ekklesia has nearly nothing to do with church as it is.
Church as it is disobeys scripture at every level. If you are a ministry gift in ekklesia you are one of many, who love each other whole heartedly and simply don't care anymore who does what as long as people grow and the Kingdom and the Person of Christ become a little more rooted inside all the saints.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

More Specifics on the gift of tongues

Mark 16.17 These [d]signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues; 18 they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”
don't let evangelicals do what Anglicans do with infant baptism....take one single verse (in 1 Corinthians 13) right out of context and then build their convenient cessationist mountain by which they camp.
! Corinthians 12 For to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, and to another the word of knowledge according to the same Spirit; 9 to another faith [d]by the same Spirit, and to another gifts of [e]healing [f]by the one Spirit, 10 and to another the [g]effecting of [h]miracles, and to another prophecy, and to another the [i]distinguishing of spirits, to another various kinds of tongues, and to another the interpretation of tongues. 11 But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually just as He wills.
1 Cor 13.1 If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love, I have become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.
1 Cor 14. Pursue love, yet desire earnestly spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy. 2 For one who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God; for no one [a]understands, but [b]in his spirit he speaks mysteries. 3 But one who prophesies speaks to men for edification and exhortation and consolation. 4 One who speaks in a tongue edifies himself; but one who prophesies edifies the church. 5 Now I wish that you all spoke in tongues, but even more that you would prophesy; and greater is one who prophesies than one who speaks in tongues, unless he interprets, so that the church may receive edifying.

Quite separate to a discussion on tongues yesterday I received a bit more clarity inwardly as to why the gift of tongues is so powerful.
Separation thinking is so endemic to our fallen condition that we bring it into the Kingdom with us until we have had a radical encounter with the real living God. This can either be like Mary Magdalen who as a prostitute with 8 demons, had nothing to lose and just went for it..... or you be like the disciples and take 3 1/2 years of constant ministry alongside the Co creator of the universe in human form and only then, it dawn on you how much you need God .
Until we reach a Romans 7 end of ourselves stage in our growth in Christ , frankly every prayer we pray in our mother tongue is tinged with
the two sides of Satanic orphan hood
1. Either a grovelling to an “ out there somewhere God
2. Or an overcompensating overweening pride that calls down fire on villages for not listening to us.... see John in the gospels or Jonah sulking under a tree..... basically the same egocentric stuff
Tongues abolishes this from the start. It by passes our infected leftbrain from the beginning of our walk. We learn to pray from sensitivity alone since we haven’t a clue what anything means in English. We only learn senses of things.... like groaning within over a problem or situation , and then the release as the burden lifts and we know inwardly that it is answered or partly answered for now.
True prayer isn’t false grovelling... I mean it is a cry to the Lord but it is engaging with His strong arm of salvation.... if you are wracked with orphanhood not knowing your right to be there as a Son.... your praying will be dreadful. And God makes it clear in James.... that we aren’t to be as those tossed by the waves of the sea.
Let your yes be yes and your no be no.
Tongues speaks from our spirit straight and direct through to the throne.
Next, tongues doesn’t get fobbed off by a mind that says what we are praying for is too big.
God specialises in too big.
He is a too big God.
Our leftbrain cannot handle what our spirit is laying hold of God for .... not until we have reached Psalm 130 in our psalm of ascents.... when the leftbrain has been weaned of its egocentricity and also its imposition on God of its own materialistic ideas about what a God does and doesn’t do.
Our leftbrain is bound by the 5 material senses.... it just cannot handle Gods invasions into our reality and needs to be silenced.
Everything God does relates to the new creation so being grounded in the Old creation doesn’t help at all.
Are any of you now catching the sheer genius of this little gift of our pink loose and wiggly bit? The one girls have as well!!!!!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

How things run on earth.

Remember as you hear the information here, that Jesus called His Dad, (Yahweh) Abba or Daddy.
Nevertheless this is a lifetime's mine of information into how things run unearthed by Jordan Maxwell. (Thanks to Penny K)

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Western missionary writes the latest on Lebanon

Urgent!! Pray for Lebanon and Peace in the Middle East!

EG, a friend ,writes
Dear Friends,

I have a number of stories and updates that are in progress, so please keep an eye out as will likely be sending a number of emails in a short period of time as I am able to catch up and get my communication and stories completed.

I am writing this email first because it is urgent that you all understand what is happening right now in Lebanon and that you join us in prayer for the peace of this country.

This is politics according to EG. I am no Middle East expert, so I do hope I don’t oversimplify the situation, but I will do my best to summarize as I understand.

When I arrived back in the country just a couple of weeks ago, the attitude in the country felt different. The conflict in Syria is winding down rapidly. The Shia government of Assad are firmly the victors. Sunni ISIS is on the run, and the other Sunni rebel groups that might as well have been ISIS (Free Syrian Army, Al Nusra) have been defeated. All these groups were backed by the Saudis, Qatar, Gulf states and some even the west (USA). You can ask the people here in Lebanon, who have escaped ISIS and rebel-held areas, where those serving in ISIS were from and they will tell you that the fighters were largely from Saudi Arabia.

I won’t go into too much detail here about the dangerous ideology bred in Saudi Arabia, but if you research, you will realize it is no wonder that they recognized that ISIS was closely aligned with their politics and belief system and believed it was their duty to join the cause. Saudi Arabia human rights are some of the worst in the world, yet you don’t hear much about it because they so closely control what is presented in the media. You cannot just travel to this country. It is closed off to tourism and they closely vet and control work visas. Therefore, there are few outsiders that see the reality of life in this country.

The Christians from Syria have been telling me how much better things are now. These are people that I know that can travel freely between Syria and Lebanon. Assad has always looked out for the Christian community. It was the Sunni groups that were oppressing, killing and persecuting the Christians. And it generally has been that way throughout history. There is a reason that Sunnis make up 90% of the Muslim world and Shias are only 10%. Shias are the minority and the Sunnis are always on a mission to stamp them out.

I felt a level of unease at how firmly Assad seemed in control in Syria because I felt that Saudi Arabia would not stand for Iran (also Shia) essentially winning in Syria. And with Hezbollah’s grip on Lebanon & Iran trade and collaboration with Qatar (despite the pressure from the other Gulf states), the Shia minority seem to be gaining in power.

Here in Lebanon, the Shia factions in the government have worked hard to keep radical Islamic extremists from taking over. Lebanon has remained remarkably at peace and free of acts of terror of the last few years. I can assure you that it isn’t because they aren’t trying to get into the country or blow things up, it is just the intelligence and security here are that good.

I didn't think it would be long before something happened with Saudi Arabia. I just didn't know how quick that "something" would be.

Saudi Arabia human rights are some of the worst in the world, yet you don’t hear much about it because they so closely control what is presented in the media.

Last Saturday, Saudi Arabia decided to call up the Lebanese Prime Minister to Riyadh where he was forced to read a text prepared for him announcing his resignation. Then the pre-taped video was shown on a government-controlled TV channel. Prior to this, he had all his personal communication devices confiscated and all his Lebanese contingent were sent home. He is essentially being detained and even held hostage in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has declared their country at war with Lebanon and called all their citizens back from this country.

This is not a Sunni/Shia he says/she says. Prime Minister Hariri’s political party also feels that he is being inappropriately detained and have called for his immediate return to the country. His personal contingent here is very worried. I have a friend who is a journalist who helped break this story and so I have it straight from the horse's mouth.

What are the Saudi’s trying to do? They are trying to start a war to regain Sunni territory in the Middle East. They are trying to start a war with Hezbollah, Iran & Israel or else a civil conflict within Lebanon. It is advantageous for the Saudis if Israel decides now is a good time to disarm Hezbollah, which arguably is better armed than the Lebanese forces, thanks to Iran’s money.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Shias are not the ones that persecute and stamp out minority populations in the Middle East such as the Christians and the Yazidis. This is a Sunni thing. The Shias didn’t slaughter Christians in the Lebanese civil war, it was the Sunnis.
Yes, the Shias arch nemesis is Israel, but both tiny populations (related to the Sunni majority) picking fights with each other and having to arm themselves to protect themselves from the other actually helps them from getting wiped out and completely dominated by the Sunni majority.

People are on edge here in Lebanon and this story has the drama, twists, and turns of a crazy novel. This story seems too crazy for real life! I cannot believe I am here to witness it firsthand!

One thing to keep in mind is that the Shias are not the ones that persecute and stamp out minority populations in the Middle East such as the Christians and the Yazidis. This is a Sunni thing.

No one wants war. Everyone in Lebanon has worked so hard for peace despite the political and religious differences. No one wants the economy to collapse because of the interference of outside forces. We desperately need the international community to get involved in supporting Lebanon. The people in the West need to realize things aren’t always as they seem and our “friends” aren’t always our friends. We need to stop making decisions based on money and make decisions based on what is right. That means stopping always siding with the Saudi government on everything, quite frankly.

I truly believe that your prayers can make a difference in preventing this to escalate into a war. Your prayers for peace, prayers for wisdom for the leaders will make all the difference in de-escalating this insane situation.

Thank you all for your prayers and support! Keep the prayers going up and share and get others engaged in what is going on here as well.

full name witheld because of sensitivity

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Kathy Lee Gifford on her new book

Kathy Lee Gifford may not be known in the UK, but she is a household name on TV in the USA.
This is through Nancy Gilmore on Twitter.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

BBC Radio 4's annoying Financial History Gloss Overs

In the week that BBC News is filled with "the Paradise Papers " which disclose companies and Royal interests all tucked up in the Cayman Islands, as I write this blog, Radio 4 is doing one of its interminable "explanations of financial history" but as usual missing the entire top third and most important factors in what it should be explaining.

Imagine introducing the profession of the Punch and Judy Show but not referring once to the " how tos" of glove puppetry,  Oh...Punch and Judy just move themselves.  This is the BBC idea of a lecture on finance and the history of the pound.

A Look at a Penny in the slot machine in a gaming arcade.

First thing to notice are both the mirrored sides showing more money than is really there since it is just a reflection of the central section.... 

and secondly the red plastic cover strips hiding gaps where a portion of the money on both sides is filtered off and kept for the profit of the arcade.

The BBC are sworn to secrecy about the equivalent red covered areas in  our country's finances.
The truth is we are in desperate hock to  bankers and financial institutions, and to the secret orders that control them.

We are more or less forced into wars. (This is Armistice day) Then our Government which cannot afford the wars, is forced to borrow money at exorbitant interest. Then when it cannot meet the interest repayments, it borrows more, or the interest rates are raised. None of this is passed onto you by the media in case of revolt.

The City of London and the Corporation of Washington are privately owned, so both America and the United Kingdom have the appearance of being just about solvent. But this isn't so because neither America nor UK tax payers have access to any of this money, we just add to their money mountain.

While we are mentioning Armistice Day , which has always sailed past me until my wife  reminded me that is was commemorating 11/11/1918.Here is a columnist writing about the occult significance of 11.
It's all prearranged. The original is here.    

Veterans Today 1/1/14

Today is New Year’s Day. Numerically, it’s 1/1.

So what, you say.

So it’s an auspicious day to talk about the Illuminati’s penchant for the number 11.

I was introduced to Illuminati numerology by Captain Eric May, the Army Intelligence Analyst turned mainstream op-ed writer. I helped convince Captain May to come out publicly for 9/11 truth in 2005, and published his “coming out article” at Needless to say, that ended his career writing op-eds for NBC News.

When Captain May first told me it was no accident the Illuminati picked September ELEVENTH for their big human sacrifice, I thought he was out of his mind. He pointed out: “There are 911 days between 9/11 (2001) and 3/11 (the Madrid bombings), a notable fact, made all the more notable by the fact that 9/11 and 3/11 are numerically connected in another way: the first numeric digits. 9 is the square of 3, as 3 is the square root of 9.”

It sounded like the John Nash character in “A Beautiful Mind.” Captain May explained that the Illuminati had put out “A Beautiful Mind” in 2001 as a pre-emptive strike against people like him who might figure out their 9/11 codes.

Was Captain May crazy, a genius…or both, like John Nash?

When Captain May came down with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) not long after taking on the “Synagogue of Satan” I took it as an indication that he might be on to something.

Then I started looking seriously at the evidence that 9/11 was a human sacrifice, and that the perpetrators were linked to freemasonry – which apparently rules Washington DC in reality, not just in Dan Brown’s imagination. I spoke with William Ramsey, author of a book arguing that the 9/11 perps were disciples of Aleister Crowley. I spoke with ex-Illuminati whistleblower Michael Adair and anti-Illuminati info-activist Henry Makow. And I did several interviews with Christopher Bollyn, who argues that the Jewish-Zionist freemasons of B’nai B’rith are the biggest force in freemasonry…and the logical suspects in the 9/11 coup d’état, a shock-and-awe operation that consolidated power over both the US government and the world of freemasonry. (The spectacular demolitions of Jachim and Boaz were obviously a message to masons everywhere signifying a hostile takeover of The Craft.)

In the end, I had to admit that Captain May was right: The Synagogue of Satan that carried out 9/11 seems to have an affinity for the number 11.

So in honor of 1/1, here are 11 cases of Illuminati numerology.

1. The New World Order banksters introduced the Euro on 1/1 of 1999. Note that the digits “999” are not just “666” upside down, they also contain “99” which is a multiple of 11…and not just any multiple! 1/1/1999 does seem to bear an uncanny resemblance to 9/11, which a few years later became the biggest, most emotionally powerful numeric symbol in human history.

2. On 1/1/1999 the Euro was introduced in exactly 11 countries.

3. As mentioned earlier, the Twin Towers were obviously the Twin Pillars of Jachim and Boaz, the primordial symbols of freemasonry…which together formed a gigantic number 11. This is probably the main source of Illuminati fascination with 11.

4. Since in the decimal system 10 represents transcendence (i.e. God), 11 one-ups transcendence. In other words, it fancies itself better than God. Hence the Satanic fascination with “going to 11.”

YouTube - Veterans Today -

5. The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami – supposedly “the deadliest tsnunami ever” – occurred on 12/26. 1+2+2+6 = 11. An apparent NWO website offers “11 Facts About the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.” Was this really a natural event? Or can seabed nukes and/or HAARP-style technologies trigger earthquakes and tsunamis?

6. Though the 2004 tsunamFukushima_1-320x246i killed 350,000, another unnatural-looking tsunami will eventually kill millions. That, of course, would be the “Fukushima tsunami” of 3/11/11. This date not only has two big fat juicy elevens, it also bears an uncanny relationship with 9/11 and the subsequent 3/11 Madrid follow-up. If you add up all the digits in 3/11/2011 you get “9”, and if you write the date in international style (11/3/2011) you get 11 3squared 11. Recall that in December 2010 the NWO banksters allegedly threatened to use an “earthquake weapon” on Japan if it didn’t hand them its Postal Bank, the biggest savings bank in the world. Was Fukushima the result of an undersea Israeli nuke plus stuxnet-style sabotage?

7. The phony “killing of Osama Bin Laden” occurred on 5/2/2011. Those digits add up to – what else – 11. And if you add them in order, you get: 5 + 2 +2 = nine; then you add the final two ones which form “11” and take you to eleven.

8. Which reminds us that the aforementioned Madrid bombings, the follow-up to 9/11, occurred on 3/11/2004…a date with a big juicy 11 in the middle, a date which falls exactly 911 days after 9/11. If we add up the digits of 3/11/2004 we get – what else – 11. And if we write the date in the international style as 11/3/2004 we note that the numbers following the initial 11 add up to 9…sort of like the “Bin Laden killing” date in reverse. What’s more, the official death total (peddled by the Zionist media) was 191 – two ones and a nine, which added together make 11.

9. The World Trade Center took 11 years to construct; and not only did two of its built-for-demolition skyscrapers form a gigantic 11 (and rise to 110 stories), the third skyscraper had 47 stories (4 + 7 = 11).

10. Construction began on the Pentagon on 9/11/1941 – exactly sixty years to the day before the big human sacrifice. Note that “Pentagon” (pentagram) is the #2 satanic/freemasonic symbol after the Twin Towers, I mean the Twin Pillars, of Jachim and Boaz. No freemason beyond the .0001th degree could possibly hear about an attack on the Twin Pillars and the Pentagram without getting the message. Note that a plane/missile describing a slightly curving flight path into a pentagram looks like a 9, just as the Twin Pillars form an 11.

11. Finally, as all Veterans Today readers know, Veterans day is 11/11, commemorating the eleventh hour on the eleventh day on the eleventh month of 1918 when the New World Order in general, and the Zionist occupation of the Holy Land in particular, began to arise from the ashes of European civilization.


“…I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” —Revelation 2:9 (2 + 9 = 11)

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Real History as it happened

For real church history and not the usual Jesuit rewritten version which erases God's real church from history, read

Torch of the Testimony -Kennedy. Reissued by Gene Edwards

Signs of Revival - Dr Patrick Dixon _ Kingsway

The classics on revival -Robert Backhouse. Hodder and Stoughton

The Pilgrim Church - EH Broadbent - Pickering and Inglis

Flashpoints of revival by Geoff Waugh BookSurge publishing

Miracle Workers, Reformers and New Mystics by John Crowder

Like a Mighty Wind by Mel Tari - the Indonesian Revival

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The three main Belief types

BBC 1960s testcard
There are three belief sets
that there is a God, an out there one.
that there is or isnt a god/|God but there is Union (Buddhist New Age)
that there is a very specific God father of Jesus Christ who came in the flesh and asks us to eat of Him and become One thing.
The only thing that that really works is thirdlevel Christianity and what definitely doesnt work is man on what he thinks is overdrive...6 the number of man become a trinity or 666.
whether the devastating story of Adam and Eve going for it...(the forbidden fruit) then be ing blasted witht the devil's own shame, then being lovingly restored by a Father who wanted fellowship back
whether it is the story of Abraham and Sarah and their crash ride with a 666 attempt at cobbling together a son of promise by a maid
whether it is the combined three stage story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob over three generations culminating at Peniel
whether its the disciples crash into apostlehood via spiritual gifts but then abandoning their very own teacher....
whether its Paul the ardent 666 agent setting out to destroy the Way, personally overseeing the death of Stephen, then falling blind struck down by the vision of the alive Jesus now King of kings and Lord of Lords
whether it's the story of man since Jesus, trying ever so hard with his Catholicism to make Jesus prophecies come to pass.....failing so miserably now everybody wants to try New Age and Luciferianism which was always the plan....thus bringing to pass an actual version of 666 as mankind run by a figure or figures that represent 666 individually.....
the story is always the same.....
going the easier quick way like Mary Magdalen
or the longwinded complete embarrassment route like current Jews and the rest of mankind....
there is only one story....
Yet will I shake the heavens and the earth as of things that can be shaken,,,,,and the only thing that can ultimately be shaken is
the Non Life of Satan and false independence.
Christ in us the sure and certain hope of Glory. The only thing that outlasts all time because it is the" I AM " life.
Carole Hersee today aged 50

Friday, 3 November 2017

The Parable of Lake Windermere

This is a real prophetic picture to do with my friends John and Cathy Kitetu from Kenya. It isn't a perfect analogy because it is about fog and the first two levels of Christianity : evangelicalism and the charismatic /Pentecostal realm.
The fog would have to cover the middle band only somehow to be the best analogy.
I'll cover the meaning first as a "heads up".
These immature realms of Christianity CAN SEE the distant prophetic hills of Jesus coming back....if anything they bring it forward. But thirdlevel Christianity has had the log taken out of the eye and can see the whole thing, minus fog.
So, anyhoo, I was tuning for a couple who have both now died. They had me restore their Steinway Grand. They also had closed their private family run school on Windermere and converted it into holiday flats and I was able to hire it off them twice. The first time I stayed with English friends and we spent the week there enjoying the Lake and surroundings, but it was foggy all week long.
The next time I went I took John and Cathy Kitetu, and this could also be prophetic about the role of Africa in the third level. There WAS NO FOG. I had spent the entire first week on Windermere NOT KNOWING A THING ABOUT THOSE BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAINS.
This morning I was reading David Hathaway the evangelist's letter about plans with Israel. David , John Hagee and Morris Cerullo all have an "endtime eschatology" that is entirely built around getting people saved and filled with the Spirit with a mish mash of "grace and works following". Really it is their middle distance that is completely foggy. They put their name to "Not by Might , nor by power but by My Spirit", but as David says , his main drive with Israel is to see them converted before the Lord comes back, and by hook or by crook all these ministries like Ugly Sisters are going to "line not themselves as in the tale, but Cinderella Israel for the Prince".
This is demeaning for Jews (Semites) and downright anathema for Luciferian Jews like Rothschild.
But this is all you can see if you have fog all over your landscape.
The secondlevel gospel goes like this
If you abide for two or three sermons on the evangelical annd charismatic Word you shall know the truth that you are a sinner, and you will come to the altar rail andeither be saved or saved and filled with the Spirit and have spiritual life, which you will then spend the rest of your life struggling to make work in the real world.
Jesus gospel is MUCH MUCH better and to get a fuller picture we will use three pictures that Jesus used....
yes He did say "abide" My Word....but He meant a time period long enough for the Holy Spirit to lead you into the truth about Himself in you, and the truth about what the independent self really is.....and you experience this in real time in His Light.....not as a silly seminary doctrine of the leftbrain.
So in the disciples terms it was being willingly and non stop involved in the ministry of Jesus for 3 and half years, day and night , week in , week out. Then suffering the gruelling indignities of the devil saying to you, as he carted off the have just completely wasted 3 and half years on completely bogus teaching from a completely bogus teacher. A TOTAL GRUELLING surround sound life experience that cannot be mimicked in a monastery or a seminary.
If you abide in My Word (generally and also the rhema spoken over your own life) then you are truly my disciples and you shall know the truth about God, about the world the flesh and the devil, and that very truth shall set you free.
You must GO THE WAY......which leads seamlessly to the TRUTH which releases the LIFE through your spirit to every part of your being
Number 3...Jesus said
Unless a seed fall into the ground and die, it abides alone
But if it falls into the ground and dies it will bring forth a fruitbearing plant, first the shoots, then the stalk, then the fruit some 30 fold some 60 fold some 100fold.
The evangelical and charismatic gospel as lived DO NOT ALLOW FOR THE MIDDLE SPACE VISION of a multitude of people experiencing death firsthand in the ground then being raised as an insane number of resurrected and massively flourishing plants.....such that churches look absolutely nothing like they do at present, containing only basically repented individuals with some filling of the Spirit and initial use of Holy Spirit gifts.....
Paul is very very very clear in Romans about Israel.....
They are going to become insanely jealous of the church.
This scenario like my second Windermere trip changes everything about Christianity on this planet...yet it IS the gospel Jesus preached.....but NOT the one currently preached properly on Sattellite TV by people that have been through it first hand. They may preach the verses....but they themselves have no real clue as to their meaning.
It's like being taught French or German by teachers that have never ever been there.
Any talk about Israel being made jealous has absolutely nothing to do with the halfbuilt jerry built towers that Jesus described, (Luke 14:25-30)and that make up all the churches lining our high streets everywhere.....not attracting people to God....actually terrifying people instead !!!!!!