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Monday, 25 May 2020

Mine Canaries

Ive said for many years on my blog thethirdleveldotinfo (my Facebook post from 25.05.2020)
there are two sorts of canaries on the planet
Canaries were used in mines because they were extremely sensitive to lack of oxygen....better losing a canary than a human. Canary owners probably question that.
Perhaps there is a third category of canary.
Old people. Mother Teresa said to Britain on her visit true civilisation is measured in how we treat the old. She came from a culture that , when they weren't putting them on streets, looked after them in their families, so the new OP Home culture really got to her.
The other reason is, Old people have lived. They recognise how "flesh works". They know governments often talk crap to get elected and to prevent revolution. They know Marxism doesnt work. They know (mostly by this time) that atheism is stupid and that various conservative values are there for a reason, because they have experienced newfangled ideas stealing all their money, possibly several times in their life.

So here's the great challenge for the Ephesians 1.10 order
Jews are so far from their "Jacob becoming Israel at Peniel "identity stamp. . Most are non Semite imports who are so entrenched in Genesis 3 Living that they have one of the largest computers to automate it for them. Nevertheless stare very hard at what happens to genuine Semites, because they also are canaries.

Creatives are largely useless at living. So while being canaries and really ahead of the world game in the "flow" of the new Ephesians 1.10 order , they have very little accuracy yet.
They cant tell the difference between Luciferian flow (which really isn't, it cheats , steals and manipulates from what it doesn't own) and the true order that comes out of heaven.

Old People are usually abysmal at hearing Rhema Word neat and full strength from the Throne of God . See Psalm 19.
Currently the devil is using the fact the old people are spiritually deaf to bring in a whole New Order purporting to be genuine spirituality. You just have to examine Lucis Trust, United Nations,, Alice Bailey Gurdjieff and Rudolf Steiner up against scripture and you wont find any reference to needing the Lamb of God who takes away the sin and sin spirit of the world. It's all about using spirituality at full strength but not once changing the owner of our souls....but it's hoping you never notice that little detail. So instead we march straight into a prison planet.

So YES the canaries are important because real Jews are getting quietly removed from the planet.
Old People as we have just seen are becoming fast Do NOT Resuscitate culture
Creatives, if they don't swear to Lucifer dont stand a dogs chance of having Godly inspiration played on the airwaves, unless its just happy clappy music that makes people feel good for ten minutes, a bit like King David playing harp for the demon possessed Saul.

BUT HERE's the Good News.
Jews, when they eventually do start "seeing " Christ make great Christians. The first church which we celebrate this weekend was exclusively Jews there on the Day of Pentecost.
And they really "got Christ" big time, or else we wouldnt be celebrating today.
Old People it says in Psalm 45 shall take more and more notice of young people .....especially once they get connected to the New Covenant heavenly order of Jeremiah 31 New Covenant.. In place of your fathers will be your sons;
You shall make them princes in all the earth.
17 I will cause Your name to be remembered in all generations;
Therefore the peoples will give You thanks forever and ever.

As for CREATIVES.....Because the last to be born in the Body of Christ are the feet.....those who actually walk the stuff out....
having our feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace......
And BLESSED are the FEET of him who brings good news of peace..... for the first time in history us creatives wont just be SEERS.......we will be at last Seers and DOERS.....that's radical!!!!!
So instead of geniuses like Dylan Thomas frittering their genius on 18 Vodkas in a New York hotel
Or Jimi Hendrix flushing away his totally new level of guitar playing as a corpse filled with drugs.....
Or others making endless females pregnant then wondering how on earth to look after endless kids......
there's a new thing in the undergrowth.

Monday, 27 April 2020

Current Word by Tim Sheets. Very Important.

Amidst this powerful assessment of what is happening are a couple of features we must address.
All through history kings and authorities have chosen the right way and righteousness has exalted nations . But this does not make earth structures Gods structures .
The use of the word alignments and hubs comes from angels and angelic order.
Ephesians 1.10 is a different order.
But here is the salt.
Guess what has to happen for a psalm 123 order to rise ?
What has to happen for the Jeremiah 31 new covenant to occur ?
Guess what has to happen for the “ Surely as truly as I live the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea “ to occur ?
Until that time we have hubs and orders and kingdoms and caretaker structures .
Until that time the church runs in the first and second level protocols of 1 John 2 .
Until that time we have moon protocols that Revelation 12 refers to .
The answer is already made clear in the Ephesians 1 and Ephesians 3 prayers by Paul for the saints which still is being answered .
The answer is in 1 John 1 and if you spend time with it you will see it only comes in relationship Divine and human , and present tense with a God who is present tense.
The answer is in Jesus own words if your eye is single your body shall be filled with Light .
Proverbs 3 says if you acknowledge God in all your ways then I will make straight your paths .
There is only God actually going on in reality .
To see more than God means we see other things which then become reality . Our fears which aren’t actually God going on , are then ascribed power . A Mafia person coming to your door and selling you protection money ascribes to the organisation the funding to do harm and to fulfil the man’s lies.
Adopting a separate position to what God is saying and doing in anything creates and strengthens a Genesis 3 order with Genesis 3 curses attached which lead to death .
Repentance isn’t really a compliance with just ten laws made on stones .
The repentance of God is a gift of God by the Holy Spirit to return to an order where God Himself is the sole source of your life and identity once more with your own now Christ in you essence expressed through your unique soul and person .
Repentance isn’t a carnal appeasement concept . But it’s not just a return to something either . It is the taking into ourselves of something that formerly we could never touch in our former state and had to be guarded by Cherubim lest we live forever in a fallen state .
It is unfettered eternal life , safe to hold because a mortal man came from God , was our Lamb and propitiation and made it eternally safe for us in Him . He alone is worthy , the stone the builders rejected and now the cornerstone and the capstone . He is the Light Shining in our faces , Revelation 12 says because He is our life . Not us AND anything . The Holy Spirit is overshadowing us and giving birth to a ManChild . We haven’t got to work it out or understand , we have like Mary to say “ Be it unto me according to your Word “. The Word Himself puts all moonliving under our feet . Moon living is any idea of reflected living . We are to accept POWER SOURCE LIVING . Not the created sun of Apollo worship . But the sun of righteousness risen with healing in His wings .
All talk of alignments and hubs are caretaker words , while we are yet children . That is why Paul prays not for university education , but that the eyes of our hearts be enlightened , and John writes in Revelation that we may have eyesalve .
I refer to this as some kind of 1 John 2 third definition , but really it is the ENDTIME DEFINITION defined in Isaiah 60 . A Light shall rise upon you ( in contrast to all else going on ).
There is nothing beyond because the Lord is the Light of His own Temple. All the rest is just outercourts preparations , and inner courts Oracles and brief Holy Spirit foretastes , but the real thing was always Us coming home to Jesus and Him coming home to make a place in us . Don’t accuse this of being another gospel . It was your idea that it was about meetings and buildings . The only ever building was Jesus in you as you joined with Jesus in me as me . To the extent we are conformed to the Son is the amount we have fellowship and are living inside constant Light .
In His Light we see Light .

Now see the context of CoVid19 and the shaking of things that can be shaken . My accompanying comment (Chris Welch ) was posted on my Facebook timeline this morning.


Thursday, 19 March 2020

I am a Prophet

And I know I'm a prophet
Because unlike Graham Cooke , Rick Joyner and Peter Stott,

I am like Jesus, prophesying something greater than the whole of the charismatic movement, than the whole of all the spontaneous gifts of prophecy by the Holy Spirit,
than the whole of the order of Prophet that is a grace ministry, one of the five listed in Ephesians 4.

What I am prophesying is the mass take up of Galatians 2.20 which means by the time we have stuffed ourselves full by eating of Jesus Christ continually, we too get to speak like He did.

Everywhere He went He was saying outrageous statements like One greater than Jonah is here. Or before Abraham was I am.
Or one greater than the Temple is here.

One hilarious day on Facebook about 8 years ago I had two conversations that reminded me of Watchman Nee talking about the Song of Solomon phrase:
"Like a Shulammite Dance between Two armies ".

We are completely outside the binary order  left and right. We march straight ahead.

On that very day I had somebody arguing with me that as the "perfect" has now come all gifts of the Spirit and the baptism in the Spirit have now been removed. We have the Bible. Except the Bible says we must set our minds on the Spirit and says nothing at all about remaining in the narrow confines of our leftbrains as evangelicals preach.

You know the cessationist gospel....either because you are one....or are still secular....or because you have been on the rough end of it.

But simultaneous to that  some South African prophet was inviting me to a prophetic conference.
I was in Graham Cooke's first ever prophetic training group in 1987 here in Fareham Baptist church rooms.UK.
Having been called to preach the thirdlevel message even before meeting people who led me to Norman Grubb's last book YES I AM and chapter 31 called "On, Now to the Third level", and that was back in 1989, why would I now have the slightest interest in a 2012 conference  which only taught about one type of grace gift ministry when now I know Jesus Christ , the complete package in my being, as me.

When God gave me a first foretaste of the thirdlevel at full power velocity  for two weeks when I was 20 in 1978, yes all sorts of gifts were flowing through me.  I rarely have been used in them since, because I believe we were the generation who had to go up the hill of the Lord as mentioned in Psalm 24 and also The Psalms of Ascent, to rediscover how the full priesthood order of Melchizedek works.
And you remember Jesus spent 30 years training without doing one miracle.
it's a life we He consigned to Himself with the Father in eternity when He said
"It is written of me in the book , I have come to do they will O Lord, behold a body you have prepared for me."
....why would I now have the slightest interest in a 2012 conference  which only taught about one type of grace gift ministry when now I know Jesus Christ , the complete package in my being, as me.

As Norman Grubb says, it's a whole step change different of intercession, because Roams 12.1 is saying , since all the rest of Romans teachings are true, .......
And I have a body.....
then I will offer it for the Master's complete usage.
Not just in a meeting. But for the rest of my life.
And ofcourse this could be a whole risk experiement because we only get one go at life. And if it doesnt work, we are kind of stuffed!!!!!!

But what it does do is render any previous idea of what a prophet is, or a ministry, or anything previously done in churches, as absolutely no relevance at all.

This is after all about bringing the KINGDOM OF GOD TO EARTH.
Who's even interested in the charismatic movement?
In prophetic conferences?
In churches as they are run now  by tithe funded circus ringmasters ?  There's nothing about a pastor, funded by an Old Testament tithe, running a church as a solo manager. That all comes from the Catholic church , with the name PRIEST changed conveniently to the more scriptural pastor.

When TV was first introduced people had the bright idea of bringing drama straight from the stage to TV. So if you watch the earliest TV dramas they are theatrical plays done in TV sets, usually with wobbly walls like the early Star Trek episodes or Dr Who.
Then portable cameras were invented and people could film outside, so they didn't need to make sets!!!

When Lutherans fished the gospel out of the Catholic pond they changed the priest name to Lutheran Pastor. They kept the confessional box and the same idea of somebody preaching information like a rabbi in a synagogue. That has more or less continued  to this very day with Bill Johnson at Redding on his podium, and loads of Talking heads on Christian satellite TV like Joseph Prince and Joel Osteen.
it hasnt hit people yet that Galatians 2.20 is like "portable", it means you can eat Jesus Christ, and be totally portable and be filmed being just you.....but as Norman Grubb says, it's with that Romans 6 wink....because you know that you know that you know it isnt you. You know that you have died and your spiritual identity is actually a new creation Christ you fusion. You dont have to fake anything. YOU ARE IT.

It takes a while to carry this believing through, which is why proverbs 3 says we have to acknowledge God in everything for a while to retrain our senses from being this Genesis 3 "Alone me" into knowing , hey, I'm not an orphan. I am Christ in my form. The Bible says so.

Other churches dont like it that the Bible says this . Catholics and Anglicans dont even like it that it says you have to consciously repent first then be baptised in water.  The Baptist denomination as a whole dont like it that it says we can be baptised in the Spirit.
Denominations all argue about everything.
John 7.17 -18 is really simple.
If anyone is willing to do His will, he will know of the teaching, whether it is of God or whether I speak from Myself. 18 He who speaks from himself seeks his own glory; but He who is seeking the glory of the One who sent Him, He is true, and there is no unrighteousness in Him.
Right there is why we have schisms of 50,000 denominations as refers to houses of God, and that includes the original two houses who are still immature, Jews and Catholics.
This is why Hebrews 6 was written.
This is why Paul wrote to the Corinthians  I cant write to you yet as being mature because you still say you are followers of individual preachers....Paul ,Peter, Apollo . Everyone gives themselves away.

Saturday, 15 February 2020

What is a pastor in a house that builds itself?

EH Broadbent in his book The Pilgrim Church 1933 indicates that this question has long been faced and addressed as early as moves around 800 AD onwards. Somehow since Frank Viola's book The Pagan Church with George Barna we have begun again questioning what a church is and how it functions. Jack Fortenberry whose book Corinthian Elders is available to download on the net , restates what Quakers have long known , and I think the Brethren really knew if they were honest.
God has winked at a lot, but today's world demands the glory of the latter house, a true City on a Hill.
This post is not new. St Paul wrote about these very things, but for 2000 years we have ignored them and what you see currently in the earth is the result.
Teaching on why pastors do not rule over  churches 

Jesus Christ is Head over His house.

He appoints in the Holy Spirit gifts to operate in His house
The ones anointed to speak Word in His house, to build His house are
first apostles, then prophets, then pastors , teachers and evangelists.
Nowhere in the New Testament does it talk about a priest, vicar, or solo pastor being head over his house.
There are pastors, there are teachers, there are apostles , prophets and evangelists.
These are some of the effects of disobeying the Lord Jesus Christ

1. If a Pastor is over a church

it creates a false model. While a natural family has a father and this is a pattern of the heavenly Father, the Church is not a human institution , but a supernatural one with Jesus Christ as the Head. The family of God learn the Kingdom by there being no Head but Jesus.

Jesus Himself modelled this. I do only what I see the Father doing. While my Father is working then I must work. Jesus modelled the Psalm 123 lifestyle. At the time there was only one Person on earth living this way and with the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

First in the upper room when Jesus breathed upon His disciples and they became new creations in Him……(And remember the exact thing happened before to Adam), then they were baptised in the Spirit along with all the others on the day of Pentecost.

All 11 including the new apostle stood with Peter as he opened the door to Jews and in fact everybody to the Kingdom.

All 12 went from house to house preaching teaching and breaking bread as pastors in this new Kingdom. To begin with until he was murdered, James was the administrative head of Jerusalem Church.

2.If a Pastor is over a church he may even defer to the Holy Spirit as Pentecostals and charismatics have done, but although this looks generous, it is not given to a pastor to head a church nor to defer. It’s not His Kingdom and Jesus shares His headship with nobody. Again a pastor is presenting a false model.
3. If a Pastor is over a church then the final authority in any matter rests with him or an eldership or board who rule by their minds. In renewed church settings people tend to pray before Board meetings but they are missing the whole point. Paul and Barnabas weren’t called to lay the foundations of most of Asia Minor by a board meeting, the Holy Spirit set them apart in a gathering of saints meeting in the Name of Jesus when Jesus Himself was in the midst. That is the difference.
4. If a Pastor is over a church then while his strong gifting is in human care, reassurance and encouragement, which is a true gift in God’s Body, it is not given to rule a church. The Church is ruled in the Presence of the Living God, where those who have already trained their senses in righteousness are recognised already for their ability to discern the spirit of good from the spirit of evil. Something of the mantle of God’s Presence is facilitated by them but by no means exclusive to them. They are called elders only because they are recognised as such for their authority in the Holy Spirit and that they have just gone ahead some in the things of God.
5.If a Pastor is over a church while he may defer to the saints exercising their gifts, he has already robbed the primary agendas of the Holy Spirit which is that nothing occurs until the Holy Spirit is released to give gifts and contributions as He chooses, in diverse forms, as He directs. This is Church . This is how saints learn psalm 123 living, and to intercept this is to slow down saints ability to walk properly outside of meetings, since meetings are usually the first place they are commanded to learn the new administration suitable to the summing up of the times. Ephesians 1.10
6. If a Pastor is over a church and paid by a tithe he is modelling Judaism and having a rabbi over a synagogue, which has nothing to do with the Kingdom of God since the Cross.
7.If a Pastor is over a church he is maintaining the idea of Levitical priesthood like Anglicans and Catholics and Lutherans do.
8. If a Pastor is over a church people are not receiving the male anointing of the Father. This is an anointed seed that comes under the supernatural gifting of the Spirit, and rests heavily upon evangelists to see people dynamited out of Genesis 3 into a definite receiving of Jesus Christ into their person. It rests heavily upon prophets to see the foundations of a community laid bare and lay a foundation of Christ in its place in a specific Christ Word over a locality, that may initially be difficult to understand but shines a beacon for the way ahead, and later people understand more of what that Word meant.
The male anointing upon an apostle establishes people in the Romans teachings, taking a congregation step by step round the Holy Spirit versions of the Jewish Feasts and the Gates of Jerusalem. Pastors and teachers under the male anointing , and divorced from a secular idea of rule and office, are now free to deliver their giftings under a male anointing to build up the saints in their faith and their behaviours, from within out, as the new Covenant grace gospel works.
9. If a Pastor is over a church the church doesn’t grow fast enough and by the times the testings come as they must, people are not sufficiently rooted and grounded, and they become bitter as at the waters of Meribah and Massah. When we receive the Word it is sweet like honey in the mouth , but much like the labour of childbirth at the end, at the point of realisation and manifestation, things can feel exceedingly bitter. Within 15 years most Moves of God dissipate through bad relationships within and bitter persecution from without. In America apparently 70% of pastors burn out.
God never called pastors to that position and He doesn't give grace to any of them to do His own job. He is the banner of Love over us.
He is our Good shepherd.
A shepherds human role is purely like Jesus , to get learners hitched up to Psalm 123 living , then withdraw. Nolonger do I call you servants but friends if you do what I say. Then Jesus disappeared.
10. If a Pastor is over a church, unless he personally has a strong evangelists anointing like Eric Chambers of Amersham Old Baptist Church, then evangelists get shot in the foot, there’s terrific jealousy and rivalry at their success, and up until now evangelists in the church function way more than they have to outside congregations. Like the shepherd in Song of Solomon as a Jesus figure, evangelists should be free to come and go, to gather sheep and not to have to worry all the time that their male Holy Spirit anointing and impartation is not completely undermined by pastors who are not even given the right to rule over flocks anyway in the Bible.

Friday, 7 February 2020

Chance to Re Hear Possibly the Most Anointed Message of 20th Century

Kansas Shepherd's Conference Thy Kingdom Come
For whatever reason the fourth and most central part of the message had been deleted and is now restored.
Set aside time to hear this message in its entirety.
The fourth part is a MUST.
The entire transcript has now been placed below the Youtube message series, so it may help to print this out to read as you listen.

Friday, 31 January 2020

Pharma and Gadout versus Cancer cure

Amazingly a class action is being drawn up against the British Government for the unnecessary deaths of up to 2 million people who have been denied knowledge of the body's own super compound to shrink tumours and fight against cancer. This compound was isolated and discovered 25 years ago, yet the stranglehold of profiteers has means that my mother died and so many I know have died without even being able to access the safe form of cancer cure because it is entirely natural.

Saturday, 23 November 2019

Vision Destiny 2015 - Mike Parsons , Barnstaple UK

This is 4 years old but may be a good jumping off point into the more recent videos.
Jim Vissers , wife and friends from Toronto passed by our home on their return from Barnstaple and St Ives last year. Jim is a friend through Daniel Yordy from the Thread a number of us were a part of on Facebook

Looming South Korean Crisis

Serious and Desperate Cry for Prayer from Harry Kim of South Korea

Dear sir. To sincere brother and sister in Jesus Christ. Good evening. sorry, My English isn't good. I am Harry kim from South Korea. God bless you. I am born again Christian. Thank you very much. Here is a prayer request. Would you pray for Dying south Korea? Your prayer can stop destroying of our country. This country is out of service. We have sinned for One lord Jehova very much. We deserve death. We are canary in the mine shaft. I hope miracle would happen in two Korea just as Jesus christ fed 5,000 people only by five bread and two fishes. South Korea and church is like stage 4 cancer patient. Very serious. In addition, Kim jung un regime have been working on communized south Korea. They are well-systematically and very evil and demonic and wise. It's very hard to resist alone. It is big disaster for us. Kim and moon crave unification and neither wants the democratic unification Prayer is powerful than Any weapon. And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. 21.Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. South korea president moon jae in is suspicious people. He belongs to minju party.(democratic party, actually satanic party) He is subverting democracy, freedom, south korea. He is leftist communist Chinese friendly politician who does not want to cooperate with America. At first he prosecuted former president park - gun -hye with false evidence. His cabinet(Secret of statement Lim jong seok, moon jeong in and so on) are extremely anti-USA politician. He is extreme leftist and anti - usa politician. He is spokesman of Kim jung eun. He is too close to North Korea and its leader. He is like micro xi jing ping Chinese leader. The famous pro-democrat politician wants to stop and shut down THAAD(America's missile defence system) completely. They love North Korea, They want to support North Korea evil regime despite the starving and inhumane treatment of ordinary North Korean citizens. They do not like the rich and want to destroy the Chaebol(Super rich person) or anything that resembles. but most korean are very naive. He is top spokesman of Kim jung eun. "It is only a matter of time South Korea will be a communist state" Says Former Korea Persecutor Mr.go young joo. Remember the case of USA detainee otto warmbier. North korea killed him. We can't trust north korea. Horrible country. “Nuclear weapons are their shield, their lifeline. I don’t think they’ll give those up in the future.Leader kim-jung-un is pedophilia. A North Korean defector has told of Kim Jong Un’s teen sex slaves, lavish caviar lunches and gory public executions. Despite people there are starving and dying and He orders uncle to be fed to dogs! If we united, He will persecute and kill whole christian.So would you pray for to break ungodly ties with north korea? Summit between two leader are like Germany's sudetenland meeting between Nazi's hitler and european leader during the world war 2. In the end hitler invaded czech republic. North korea will do that. They will never forsake nuke. In addition, south korea government have corrupted by spy of DPRK and letfist. They are hiding deeply as horse of trojan. And also government is going to issue censorship law. Moon jae in is rushing Korea toward reunification in wrong way. He is in the doghouse by USA President Donald Trump. We need prayer. And also I want you to know urgent situation for Korea. Communism is about to destroy temple spiritually but church isn't aware of this. By torch of prayer can awake dying church in Korea and set north Korean free and eliminate DPRK evil regime. I don't want to make korea like the case of communist nation such as China, north korea. I don't want my nation be trampled by communist and don't want let them make orphan and boat people. Thank you very much to hear this. Korea should be the nation based on the God's sure promise and unify with God's will. I wish God would eliminate two ungodly leader and set us free from threat of communist. It's time to tear our pillows and repent. To God be the glory. I want to know this urgent story and request prayer in the name of Holy Jesus Christ. Your prayer can change endangered our nation's fate. In only half a century, Europe's Christianity have been collapsed. When Korea is communized, Asian countries will have big problems. Above all, there will be obstacles in preaching the gospel. South korea is at risk. Communism has been tried for more than 100 years by hundreds of millions of people, and the results are always the same: Its fruits are death, destruction, and despair. Your prayer can save dying korea church. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. watch out south korea. Korea is more serious than Vietnam. Ardent commie is taking over the south korea. Korea and korea church got the boiling frog syndrom. To Seoul, South korea(Korea, Korea church is like prodigal child Eli's sons, Hophni and Phinehas O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not! God, we ask for you to grow and protect your church in South Korea. Thanks for listening us.

Jesus The Word, The Bread,The Manna John 6

This is a pretty leftbrain rendering of some rightbrain insight from John Curtis and some Facebook stuff Id written,
It's's four years old and Id forgotten the last sentence completely which I still think is hilarious and true!!!!

I write daily on Facebook so there's tons of material over the past two years that has only been available to my friend's list, and I'm not adding to my friend list that much because the reality is  the friend list is already pretty unmanageable, let alone if I used up all my Facebook allowance.
So this leaves the conundrum , do I open a public page for anybody to view?  Or do I try to repost  here or create a fresh platform?   Really like John Edwards it's probably best to be out there with real people.  The real burden I have to share, like Jesus , almost requires some background. Jesus came to a nation that had 2000 years background.  But with the Canaanite woman, she had such extraordinary faith she kind of broke all the rules like Rahab , Ruth and Abigail in the Old Testament.

I genuinely am open to sharing with anybody, but what happens is unless people are really hungry for more than their immediate needs being met they havent got a clue what I am on about. The converse truth is, according to Maslow's heirarchy of needs, if you havent got a roof over your head nor food in your belly, what use is spiritual stuff when you are freezing and about to die from malnutrition?