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Chattan (The Rock) by Prakruthi Angelina, Samarth Shukla & Zayvan

Saints in the West , this is a huge Song.

Chattan (Rock)

In the midst of the whirlwind
You say be still
You are my strength
In You alone I put my trust - Repeat

All this time 
You were with me
Even today
You stand by my side
And you will be with me in the days to come

In the midst of rising Turmoil
You alone are My Rock
And over the rising tide
I see the mark of your footprints

When I go through sickness
You say rise up
Jehovah Rapha
You alone are my healing  Repeat

In the midst of rising Turmoil  etc

When they come against me
The Burning arrows of the enemy
Or when the enemy brings
shackles to put me in bondage
You became My shield
And destroy every single arrow
By the mention of your Name
every shackle is cut asunder
Pandemic witchcraft whatsoever may be out there

in the world

that any of it should touch me or even come near  me
is just impossible as long as you exist
I've seen, tested and hence acknowledged that You are mine
Since you are with me You would not let a scratch come on me
You have determined that you would not let it happen (translation?)
You are my faith you are My Rock
My heart and my very Life is You
For all the victories You gave me
You are the triumph anthem of celebration
and joyfully celebrate with my whole heart
your footprints are on the waves
You are My Pride

Sickness your head is bwed low in defeat
You tried to rule over me but you failed
No weapon  has ever been formed
That can prevail against me

In the midst of rising Turmoil  etc

My Trust stands firm in You
My Faith is in you
Continually in you

Manifestations of Genesis 3. The Crabs in the Pot

including teaching on how True Biblical Church in God's Reign operates as opposed to Man's Reign 

 A person can be a drug addict , drunk , whatever , and get help or no ..... But if they actually receive into themselves the Holy Spirit , the unsaved relations will actually project such a hatred they are left with the impression that people prefer that they are druggies and alcoholics . 

Churches are devious the world over at the moment in a similar way . All of them rebel against the Kingdom by creating a Kingdom of man instead . There’s no scripture to support that , but all of them 100% including Bill Johnson instal themselves as pastor / minister / priest at the head of a church and let Jesus in for a few minutes during the worship if He promises to be good and submit to their reign .

 And remember , by compliance , all the congregation have chosen the leaders reign except prophets who are bolshy sons of bitches !!!’ Because prophets and evangelists are often the only true functioning Melchizedek ministries globally , why , because their ministries simply can’t work any other way because they minister at spirit level .

 So that’s the background to the original thread . One of the true Spirit functions of church is like the first covered area of Moses copy of the heavenly tabernacle . We are now in the heavenly tabernacle . So the church is very much a transition area to accelerate you by Word ( Shewbread revelations ) and candlestick lights ( supernatural gifts and helps and root problem removers in the Holy Spirit ). AND ALL THIS SHOULD BE DONE IN A SAFE SPACE. 

You’ve heard the phrase checks and balances ? The second a pyramid leader runs the show , however good they were to start , the illegal pyramid triangle is just flagging in the devil to put extremes of pressure on one individual . 

Statistic : 70% of pastors burn out in the States . Probably more now !! 

In the transition area WHICH IS MEANT TO BE A SAFE SPACE ..... you submit yourself to the Lord like the paralysed man , to be carried and for your Christian brethren to smash a few holes in roofs and get you let down at Jesus feet past the obstacles . This is an intercession picture . It’s how genuine church works . But there are no genuine churches . They are all run by circus ringmasters who are disobeying the whole function of Kingdom . 


Because that SAFE SPACE should be presided over in the Spirit by ( well let’s take Acts 2 as that’s the only blueprint we are given over 5 whole history narratives 4 gospels plus Acts ) 12 mature Spirit brought forth father level guys plus 120 other blood bought saints in tow who , chastened over letting God be killed in front of them , were now sensitive to the DEER of the Holy Spirit among them . Like the deer , the Holy Spirit just ups and leaves if there’s too much noise and bustle ( Human Genesis 3 out of flow stuff). 

There’s a reason overseers are called overseers . They “ see over “ what the Holy Spirit is doing . In the Old Testament the 12 elders sat in Gate 10 ( Miphkad) and assessed the quality of the worship animals . Well now it’s a Holy Spirit thing . It has a flow . It’s not only the mature in Christ , but now in the Jeremiah 31 new covenant it’s all the saints learning to “ weigh everything in the Spirit” as well .

 For gatherings there’s apostles prophets pastors teachers and evangelists . The difference in Acts was 2 main things 

 1. There were 12 mature saints 

 2. Mature saints existed .

In 1 John 2 it states in the Spirit there are three entire mansions of growth . They are so enormous they now comprise whole groups of people or denominations . There are whole denominations and groups that only know about a God . Similar to Terah , Abrahams Father . 

There are whole groups who only have faith for the birth of a supernatural child inside us : being born again . Similar to Abraham believing for a son . 

 Since 1900 there are now  groups again  all over the world who have faith for wells and heavenly provisions like Isaac . Like the Holy Spirit realms that baptism in the Spirit takes us to.

 But there’s a whole realm of Jacob , where we really undergo the Name Change . And similar to Acts but more glorious , God is fashioning a worldwide Church Divinely by the Holy Spirit which take everybody through the Name Change . 

Prophetic people are really key , because we can perceive when people are still living inside Genesis 3. This is why we are so hated . This is why the whole fourth quartile , the John quartile are so hated in the earth . BUT THIS IS WHY GOD IS DEMONSTRATING TO THE WHOLE EARTH WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE OTHER THREE QUARTERS ONLY OBEY THEIR FIVE SENSES AND ARE DECEIVED INTO COMPLETE PLANETRY LUCIFERIAN PRISON , including AI, 5G TECHNOLOGIES AND “BEAST “ MAKING VACCINES .

So to return finally to the original thread of thought . Because churches are not safe under pyramid rulers , even if you transition the secondlevel of growth successfully , because the leadership themselves are not mature thirdlevellers and still living hugely within Genesis 3 orphandom , Well In Song of Solomon 5 it says what happens .......and notice that is in a Jewish many elder context WATCHMEN 


 What happens at the moment when you take the St Peter Leap out of the boat into Union Living , Galatians 2.20 living The Stalin Watchman doesn’t refer to any of that , but precisely the concupiscence as St Paul puts it in Romans 7 , they refer to the very histories that God used to show you how paralysed you were inside Genesis 3 , and they use this to forever tar your reputation . 

The holy place is not a place to ever refer to these things or only in reference to how great Jesus is to raise a person out of them .

 So just like the drug addict now healed by Jesus , the only thing friends and family refer to is the Genesis 3 condition . They do this as Romans 1 says , to make them feel better . If you boil crabs in a pot , you don’t have to have a lid . Because if a crab thinks of climbing out , the rest pull him back down into the pot again .

We are not so . We are learning to live outside the bounds of Genesis 3 altogether . If you abide in My Word then you are truly My disciples and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free . ( free indeed ).




Telugu Version

Thursday, 14 January 2021

David's Catch up list

 Many minds are becoming QUITE emotionally involved in the politics of the United States...

You are an advocate for children and so am I Please remember that death is no big deal, and that you are currently building a life in the next Realm... by what you do And by what controls your mind..

( HOLY /ETERNAL SPIRIT OF LOVINGKINDNESS PEACE, CONTENTMENT, GUIDANCE AND POWERFUL POWERFUL SERVICE & INSPIRATION...) In the past year I have learned more about true World control and evil Powers much greater than the United States... It is very important for you to share with your children all wars are Bankers Wars And many of the presentations from a website called expose 1933. Com This describes in detail the World Bank takeover of governments over and over again The world banking powers took over the United States government long time ago.. The entire world of United States politics has largely been a very dangerous and misleading show I care very deeply about the Human family and the worst trick is half-truths and emotionally twisted Misinformation. I have three playlist that are loaded with information that exposes the powerful network of evil. Be very aware that when Jesus says a soldier does not get involved in civilian Affairs when he is under the command the general or commanding officer... THE EARLY DISCIPLES Understood that to mean that you do not get involved in the government's and operations of the world.. Disciples of Jesus have the responsibility of creating the most wonderful servant family in the neighborhood...! Ask your children this why did World Trade Center number 7 just fall down? Why did all those buildings just turn into dust, 16000 buildings in Paradise California alone? Why did the aluminum engine blocks melt in these so-called forest fires? Did human beings have anything to do with the terrible forest fires in California and Oregon and in Australia? What is the agenda of the United Nations agendas? What does it say on the Georgia Guidestones? How did China get turned into a slave manufacturer for the world... and then a total surveillance Society? It was not communism. The world banking powers are behind both communism and democracy in order to create fear violence WARS and domination of large numbers of people through fear & greed. The same powers that set China up right now beginning to control the entire world population... Through surveillance tactics that are almost impossible to cast off What is the quiet weapons for silent Wars document? All disciples need to ponder these things in light of PLANNED emotional brainwashing of the world Playlist 1 human domination World control
Playlist 2 strange evil fires and unnatural occurrences
Playlist 3, using World Health crisis to create fear & submission... developing actual mind control of the population & efficient extermination of large numbers of the Human family.
YaHVeH Elohim I thank you for this precious family and their devotion to our friend Jesus Christ... please help their understanding Jesus way of life to be crystal clear and filled with your peace in all things. Help them to not be emotionally caught up in civilian affairs of this evil world, By the power of the Holy Spirit increase the work of their home for their neighborhood and the families around them. Give them the power to effectively Shelter foster children and fearful disoriented women who are not in the safety of family and a unified Brotherhood...! The blood of yahshua. I plead the protection of the blood of Jesus over this family and all of their assets and all of their Associates!

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Some of the Adventures since 1972


Chris Welch tuning for a Theatrical Recording at Chichester Festival Theatre

I'm not saying this in the flesh to try to impress you . Just to encourage you that this stuff works.
1972 Jesus Move and revival in my school. Head boy even converted.
1973 Graham Pulkingham and the Fisherfolk hold one of the only school evangelism weeks they ever did in our little Grammar school
1973 1973-5 Housechurch Move London culminating in Albert Hall
1974 was around for when Basilea Schlink turned Chairman Mao back from swooping with his army on Europe . Next thing Kissinger is having tea with Mao and Nixon They put things off until now
1976 -8 the Major Bible weeks with angelic goings on reported in the Press
1977 Plonked in West Germany in just about the only town having a revival in a theological Catholic seminary of all places. Skipping down Paderborn High Street with a newly converted nun Julie Andrews style
!977-8 saw some goings on in our halls of residence in Exeter University
1978 Plonked in Northern France with a family commissioned by Oral Roberts to form a Ville de refuge /city of refuge there
Nov 1978 Plonked in Emsworth church community the very week that Jim Jones massacre occurred. My Mum went berserk with worry. Emsworth was in fact where some amazing apostles were based or were passing through. Just about the only people on the planet in those days with a Biblical Vision of Church as Jesus describes it Himself in Revelation 12. Including the guy that triggered the national Argentina revival in Peron's years.
1985 Helped be a part of establishing a French Church in Paris.
1978-87 Crashed through a version of Romans 7, and was brought through into the start of the thirdlevel , before anybody seemed to know what it was.
1988 Crashed into a group that new what the thirdlevel was, and taught it. They had learned off Norman Grubb who'd spent 60 years seeking God how to articulate it.
1988-84 various intercessions including that God would raise up Christian media in Britain after the House of Lords shut down UCB's main AM station given by Moscow to them when USSR fell. 1984 God brought Wendy and Rory Alec of God Channel to my little house. 6 months before they even knew they were doing God Channel.
2002-12 Began the tricky task of teaching thirdlevel stuff to secondlevel churches and started learning some of their evasive tactics.
2008 Began the first thirdlevel blog to incorporate both the Galatian 2.20 teachings and the teachings about Shekinah anointing....because they BOTH are sombined in the Holiest place Church as we see in Acts 2 but everybody in the world has forgotten
2009 came on Facebook and part of a Move on here that's been a bit like Adullam's Cave ready for this nutty Lockdown period when whole churches have all gone on the internet after laughing at us for years. In 1973-5 all the housechurches saw us transition from firstlevel churches to secondlevel churches, via travelling all the way to Billy Richards Slough, or Emsworth, or South Chard, to meeting in front rooms to fullfledged churches in hired halls then buying places.
 The thirdlevel church is about to roll out in the same way right across the church. All the Bible churches had guys who understood the 1 John 1 and 1 John 2 protocols. Nobody today has a clue anywhere and still builds pyramid ministries around their own names and titels because they dont yet know how real Jesus is. Luckily we are about to learn. The sharper ones will notice I missed Toronto , Pensacola, and Brownsville. But I did watch Lakeland Florida, and our church members went. so basically if God says something , you can take it to the Bank.

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

An Inconvenient History - Youtuber Probably Alexandra


Here's the good thing. This is the quickest run down of all the history they never taught you in school. If you want more quick run downs read Juri Lina : Architects of Deception. Eric Jon Phelps Vatican Assassins. And if you want a quick run down on the last decades Read Shaun Attwood Book Four on CIA and global drugs especially South America. And Fritz Springmeier's books. This leads you into the history behind the two autobiographies of modern mindcontrol "Thanks For the Memories by Susan Ford and Trance Formation of America by Cathy O Brien . Now here's the thing. This scrapes the surface of the esoteric , but it's mainly exoteric in nature. It tries to catch the enigma of "Lo here is a spiritual dimension". Well Jesus said the Kingdom of heaven is not Lo here, nor is the kingdom of Darkness....except that when people gather in the Name of Jesus and begin to LIVE Galatians are going to find some pretty "Lo Here " stuff going on, not least in the persecution either!!! The same with Satanic gatherings invoking the devil....that gets pretty lo here except it isn't pretty. If living from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil was the way we ran the Kingdom of God we could handle doctrines about Jesus coming again , make a list of points, a bit like rabbis expecting Jesus....and then miss it all completely like they did... Jesus DID get born in Ramah or Bethlehem, Jesus did have to get whisked to Egypt, and Jesus did get brought up in the hills around Galilee. And He was too young to have a checklist to mark them off. Jesus coming in us is NEITHER the devil's version of that doctrine, where he doesnt specify the christ or the anointing and where it's coming from, nor is the doctrine the American Schofield doctrine where everybody sits on a deckchair waiting for Jesus to come back and do it all. As usual , God messes the whole thing up by a "right dividing of the Word." And guess how we get hold of it? We take up our Cross and follow Him. We take the truth that Jesus slew us inside Himself at the Cross, read Romans 6, and we receive that fact by faith and we carry that victory through every inch of our life. And so when we speak people know that we have been with Jesus. Proverbs says a proverb in the mouth of a fool is like a man with no legs. In other words spiritually it don't walk. All of us begin like this. Indeed the only thing in the West that we are used to is mental facts. So we have to learn that just because they all come out as English words, they aren't actually the same. As we believe the Word and confess it we get the inner confirmation of being born again. But every revelation like this comes through the Spirit. The gospel is Power. We can ask God to baptise us in the Holy Spirit. Every revelation of God is power. It's the power of life. It's a power we can impart. And that's why real churches are powerful places. Nobody runs churches like the Bible tells us to, or else there would be loads of elders and ministries in one church , and Jesus would be manifestly the Head. This is what 1 Corinthians 12 is saying. This is what Ephesians 4 is saying. Jesus is coming in His Body . He is the wedding Feast in our soul. And like Peter ,James and John and the Transfiguration....when enough of us can handle calling Jesus back, like it says in Revelation 22....the Spirit and the Bride will say Come and Come quickly. But if we haven't got used to Him coming to us daily , and properly in meetings the rest is just a pipe dream. Jesus moved from 8 words in a synagogue, through many miracles through waiting 4 days before even turning up to his friend's death , to resurrecting Lazarus, then He had the faith to speak the Word over His own clay pot body. We go from faith to faith. Not from pipedream to pipe dream.