Thursday 28 February 2013

Rabbis without borders?


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Gershon said...
This is another great article.
I hope you do not mind a long story. When evangalists knock at my door, I invite them in. Some prefer to sit on the porch. I tell them I'm happy to read from the "Old Testement" with them without serious commentary by anyone. I ask if it is ok to read the Parsha for the week. One time, two men in their 50's came by in suits and we sat at my kitchen table for hours reading and drinking coffee. They were fascinated by hearing the Hebrew and the translation.
At the end, one of them said, "Why don't Jews evangalize door to door." Without thinking, I said "I sit at home and wait for God to send people to me."
Heaven forbid God should send someone to Torah and I should be the one to stand in their way. All I ask from people with other faiths is we do not debate. We can read and enjoy each other's company. I never say anything against their faith when we read.
David Waterman said...
This Rachel is so true and I think that you live this out. There are multitudes of blogs out there but yours does, I think, truly stand out. You have a way of bringing insight from many aspects including Renewal Judaism and kabbalistic influences so that we may study Torah through the light of your teaching.
And the Torah is all of ours. Of that I am sure.
Thanks again
T Vinson said...
From a Christian perspective, ultimately Jewish of course:-)
All who are thirsty,
all who are weak,
come to the fountain,
dip your heart in the stream of life.
Let the pain and the sorrow
be washed away
in the waves of his mercy...
(by Brenton Brown)

Chris Welch said...
My experience on here has not been good. Rachel indeed has walls. In the world we are trying to create it is necessary to talk and maintain open lines of communication. Jews at the moment have been so used to being persecuted they are suspicious of too much cross border talk. In the book of Daniel it talks of a world that is completely overrun by a dark figure who uses manipulation to obtain total world rule. So we are NOT looking for a world where people manipulate the idea of Unity to form world government, we are looking for a world where that unity begins genuinely within and expands to encompass everything. The first form of government manipulates the Shiloh verse of the prophecy given to David...."until Shiloh come", the true unity  issues from the God of Psalm 19,who without speech daily declares His truths,dreams,desires, for those who are listening.Then adjustments will be made, that will again come from within, not by coercion. So Buddhists will turn and know what...those stirrings within while I was meditating were really from the Real God... And the Muslims worshipping Allah will realise that a lot of their prophecies about the End Times and a False Messiah, were indeed true and already in the prophetic scriptures of the Old Testament (And New ofcourse) and that the nature of Allah is actually quite different, and loving , and in truth an  Abba Father. And so on through every belief system.... gradually crumbling round the base of the false "New World Order belief system" to realise how life really works...
by faith
by faith Abraham received that Psalm 19 subterranean call and acted on it
but the promise was NOT given to manipulation via a servant to Hagar
and although Hagar then received her own prophecies ready for consummation in the end other words God's Father heart is always there to carry up the effects of "manipulation", His original promises remain true.
But that is so, for every life on Earth, if they listen. The faith dreams will actually manifest if we carry on firm in our believing. It's not only Rachel and her Torah. Others indeed are allowed to share in this process of listening, hearing by faith and acting. This is just how life works. It's built into the fabric of this universe, whether people read it in a Torah, or Old and New Testaments, or any other book.
Rothschild may manipulate the Shiloh verse with his own trillions of dollars, but he is not hearing by God faith, because God has already declared who Shiloh is, and it isn't Rothschild's Shiloh.The Rothschild dynasty set up Israel, but they confuse the Isaiah scripture about Lucifer the lightbringer with the Mornng Star of the Messiah, and right there the inspiration behind everything they have done reveals itself. Is that a problem? No. Because God wrote it all thousands of years ago in Ezekiel 28. He writes about a King of Tyre. He writes that the first kingdom would be Sidon (Tel Aviv) and that this kingdom would be rebellious. But later
after calamity Israel will be properly formed and ruled from Jerusalem.
Now American Christians have it all lined up to do with a rapture...but did the God of the Torah say that?
What is clear and spelled out is that Israel and Jerusalem is the epicentre of interest for all the circling nations, and for God those lands are central to His Covenant keeping.But it His covenant keeping...NOT Rothschild's.
All this happened once before. The guy's name was Jacob. Which means supplanter,deceiver,usurper. Did that phase God? Nope. There was a wrestling match with an angel, or God in some human form at Peniel, and this usurper had his name changed to .....yup....Israel.
So is God phased by current Israel, the product of engineering ,usurping,manipulation on a world scale. Nope.
He wrote about it. And it is all dovetailed into the plan of waking mankind up, of tearing away his top surface blindnesses to see the One who is to be praised forever and ever. The One true vine, into whom has been engrafted now not one nation, but every nation. Not by manipulation,but because people want relationship FROM WITHIN.

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