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Jacob and The Angel, Songs by Suzanne Vega and Chris Welch (separately)

"Jacob And The Angel"

The angel came to Jacob
The room began to glow
Jacob asked the angel
Are you friend or are you foe?

The angel never answered
But smote him on the thigh
They wrestled through the darkness
Till morning filled the sky

This thing between us, has wings, it has teeth
It has got horns and feathers, and sinews beneath
Angel or demon, to the truth I am bound, and so
This thing between us must be wrestled down

Jacob held on to the angel,
Who turned to fly, and to flee
He said I must have your blessing
Before I let you leave me

The angel never answered
But smote him on the thigh
They wrestled through the darkness
Till morning filled the sky

And in the light
He knew another name
As he struggled and surrendered
To the next part of the game

This thing between us, has wings, it has teeth
It has got horns and feathers, and sinews beneath
Angel or demon, to the truth I am bound, and so
This thing between us must be wrestled down

This thing between us, has wings, it has teeth
It has got horns and feathers, and sinews beneath
Angel or demon to the truth I am bound and so
This thing between us must be wrestled down.

From Suzanne Vega's latest CD available also as mp3
Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles
(Yup, that'll be tarot then! Blog editor does not in anyway
encourage the reading of Tarot cards. There is no need
because the Holy Spirit has been sent to tell us all we
need to know)

THE JACOB SONG: Words and Music: © A. Christopher Welch 1988.
There is no easy way
It doesn't matter what you say
But it is possible / For you....
Now Jacob did a runner
To flee from his brother
Got himself caught on a sheep farm
His Uncle was nice
But kept him there twice
As long as he should've been.
He 'faithed' in speckled,and he 'faithed' in striped
His sheep numbered many
but this life he didn't like
Thought he'd do a runner to flee TO his brother
To get himself off of that sheep farm.
Met any angels lately?
Met any men with knives?
Met any angels lately?
Met any men with knives?
Jacob dreamed up a dream
He schemed up a scheme
With his wives he fled by night
So with his wealth and stealth
Thought he'd preserve his health
Rather than face the one appointed.
Met any angels lately?
Met any men with knives?
Met any angels lately?
May give you quite a surprise.
Now the Lord's kinda kind
But it's not in his mind
That we stay in the state that we are
So he rigged up a fight
With Jacob one night
And fixed him up a name transplant
Yes fixed him up a name transplant.
Met any angels lately?
Met any men with knives?
Wild beasts are clawing at your heels
Maybe it's God in disguise.
There is no easy way
It doesn't matter what you say
Its possible..... For you (x 2)
A name transplant
For you.
Additional Vocals: Nicholas +Elisa Daniels. copyright A. Christopher Welch 1988

Peniel - Meaning

I have never heard a full meaning. The Holy Spirit continues to fill us in.
At the moment I am feeling that there is something 1.about this incident and 2. my intention in writing this song IN 1988 that divides me (at present) from an easy relationship with Daniel Yordy, and others that I believe have similarities with him, such as Brad Jersak and Michael Hardin.
The division seems to stem from this.
If you still see separation ....the genesis 3 condition of man down here and God way off somewhere, then forever and a day you will be praying, hoping, somehow that God's angel/s will  mediate....will somehow come and bridge the gap....come and touch us....or  to use the Bethesda incident....stir the waters.

Ed Miller thought in these terms and really relayed his experience of seeking God in the late 40s in Argentina.
He described the spiritual desolation he went through in a fairy tale....where he representing the Bride earnestly seeking her Prince...the bridegroom Jesus, was led out into a wilderness where she ran out of all resources. At her wit's end. in total weakness, she suddenly is aware of her Prince who comes and sweeps her onto His stallion with Him, and like all good romantic stories they ride off together.

In the Old Testament and the New are a whole series of individual stories of how God "gets" His men and women. The Peniel incident is one of the most mysterious. Yet it is impossible to overstress the importance.
Why? History DIVIDED at this very point.

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were three consecutive generations of one family that not only were believers, they each pressed on further into seeking God. Peniel marks the culmination of this .
Jacob had already wrestled with the man, the angel, or God in physical form. Genesis 32.
When the man saw Jacob was just not going to let go the scripture says
"he touched the socket of his thigh; so the socket of Jacob’s thigh was dislocated while he wrestled with him.
Then he said, “Let me go, for the dawn is breaking.” 
But he said, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.” 
27 So he said to him, “What is your name?” 
And he said, “Jacob.” 
28 He said, “Your name shall no longer be Jacob, but Israel; for you have striven with God and with men and have prevailed.” 
29 Then Jacob asked him and said, “Please tell me your name.” 
But he said, “Why is it that you ask my name?” And he blessed him there.
 30 So Jacob named the place Peniel, for he said, “I have seen God face to face, yet my [p]life has been preserved.” 
31 Now the sun rose upon him just as he crossed over Peniel, and he was limping on his thigh."

The guy's socket is wrenched but he's still clinging on!!!! WOW.

The Kingdom suffers violence until now and violent men take the Kingdom by force.

What is your name?
Usurper. Twister. Manipulator. Deceiver. Jacob.

We are forced into face to face mode with God. Well that's the point , we are not forced...BUT IF WE FORCE THE ISSUE....if we really want it....

Jesus is the WAY, the Truth and the Life.
He is the WAY through to the Truth about ourselves and about the holiness of God. In that ugly NON LIFE

moment. When we see our nature...our inner identity full on...our very character....our true agenda of self for self.....
IRONY of IRONIES this is the exact time God births His Life....or unstops His Lifeflow in our inner being, and rivers of Living Water begin cascading out!!!.

It is not Abraham's encounters. They were the foundation.

It is not the wells that Isaac dug. Representing the baptism in the Holy Spirit realm. Uncovering new anointings. New waters of the Spirit.

Where NAME is the Hebrew understanding, and means essential character , essential  PERSON.

In this awful moment  which is exactly related to the end of Romans 7. We see sin in the flesh.

Not the activity sin.
SIN spirit.
In our members.

Rendering us powerless.
And desperate.

The Name change is the realisation that the ONLY LIFE in the Universe is GOD.
We suddenly see through to God.
The devil sells us this fairytale that we, like him can live powered by our "own life", without telling us that it is spirit of wrongdoing which roots itself in us as we fall for the lie of independence.

Even his life is God's life.
Even he is totally deceived.
But it is God's life twisted back in on itself. SELF for SELF. What the Greeks term hubris, or Ego.God's own pure life is self for others love.

For more forensic detail, study the early chapters of Norman Grubb's series "Yes I am".

It is here I want to say something very radical.This is the game changer.
This is is something new.

This is something the Union crowd who formed thenselves around Norman's revelation have yet to see.

Up until now there has been something deeply personal in seeking God's face.

But the scriptures Psalm 110 and Psalm 24 use a shocking phrase which is KEY, and which Daniel Yordy has not yet grasped.

The phrase is:
Daniel Yordy has been on his own seeking out the truths behind "the Eyes of Fire"
I was in the Emsworth church and as a church we sought the face of the Lord together. But it wasn't deep enough. You can take that as if I am talking from pride. But you would be 100% wrong. Quite simply I was desperate. No amount of anointing to lead in worship was cutting anything at all. And believe me God had blessed me with much anointing. So I was forced deeper. On my own.

Daniel talks of Asbergers and I have absolutely no idea of the things he has had to face. But as bad as Asbergers is you can still talk about it.
My testimony is not something that can ever be talked about.
Adultery was bad enough ( I as a single) but that was just the beginning as God used a prophet to bring me down to Emsworth.


OR EVERYBODY THAT KNOWS....and is now too disgusted to speak.

As more and more come into the RIGHTEOUSNESS of JESUS CHRIST and Him only.
Ian Clayton, Mother Basilea Schlink and others speak of an intense time the Lord takes us through where we actively cover everything...and I mean everything....all figleaves torn off....and we cover everything with the Blood of Jesus.

In the 12 step course devised originally by Jessie Penn Lewis of Keswick Conventions there is the taking of a personal inventory.
There is the NAMING of our did Jacob.
For Ian Clayton this meant months of entering the Presence of the Lord and letting the Holy Spirit review every time period of Ian Clayton's life.....and actively he was led to sprinkle the Blood of Jesus over it. After months of this he felt soooooo clean, soooo renewed , a totally new person.

Now as a community forms of such people the Christ Righteousness Forcefield that will be among them shall mean that people will enter and immediately fall before the Lord and repent.

Some people won't behave in this way, but God in His mercy will increasingly use His collective people to unearth this junk.
Unearth the scrawlings on the inner walls of the Temple as in Ezekiel 8:10.

We will begin behaving as a GENERATION. A NEW GENERATION.

Up until now the only thirdlevellers have been loners. Watchman Nee. Basilea Schlink. Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Ed Miller. Sam Fife.   They have then gathered a people to disciple them.

What I am saying is we as a generation will begin to radically disciple each other.

This is the true third level meaning of the scriptures penned by St Paul in Ephesians.

"The body building itself up in love, joined by that which each supplies (of Christ substance alreadsy inworked in each) once each part is working properly."

When does a part work properly?
The first level? No at that stage, they are learning about basic forgiveness and grace.
The secondlevel? No, this is when the Holy Spirit starts teaching and leading people into the experience corporately of the Holy Place....of learning the basics of the new identity in Christ...

but no...outsode of meetings they are not "fixed there" in their consciousness yet.


Typically people are not used to FUSED people.
People are used to seeing others after the flesh.

But this is not so applicable if people are fused with Christ in their consciousness.

If like Jesus they are driving moneychangers out of the temple with whips it can nolonger just be assumed that anger is in the flesh. It just may not be.

And this was the path that got me ejected from Emsworth Church, because they too were not prepared for their prayers concerning me to be ever answered.

And this is the problem with Bethsaida type places all waiting rou
nd a pool for an "angel to stir the waters". You see it might just be that the third level man called Jesus turn up and suddenly say....Forget the endless charismatic I AM HERE....God in flesh and blood. Now do you want to get healed and delivered TODAY.

TODAY is the day of salvation.
Today is the DAY God is squeezing us into.
He is the I AM and TODAY is where He lives.

The shadows flee away....the tussles are over...
Our Name has changed.

We are now Prince of EL

Prince of God.


It is nolonger I who live but Christ who lives in me. The life I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God.......

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