Sunday 31 August 2008

a joy to be me: Overwhelmed

The outstanding media prophecy about to be fulfilled???!!?
A precious brother, musician and friend called James Hughes from Liss is working to complete a Film project which has taken 22 years. It is called Mercy is a Person. It is like no outreach project you have ever seen. Imagine an artistic piece of work which contains teachings broader than the Alpha Course, yet too direct an evangelistic message for any English Christian film director, yet deep enough to study for years to refer to alongside the works of CS Lewis,(his adult material) yet with music that will pierce your heart. This type of thing is EXACTLY what Julie Meyer is prophesying without knowing about it.

James and his co-producer have put 40 years into this, which is about equivalent to the average film, split between a team of 8.He has a meeting with a media person on 19th September. Please pray that he completes the finishing touches of all this work ready for presentation.
People have already come to the Lord through its prototype versions!!!!

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