Friday 14 November 2008

Life In the Order Of Melchizedek III : Arthur Blessitt

I never knew that Arthur had begun his journey already when I saw him at the 1972 London Festival For Jesus....with his bus....and wife and kids....all handing out tracts and preaching in Trafalgar Square to some 25000 people.
Hovis kindly donated bread for a massive communion.

But during the 80s, being also aware of Steve Lightle being ahead of time preparing the way for what God had spoken to him,
and also Lydia Prince....who went by the Word of God to Jerusalem...
Well I began to see a pattern...and I felt that ArthurBlessitt's 1969 commissioning was of the same order....He was literally a walking intercession around the globe into all the countries to prepare the way in the Spirit for a global move of God.

I am currently just finishing Jessie Penn Lewis's book on the Welsh Revival....and the lead up to this was a series of fragmented (seemingly) obedience steps...often simultaneous yet unknown to the other parties. Well...the scale is now global...and I believe one piece of the jigsaw was Arthur, downing tools as a great evangelist and just going with Jesus for some 30 years into every corner of the planet!! I really believe in this Melchizedek Order that defies human explanation and organisation!!


lydia said...

Is that really going to be a movie?!! I hope so, can't wait! Thanks for sharing this. I had looked up Arthur Blessit about a year ago, after hearing Rob Rufus mention him in a message. His testimony is amazing!!

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Yes, I really think there is a whole timing thing in the actions that Arthur gets up to. Promises to be a film with impact, no?
Glad this was of use.