Monday 9 February 2009

Revelation 3:20 Prophecy and "Dust Cloud of Glory"Prophecy.

This is a continuation of the last post.

These are three excerpts from the Portsdown Community Church Conference last year in May 08. This is a word I was given,which was for the whole conference....but especially for those hidden soldiers who have been pressing on through for as many as 30 or 40 years...upon whose progress the current generation is building.

This is a comment by Peter Stott on the last prophecy, but also far more than that in describing where we find ourselves now.

This final excerpt is a prophecy given to Peter Stott just before the Conference, but spoken in the Conference, about the cloud of glory he saw coming to Europe.

I have briefly described "Key of David" meetings . If you did not see this post, you will find it helps clarify a bit of their function.

Peter Stott has taken a team from our church of all ages, sex and giftings to the Key of David Conference in Madrid this weekend. To give you a flavour here is their fresh report.

Thank you all for praying for us in the Key of David conference, here, it has been a powerful time and we believe many folk have gone through a time of real heart change as we looked at the "Father's heart". The Lord was dealing with issues of shame and ungodly beliefs - this teaching is one of the most effective things we have found to see real and lasting change in people's lives. It is also (perhaps inevitably) one of the most contested things we have seen - so your praying and covering these trips is ever more needful. Thank you.

One of you shared a word with us before we left about remaining focused through the time and not being deflected. This was such a reality - and there were various times when the conference could have been taken off course and it took quite a determination to keep it on track with creating tensions.

Ever, God was faithful and His presence this morning with us all was almost tangible - it is in that dynamic which He moves in power and revelation.

One excellent feature of the time was the way our team flowed together - there was such a complementing of gifts and of age and everyone felt free to contribute. It was quite amazing and an expression of the values we have been working on for years. Thank you team!

We are now at Madrid airport awaiting departure and praying that UK weather will allow Gatwick to remain open and snow free!

Much love to you all,

- Peter

Here are some features representing the DNA here.

  1. No one is more special than the other
  2. Everyone is expected to hear God and minister
  3. they are in Madrid as a disparate crew of all ages and experiences to facilitate what is going on in the Madrid Christians..not to build their own thing
  4. they are not there to build fresh walls and structures
  5. a whole Body ministry picture is built as each joint supplies
  6. Apart from one recognised international minister (Peter) no one else has any recognised standing - but their ability to move in love one with another means that they are able to import a Powerful Presence of the Living God
  7. This was what so blitzed me all those years ago when Graham Pulkingham and the Fisherfolk came to Dr Challoner's School in Amersham,nr London.('73)
  8. This is exactly the pattern that Jesus used, moving around with the 12 who were learning while they did stuff. It worked then and it works now.
  9. Notice the stuff that God is bringing is all about relationship, the Father...and taking away shame!!


Sheila Atchley said...

Hi Chris!

I pray you and Christine are doing well - and that things are okay, after her losing her father. Give her a hug for me, and then have her hug you back. :-)

Just checking in on the two of you.

Grace and Peace!

lydia said...

Hey Chris............this has nothing to do with your post.......I was listening to Sarah MacMillan a singer whose music SHAWNA recommended to me, and I thought of our dear Shawna and began to miss, have you heard anything from her of late? Here's a shout out to Shawna - I MISS YOU!!!