Tuesday 25 May 2010

Seeing God Only - Nancy Fitzpatrick Gilmore's new blog

Seeing God Only ..... New blog by Nancy Gilmore
Apart from exploding on to the scene with
161 Posts this month alone....the majority are ofcourse links,
the wealth of material you will find here includes
a link to Francois Dutoit's Thoughts For Life
a link to Andre Oosthuizen's Notes
a link to Ole Henrik Skjelstad's Notes
a link to Steve McVey

even links back here, plus a whole array of centuries old classics including Madame Guyon, plus heroes from the 20th Century like Dietrich Bonhoeffer. You will find many more links to people that I am only just getting to know or to hear of , and have started posting their material here: Jacob Boehme,Dan Stone,Fred Pruitt,James S Stewart,William Law.

Info about persecuted peoples. Many many inspirational Youtube clips.

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