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Saturday, 18 September 2010

A Recent History of Psalm 24 Part 1 : The First among many brethren

Open Up Ye Gates.Be Lifted Up Ye Ancient DoorsHow we got here1975 - Ern Baxter's Door Opening Word -Thy Kingdom Come
Kansas City Shepherd's Conference
Dan Bowen's transcription (what a work this guy has done for Ern Baxter and Rob Rufus's material)

What Charles Simpson said , (and anybody that knows me, ACW,at all, know this...I am where I am,wherever that is, because I too followed this message)
"In 1975, Ern ministered in the closing session of the Kansas City Shepherds' Conference. Nearly 5000 men had gathered; His message was "Thy Kingdom Come." As the message closed, they pulled off their shoes and bowed in God's presence. As they left the auditorium, they sang, "He is Lord." The men sang through the streets of Kansas City. Many people have said that it was the single most powerful meeting that they ever attended, and that the message was the most inspiring that they had ever heard"."

Transcript Part Three (AUDIO Part Four) is about the Conquest of Christ and contains the initial reference to Psalm 24 in the context of a Man,
the Man,
the Second Adam,
storming the ramparts of Glory which had been shut, and angelically guarded until this time, and were now LEGITIMATELY swung open to accept the FIRST of many brethren !!!!!

I am putting audio clips of the whole message on this post. Reading it is not enough. 5, those days, many were "extremely religious" leaders still, and ofcourse men, -were having their scalps ripped open for the first time as to the true revelation of the Glory of Christ's ascension. They literally exploded during this passage. Over a bass sound system you hear, possibly for the first time in modern history the Roar of the Lion of Judah in amongst the thousands of men shouting and clapping.

This message is just under 90 minutes long, but if played among open hearted believers could be the best investment of your time together . Arrange a time to listen to it ! If necessary print up Dan's transcript (above link) for people to follow.

Thy Kingdom Come - Kansas City Shepherd's Conference 1975 - Ern Baxter Part 1 Link in case of difficulty Thy Kingdom Come - Part 2 Link in case of difficulty Thy Kingdom Come - Part 3 Link in Case of Difficulty Thy Kingdom Come - Part 4 Link In case of Difficulty Thy Kingdom Come - Part 5 Link In Case of Difficulty Thy Kingdom Come - Part 6 Link In Case of Difficulty Thy Kingdom Come - Part 7 Link In Case of Difficulty Thy Kingdom Come - Part 8 Link In case of Difficulty Thy Kingdom Come - Part 9 Final Link In Case of Difficulty

2015 UPDATEFor a pretty complete library of Ern Baxter's Output


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Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

There are no more messages to my knowledge that have this freakish level of anointing.But Close runners are series of messages given in the UK at historic Bible weeks. Dan Bowen has transcribed most of the ones he can get his hands on. 1975 Lakes Bible Week. 1976 Capel Bible Week.Two Dales Bible Weeks. The two most outstanding are probably the King and His army (Lakes...about David and Saul) aand "Going into the Land" Dales Bible week. About leaving Egypt, going through the wilderness and entering the Promised Land.Although it's not audio you could follow the link to George Warnock's material, who was Ern baxter's PA for a while.

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Facebook feedback:*Susie Golman Cox* - Chris I watched all of these this evening...I couldn't get enough. So rich and wonderful. I have alot of things going on in my heart and mind as a result. Its all running together in pleasant lines.Psalm 16:6. The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage.
*Nancy Gilmore* I've listened, and I love this kind of preaching! It's filled with power! It's filled with truth! It's filled with God Himself! It's liberating! it's Life! It's Victory! It's Christ in His Finest to His body! The Spirit of the Living God has chosen the foolishness of Preaching to Glorify His Son! Wonderful!

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thanks for posting.