Thursday 2 December 2010

Tiger Wood's Golf Swing

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Shortly after Tiger Woods won his first accolades experts began to notice his golfswing. Tiger was told he had a choice. To carry on at his level or aim even higher than before but to do that he had to revisit his swing. It took about six months,and to start with it felt completely wrong, but Tiger Woods completely reworked his technique from his grip up.

What we are saying to today's church is the same thing. Yes, you will continue to have success. Yes God will still love you. You will still lead people to Himself. You will still have great meetings. But God is building now for a future very different from today.

The church I am in is typical of most. They pray about everything they do,God blesses this. But in these days the Church worldwide is completely changing its golfswing from the ground up. Its not about our actions...what we are doing. Its our identity....and everything associated with it from the ground up. Who do we as individuals think we are?? Did Christ mean that we have died and our lives are now hidden with Him? That whatever we do...our identity has been settled for all time.

We learn,just as when we came to Christ we had to believe He was Lord though we couldn't see Him. He now says just as you received me as Lord ,now walk in Me full time. How's that? Same as before. By faith. Believing what He says about us....with nothing to go on.

We've learned this whole hoopla for contacting God. Praying, speaking in tongues, "getting the Presence of God". These are all hoops.

There are no hoops. Just Him as us. By faith. Believing in our heart. By confession with our mouth. Just like Tiger Woods it'll feel really strange changing our "golfswing"'ll feel unfamiliar. It'll feel all wrong. But a Church that has made the changeover will do things they've never done before. And will do things they have done before with stratospheric differences!!!!! Really in the face of all this , there is only one decision we can make.

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