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Worship In Spirit and Truth Parts 1 and 2 by Chris Welch

Facebook on Saturday, 23 April 2011 at 23:44. This series was written on a Blackberry on Pentewan Sands near St Austell Cornwall while in our caravan.See East and West views below. The site club had paid wifi, but apart from that we had no Tmobile/Orange signal, so was eventually uploaded in 4 sections on Saturday night.

Jesus prophesied that this was how worship was to be : in Spirit and in Truth

But first an Image:A group of people returned to their block of flats and downstairs all was dark,but as all was familiar everyone piled through the door of the vestibule, waiting for the first to reach the 10 minute timer light switch on the opposite wall. Except, when the light went on they could see a mother viper in the corner surrounded by its 3 offspring. Immediately everyone's cheery nonchalance froze, and had they not known better,would have created huge noise....but instead they reacted quietly ,swiftly, by backing away in order not to further scare and incite the snakes......end of image.

Issue 1.In God's Light we see light.
Without His light we remain clueless.
We think everything is basically OK.
Picture"Careful Doreen, that chair's not safe"

For decades we have run churches not knowing "even the light within us" is darkness.We have CEO pastor preachers who have completely ignored the writings of Watchman Nee in Release of the Spirit. And Nee himself was only implementing Jesus words "in Spirit and in Truth". Preachers have preached for collective hours and hours into people's lives, yet there was no release of the Spirit...No transfer of Holy Spirit impartation in the truths preached.Without Divine Life Christians cannot......cannot grow.

Issue 2:Spirit and truth
These pastors mistakenly run their organisations as pyramid heads with what they think is a Bible backed structure, but no one ever sought to question it.Today,all over the world churches are splitting and/ or winding up. Yet no one ever questions the system. A CEO pastor goes off and starts another one instead. The Bible talks about Jesus being head of the Body, and elders not "lording it over the flock", and there being many gifts including many the one church. It speaks of NOT MANY are Fathers....seeming to imply although you may not have 30 apostolic figures,say, as you would pastors and teachers, the one church may have regular visits from say, 5 to 10 Terry Virgos. You say,I thought it was one church network,one apostle? Not according to the Bible it isn't. In the Bible, although Paul enjoyed the fact that he was often laying foundations in virgin territory in Gentile hearts,do you see one reference to Paul's apostolic network? No, it was always the Church of Jesus Christ. With our present apostolic networks it is debatable whose church they are. If Jesus tries to send in workers from alternative sources because He doesn't like the incestuousness in a particular Church ministry, even so that ministry pyramid will still, in their blindness prevent the very sent ones from having any effect. More sensitive souls fearing God, would know already that for Jesus to even specially organise infiltration from outside is already a sign that His patience is running out,possibly leading to "the removal of a candlestick." I'll give you an historic reminder and example in the form of Emsworth Church, UK. Ed Miller chided Emsworth for giving their main apostle Jorge Pradas too high honour, as if he was their head, and not Jesus. What Emsworth " heard" was Ed Miller's own disappointment that it wasn't him that had been chosen. This was not in Ed's heart I believe.With Ed out of the picture, Jesus then sent in people from "nowhere"(at least nowhere as far as Emsworth's Pyramid was concerned !).And they were all brought in to widen vision,extend truth and give warning. They were John Christie a prophet all the way from New Zealand , Costa Deir the FGBMI man who was the most

sober and drawn that I have ever seen this apostle of Joy,a Cuban ex nun called Rosita and finally and not least Maeve who had led Bono to Jesus. Churches split over leadership issues because JESUS WILL NOT supply grace enabling for one CEO Pastor as head of a church. Jesus is Head over His Church so why is He going to supply grace to a usurper? Churches have many pastors and teachers and many other ministries,and their role is to bring the whole Body into hearing the Head of the Church for themselves.
Issue 3. Truth
Spiritual truth is not really intellectual. Some who are trained intellectually will be able to relay Spirit Truth in better sounding language and some "cleverness of speech",but really Spirit Truth is Power and Love. It is revelation to your insides....that is, the very programming system on which your life runs. In a nutshell it is the impartation that the you you thought was you has died with Christ on the cross....the life (centre) you now live from is Christ, or ChristYou if you will, since your life is now bound up with,interleaved with,hidden in Christ in God. Since there is no human way of talking about this or even imparting it,all true Spirit ministries pray for a gift of utterance. In other words each time we open our mouths we are dependant on a is not really human speech at all, even though at surface it may appear to be fairly normal.When we share in Spirit and Truth people who hear us REALLY get delivered. Signs and wonders follow. These things do not follow cleverness of speech....they follow the simplicity of Holy Spirit impartation.
Issue 4.In Spirit and in Truth or Word and Spirit, as prophesied by Smith Wigglesworth when around 1947, speaking of the coming Last outpouring , is not a contradiction for a church raised on "worshipping in Spirit and Truth" Only human darkness tries to deify intellectual truth , to live at variance with the Proverbs 3:5 command of Trust in the Lord with all your heart and DO NOT rely on your insight. Because we ran churches from our insight we were unable to run them on God's twins of Spirit and Truth. Christ says out of your bellies shall flow Rivers of Living Water. We run churches out of our bellies. We are to gird up our loins with the belt of Truth.....doesn't say anything about wearing that Truth Belt round our leftbrain on our heads.
Issue 5.Until we "see in His light" we think having worship groups is OK.When the church gathers each has a component to bring but as from the One Spirit....a psalm,a hymn, a teaching,a prophecy. Why? I thought the worship group were the special people who led and the congregation follow. Well if saints are going to learn "in Spirit and Truth" by doing you'd better keep it short with the worship group, or muzzle them right down.You'd better seriously assess whether your teaching or preaching will further the aims of getting people further in Spirit and Truth. If yet again all you have to hit them over the head with are OLD Testament or worse still New Testament Laws but never pointing to the Fulfiller of those Laws within them...I'd seriously consider taking several years out of your idea of ministry and learn the Spirit CHURCH way of doing things in Spirit and Truth. I have laid everything aside for years,holding down a normal job, in order to learn. I'd seriously encourage many others to do this. After all the first 30 years was how Jesus came into His ministry. If you as a "charismatic" ministry try to minister in a Church moving in Spirit and Truth you may well be caught with your pants down....worse still...your genitals actually showing....because you just have not spent long enough in a framework where you can girt your loins about with a GENUINE Belt of Truth and you are in fact still only girt around with fig leaves. Instead of Rivers of Water pouring from your insides , the Spirit and Truth congregation look aghast as a trail of hot empty air issues from your mouth,from which no one gets fed."The sinner shall not stand in the congregation of the upright" Psalm One
Issue 6 In Spirit and in Truth then is a twin pronged attack,the one ideally suited to the other,to bring forth Christ in individuals and in corporate expressions of Christ. While we remain as "children" in the backward notion that Truth is somehow the leftbrain part, and Spirit much of the rest, we fall back into the evangelical notion of the constituent parts of a human. Largely, they believe we have some sort of pea sized spirit in the centre, round this is a larger soul, and round this is a larger body. As Daniel Yordy's updated diagram shows from New testament fact the song which says "I've got the Holy Spirit ALL OVER ME" is much more accurate . The Holy Spirit is entwined with my spirit and encompasses everything about me. This is why we say we have the mind of Christ. This is why we say we who are mature have had our senses trained according to righteousness. Spirit is the WHOLE DEAL, not some relegated part according to charismatics, who are forever trying to "get into the Spirit".It is the constant believing of what Christ says about us rather than giving flesh any room with performance related measurement devices. We have died. If I slip I return as the verse returning and rest I am saved,in quietness and confidence my strength ISAIAH 30:15...

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Worship in Spirit and Truth Part 2 by Chris Welch on Facebook Saturday, 23 April 2011 at 23:46.

Issue 7. When we see "Spirit and Truth" as "God going on" we begin to understand much more about reality.God is Spirit and cannot lie.Although He Himself is at rest His purposes in the Earth were switched on at Creation and continue pretty much regardless of whether we are close to Him or not.Day to Day pours forth speech regardless. In the last century and a half women have come to the fore. Now with closed religious minds we either ignore this, trying to keep our tin container structures with their lids firmly on, or we open our eyes to see that it was always God's intention to have women co ruling with men. Because of the stupid inflexibility of the Catholic and Anglican churches women have had to rebel, and "bust out" sideways so to speak. What should have been a glorious rising appreciated by born again and spirit-filled men,through total religious darkness,became instead a messy war of first the suffragettes,then feminism, at first so much mixed in with a worker's uprising,Christian Labour, later more and more atheistic and Marxist,ending with an almost universal rejection and loathing for the whole Church.But this was never God's heart. In fact pretty much the same would have occurred far earlier if people had got hold of St Paul's actual revelation, rather than getting so hung up about veils,hats and headcoverings.He would in fact have gone apoplectic with rage at how the religious spirits had diverted his original Spirit intentions in what he wrote.Returning to "God going on" is simply abandoning the fake.It is the genuine of the phrase "KEEPING IT REAL". Each new generation longs for this and whether it be 60s hippies taking off their be just who they are...or whether it be 90s and 2000s clubbers taking the Ecstacy drug (E's as in Ebeneezer Goode,Ebeneezer Goode,E's are good,Ebeneezer Goode)in order to loosen the left-brain control on relationships, and release a chemically boosted love atmosphere......All these are attempts at returning to an intimacy, a friendly innocence with one another.....while in fact totally maintaining the original lie that is that our so-called independence is a sham,it is totally interwoven with a false spirit who keeps each generation in turn in their "Particular manifestation of bondage".Owning up to the fact that we need to be empowered by God's Spirit at all times, even to return to being the original functioning beings that God always the BIG step we each have to make.More defined than this...Christ wants to live As Us...returning us to "God going on". Jesus pioneered this walk(The Father as Him)....not to return to heaven and laugh as we try and have a go. But to shower us with the full LIGHT concerning the complete work He did for us on the Cross. The more complete we get to see was His Work, the more we get to walk away free...really free...HIM as Us!!!

Issue 8 Spirit and truth has this aspect....particularly in our early days....of quickly cutting us off from "endarkened leftbrain living". Living from what we can sense and measure means we live from Satan's and "our" selfimposed limitations. We live from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil. This is the first target of all the work of the Holy Spirit to bring us into Truth. What Truth? That since conversion we in fact live out from a God who knows no limits. What use our measures and senses when we are called to "pull down" from the realm that knows no limitation. What looks messy to onlookers viewing Christian "lacks,frustrations,continual crisis living" is nothing other than the underside of the rug weave, because the glorious pattern on the top of the rug is one of believers with strong faith muscles, with Rivers of faith in their bellies. Why in heaven's Name do we think Jesus began His Kingdom course in Matthew 5 with the Beattitudes. He can hardly be accused of misselling His Apostolic Training Course! "This is how it is going to be fellas.....up for it?"So Spirit and Truth tackles our personal Darkness head on with these tools : needs,lacks,persecution. But in the Holy Spirit with these tools: all the gifts of the Spirit as well as explosions and releases of all the "fruit" of the Spirit. Initially as "downpayment" format ,individually and corporately, later as a more embedded character and gifting as we learn the trick of living fulltime AS Him. Existing ministries patronise,shield their flocks....spend endless years "describing what a good Christian life should look like" rather than imparting the death and resurrection of Christ that has occurred already at their people's centre.They prevent their flock from worshipping in Spirit and Truth, from learning how to operate in Spirit and Truth, from "piecing their own heaven together in the Spirit", preferring to transfer more endless hours of leftbrain truths to already overburdened darkened minds. As a rule of thumb....saints don't need any more leftbrain measurements , they need more Spirit impartation...some of which will be Christ's own thoughts.We were given minds to think and discover God thoughts....but that is only a small part of the vocabulary of Spirit and Truth living. Many are the very real, but hardly articulatable things the Spirit does in us....well often hard to relay at the time, becoming huge strands of teaching later on, as we learn all that He was doing. Spirit and Truth is "experience". It is substance. St Paul at one stage says he longs to visit a church to impart some gift to the believers. That is how Truth is in this new realm. It is concrete. Selwyn Hughes broke off from a course of teaching one Saturday night in 73 in London, saying he felt to minister on fear, and particularly the fear of man. He imparted the antidote, boldness and faith in God. All in the room received something "in Spirit and Truth". This was early days....but this was God's real church in action. I even had a physical manifestation in a wart on my hand just fizzling away within 2 days. Yet it had been there for months.

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