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This kind comes out only by prayer and fasting - Deuxieme Partie

by Chris Welch on Wednesday, 06 July 2011 at 17:44 Facebook note

Faith has to have body to it.

Faith without works is dead.

But you can't work up from faithlessness to faith by doing something.

Hagar's son Ishmael didn't somehow get accepted because at least Abraham was doing something to get the promise fulfilled.

Nope. It's not that type of works.

The spirit instruction comes first, but the spirit behind the instruction doesn't take hold of us until we act.

This worked in reverse in genesis 3. As long as Adam and Eve were just mulling over the serpent's instructions, nothing changed.

It was when they acted on their negative faith, and Adam reached out his hand to take the forbidden fruit, that he died on the inside.

A couple of weeks ago before Rich Novek was back in action I was attacking the static believism of Americans with the phrase Jesus never said He was the Entrance Kiosk, the Truth and the Life. He is more dynamic than that. He is a Way for us to follow. Not a moral code. He Himself is that way. We hear on our insides the Way we should go, and "hearing by faith" we obey.

Paul was called to bring the nations to the obedience of faith.

The American version of Moses and the Israelites would be that there was a rally in Goshen, after which they all asked Jesus into their life, painted their door frames, stuck stickers all over their houses, and started saying grace before mealtimes, and saying prayers together before bed.

The Bible version is that they applied the blood to their houses, an angel passed over them, their sons didn't die, they hastily prepared a meal, grabbed all their neighbours trinkets from wellwishers and got the heck out of there by faith.Acting on the voice of the Lord through Moses .

The American Power version of Moses story would be standing on the shore of the Red Sea, God TV would train their cameras on Moses, while he commanded the Red Sea to separate, then they have a collection, a celebration praise meeting on the shore at this great wonder, then make their way back to Goshen, glad to be able to watch the reruns the next day.

The Bible version is that they were chased by real Egyptians in chariots, they gave Moses an absolute pasting in their unbelief. He, strengthened by the Lord did separate the waters, and they all had to pass through to the other side.

Are you getting this? The one is a spectacle. The one is an adjunct to your life. The real thing BECOMES YOUR LIFE. You join the WAY of the Lord by faith. And that WAY is specially YOU-shaped, to get God Himself materialising in you.

So it's not only accepting on faith the Word of God and carrying on living as you always did. But NEITHER is it a kind of human opposite of this, where you create your own mishmash of what you think God demands of you. This would be like Cain bringing his harvest festival fruit offering to the Lord. It was his religious idea of what he thought God would be pleased with. Abel received by revelation on the inside of himself the ONE thing that would please God, which was the "type" of His own Son.....A LAMB.

So neither of these are correct. Hearing by faith and doing nothing. Just enjoying the message . What a great message that guy preaches!

Nor is it a "works" response of Build It Yourself Worship Packages.

What is it then? Connecting with the Living God on the inside of you and doing precisely what He says....even if you have nothing else to go on. That is the obedience of faith.

Why such insistence on this?

When I was born , unbeknown to my parents, I had pyloric stenosis, or a blocked stomach tube. I was taking in food, but sicking it up. After two weeks I weighed less than when I was born. I was rushed from Ghana to Great Ormond Street hospital where they operated, and then food began to pass right through and I was nourished.

In churches there is a lot of Word being read out and preached on, but it's neither coming from digested sources, nor is it being digested at the other end. It's a bit like a bird's nest of birds all passing their food from beak to beak, but no one is actually digesting.

Real Word comes from a digested place inside you, comes out from this deep place, and nourishes someone else deep inside them."Deep calls unto deep". (Read Watchman Nee "Release of the Spirit" )

I want to give an example, which for me is all a foretaste of how we are now starting to live fulltime, but that happened when I was 20 years old. This actually is what this post says on the tin.

While still at Exeter University doing French and German Combined Honours before hearing the Lord to leave, I set about organising a contact in France to practise my French during the summer holiday 1978. So it was November 1977, and I heard ever so clearly NOT to do what students do normally: pick grapes, or work as an assistant teacher in a school , teaching English. I felt definitely to contact rue de Musset church in Paris. So I wrote asking if they knew of anyone who I could live with in the summer. A few weeks later in january i received a negative reply, but still awaited further instructions from the Lord. Nothing. I felt foolish but carried on believing.

Summer holidays came. Nothing. I worked on my parents hedge. About 2 and a half weeks before being due back again for Dales Bible Week i got a phone call from a family in Northern France who had left rue de Musset to set up a "city of refuge" community on a farm near Houlgate. Really it was an identical vision to what I would later be a part of anyway in Emsworth Bible House. They had heard the whole thing by faith. And had felt strongly to call me. Within a day I was there. The whole thing was a Melchizedek connection that only God can organise.

In churches there is a lot of Word being read out and preached on, but it's neither coming from digested sources, nor is it being digested at the other end. It's a bit like a bird's nest of birds all passing their food from beak to beak, but no one is actually digesting.

The first morning the mother had an epileptic fit. Without being able to think, i put my coffee down, pointed, spoke in tongues and felt electricity just go straight through me. The woman keeled over and started to snort. I thought this was all part of it, but it turned out she'd been knocked out by the Spirit, and always snored like that anyway. Her husband carried her to her bed,and two hours later she awoke totally healed. France gave her back her driving licence after a year. Many, many other things happened in the next two weeks . It was like a parallel dimension.

But the point of what I want to say is ANYBODY can rendezvous with this dimension. This kind comes out by prayer and fasting. This is the life of the Fast. But understand this is not about whether you eat food or not.

In the last post I said the third level IS THE LIFE OF THE FAST. It's union with the Life of God, which I repeat, is the ONLY LIFE in the Universe, but it also has a Cross in it.

You have to hear. You have to obey. That obedience takes you into what seems like a tunnel of abuse. Which like the story of Elisha, going for the double anointing from Elijah, and meeting all these "sons of the prophets" en route, telling him all the reasons he shouldn't be going.....

IF YOU refuse to listen, but continue obeying just what Christ within you is doing....

As Jesus said, I can only do what I see the Father doing....

If we live like this

A whole Body of us

Unlike Ed Miller who singly showed us how to open up one country - Argentina in the 1950s,

are you beginning to see what God is doing here on Facebook and in our blogs.

This is a way of Melchizedek power in an order we have no idea of. This is precisely the Gideon's 300 operation that

the Enemy has tried to stop from ever being repeated. Even here on Facebook.People want to keep it all individual.

But Acts 2 was never a bunch of individuals. Not even 12.

We are told there were 120 all in one accord. And that was how this thing that everybody on Facebook hates called the church, came into being. The devil loves people hating the church.

The church is the one thing about to wipe out all his operations. So he really wants us divided.

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Rich Novek I love the church! I just can't tolerate the "Different Gospel", the gospel which forsakes the message of the cross and seeing Christ alone as the ALL IN ALL! The ONE who fills everything in every way! The lying and powerless form of godliness that encourages the worship of a separated and distant Christ in exchange for worthless "dead letter" religion! The same performance based lie that says in order for God to love and accept me, I have to do something for Him!
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Chris Welch ‎,"...........ending .....I have to do something for Him!"That's what everyone says on here. Now I really get Nancy and Fred restricting themselves down to just communicating with those God indicates. Who can talk down the effects of this sort of ministry in say Jessie Penn Lewis. As well as touching various Christian events just brief contact with Norman Grubb and Watchman nee and Evan Roberts changed entire destinies. Daniel andI and I guess there are others just want by the Spirit, like Spirit spies from the land, to say we have seen how the Spirit works corporately. It doesn't need to remain random, ones and twos here and there. There is a pattern of operating which is as secure as sharing one to one. This is not a human pattern. it is shared in the Spirit, and /or is received direct in the Spirit. It is not failsafe in the sense that people are forced to "stay with the cloud" by coercian. But as real as real as I have managed to cloud hop from our school revival in 72, through revival in West Germany, thro a small kind of awakening in my first year at Uni, thro church life in the Melchizedek order from 78 to around 86, through to revival in the Baringo district in Kenya, through to finding Norman's crowd hidden away in Cobham (by fluke), through to finding one of the rare churches nowadays that practices these same principles that we learned ourselves in Amersham, then again through Ed Miller in Germany then Emsworth.....I am telling you guys you can real as real as seeing with a single eye is to you individually in your every day walk.....there is a way of running a whole church in this order. And all of you will feel so at home, you'll be kicking yourselves that you never listened to me when I first came online in 2008, saying the same message for 3 solid years.Ed Miller was going to do it with Emsworth, but the devil put a spoke in, and God let it happen, because He only wants those like you say Rich, "who have a NEED to know" On aNeed to KNOW basis ! It's too costly for the halfhearted. So Norman Grubb, Sam Fife,Ed Miller were all used to begin penetrating the UK in 1979/80 with the 3rd level message. But the UK said no. And that has been that for 30 whole years. Meanwhile, wherever Ed was received in the 50 years since Argentina, he has consistently triggered a revival through a laid down church, proving the vision that God gave me about the natives. The 1986 one where all these natives stare at an airplane and call it a silver bird. And the Holy Spirit saying the only difference with the States attitude to aircraft is the States'100 years of knowhow in plane flight, and in the same way God has been giving us Spirit knowhow for revival. It's not fluke. It's the Way of God. Not laws. Just Spirit principles, both individual and corporate. We got so disappointed when what we thought was the answer...the charismatic way turned out not just's been a disaster on a scale totally akin to the Israelites dying in the wilderness....and many still cannot raise their heads again above the individual level. But there is both a 3rd level individual vision, and a 3rdlevel church vision. There is NOTHING beyond the 3rd level. If there was God would have made a 4 part Tabernacle. We will spend the rest of time on earth exploring the massive room that is the Holy of Holies manifestation of life in a believer and believers.
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