Sunday 10 February 2013

Third Level Prosperity Message

by Chris Welch on Sunday, 10 February 2013 at 00:25 ·Facebook
St Paul's take on prosperity is different from Copeland and Creflo Dollar in this way. St Paul's gospel is a full thirdlevel Father level (1 John 2 ) affair. The Word of faith movement addresses the individual, and God's desire to bless,increase and generally maximise life. While that's fair do's, NEVER mix it up with the thirdlevel, which is believing for the same but over cities and nations. And the road to gaining such intercession involves filling up that which is lacking in Christ's afflictions. Now some "Suffer-mongers" delight in taking the rough road...but this isn't what Paul was doing. Any idiot can go the way of blowing everything and letting everything go to wrack and ruin. St Paul ALWAYS heard from the Father FIRST about the intercession he was trying to gain. One of them quite simply was ROME. Nobody had gone for that one yet. So instead of listening to the secondlevel prophecy (again quite valid) of Agabus about not going to Jerusalem,Paul was quite clear....this was possibly a midway stopping post for his actual goal. Now he let the Father organise all the midsteps. Prison.Shipwreck.Numerous near death experiences...but HE GAINED his intercession....and while not being exactly free...God set him up with his own writing desk so we'd all know about how the third level worked in his subsequent writings. This is a far cry from "Suffermongers" who never get any goal, but at every opportunity remind us how much they are suffering. So neither creflo Dollar nor his opposites, the suffermongers...represent true mature Kingdom...but St Paul does if anyone cares to sniff around deep enough.

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