Tuesday 16 July 2013

Christianity doesn't work for the Old Adam

(Facebook status - Chris Welch)Christianity doesn't really "work" for the Old Adam. It wasn't designed to. Sure, you can try a bit of Aladdin's Lamp Holy Spirit Genie rubbing while continung to live in separation. The 12 disciples were master at that for a while. One even dipped his mitts Catholic/Rothschild like in the mission funds, though he did end up committing suicide.
Nope....Christianity works best identifying ourselves with the complete Adamic death on the Cross,fully raised up as new creations in Christ. How do you do that,Chris? Errrr.Well you don't. It's too late. It's been done. Your soul just has to catch up. All the soul link feeds that are still connected with the ADAMIC Matrix are ALL BOGUS. The Matrix doesn't want you to know that. But there is NOT ONE GENUINE FEEDLINE. Hebrews 4 describes it this way....dividing to the piercing of soul and spirit, joints and marrow. The only genuine Life feeds into your soul are Spirit feeds, because your spirit is primarily who you are, as expressed through your soul. But you never were a selfpowered soul, and you still aren't. Funnily enough, living in unbelief is more "false believing" than not believing. If you try making Christianity work believing you are a self-powered soul absolutely nothing works. Christ living His life as us works very well...but it has the appearance that it doesn't, because we're not living according to the Matrix. So initially, all people see are lots of loose,straggling Matrix feeds swinging idly in the wind, so still attached themselves, people assume Christianity is useless. NOPE....it just takes time learning to get the hang of Living from your own internal powersupply when you've been used to Rothschild's.

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