Saturday 24 March 2018

Rape Victim

If you have been raped by the other sex it is unlikely that you will sail into marriage without first a lot of healing. Most probably you will run a mile from ever being in a relationship of commitment.

I use that as an analogy.
God is in all. God created all. He is living His life in you now. If you are an unbeliever you are calling that something else. If you are the Devil you are calling that something else.

God is the Sole Source of Life Buddhists depersonalise as a force.
He is instead a Person.

His goal and determined will is that everyone discover He is the All in All. His goal and gift to Christ is that His Son subject everything under Himself and hand the whole thing in to the Father to whom He Himself is subjected.

But here’s the problem. He can’t yet tell everybody that.

Why? Everybody. Everybody has been raped.
The god of this world has muscled in and blinded every single living soul.
He is a liar . Thief. Murderer.

Every single concept of the real Living God is seen through a raped warped distorted vision.
Not even the best thoughts about who God is are in any way accurate.

So He can’t even announce His End intentions without us screaming in terror. Without us ascribing oppression
a robbing of free will
A usurping
An extreme extreme will instead that Gods outcome never never never come true.

In Song of Solomon the phrase is
Stir not up love
Nor awaken love until it please

But in the New Testament simultaneously we have the command to
Preach the gospel to every man ( and woman)
Compel them to come in

And all this when 7 billion have been raped spiritually and can’t imagine they would ever want a god or deity.

2 billion are meant to be Catholic. Of these large numbers are not born again. They are still engaging their religion coming from a place of what the devil has done to them and still is doing to them. This is why religion without the Living Christ is so dangerous. It’s rehearsing those same hurts and poisons from that rape, but this time even worse, calling it Christ. But it’s not.

The real Christ maps out in Johns gospel what He brings to pass in a believer by His own grace working in someone, and the order that it takes place.

First JOHN chapter 3, spiritual rebirth.
Chapter 4 the water and baptism of the Spirit
Chapter 6 the substance and Bread of Christ who comes down from heaven to form His very Person in us
Until JOHN 15, we have such Christ consciousness we only DO what that Christ is doing in us. We live as a Christ branch in His vine.

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