Sunday 26 May 2019

Catholics eating out

The Catholic Church outrageously discourage people from having a personal relationship with Jesus. They say people will be deceived.
There are 1.2 billion Catholics, you’d have thought that would provide enough doctrinal stability.
Not a bit of it.
And to get round any direct disobedience there is only one thing for it, call into question Sola Scritura. Say the Church body have greater authority than the scriptures.
So let’s just summarise.
You don’t let individuals listen to Jesus direct, because they might be deceived and then when people do submit to the church and notice the Bible doesn’t say anything about a separate priesthood , or tithing or infant baptism, you say the Bible is wrong and you are right.
The two witnesses to God and His ways are the Holy Spirit speaking to our spirits and the written Word and you the Catholic Church don’t agree with either.
So I guess to keep consistent when you visit a restaurant as a body of people, say a vegan only restaurant, you ignore the waiter and put away the menus, and trust your church officials to order beef, because they know better than the restaurant?
Ridiculous .

Facebook post 17.58 25/5/2019

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