Monday 28 December 2020

How Acts 2 IS the HOLY of HOLIES on legs!!

 This morning's Facebook posts on what it is we are actually a part of.


The way Facebook works as all you guys know is by participation in the form of a response . A like . The like then gives tacit acceptance to a flow of posts . Can I just say , that I am through with the solo ministry thing . This is a figment of everybody’s imagination . There is no such thing in the Kingdom . You get sent out in minimums of twos . Perhaps not in Christianity , but when you are preaching Kingdom you do . Can I also say I am through with Romans 3 to 5 ministry . Just to be clear there I mean the isolated form of ministry that it is , taken out of all context of the whole of the rest of Romans . Can I also say I am through with women leaping out of “ socialisation “ into an esotericism that involves Grand Masters and angels and lights and stones and crystals and kundilini and chakras and third eyes . What I am interested in is people who know how taking up the Cross works , how Genesis 3 is a lie , how we have died and it is no longer I that live , and this being so true that we have moved from death to life and are inside each other . We are like disciples helping each other with nets . As marvellous as Rodney Howard Browne, Benny Hinn are ... they aren’t actually part of that . As marvellous as all these ladies are finding life beyond the strictures of Law , and male pyramid societies , finding flow and Romans 3 to 5 life ........ and as a common theme loads of ladies club together ...... But are they together really ? The together of the Kingdom really really is the destruction of the “ lone - I “ from Genesis 3. It’s not just where we find each other as Grace covered people . There’s any number of churches of 15-35 year olds as was Rob Rufus church in Hong Kong all drinking of the grace message around 2008-12. But you notice it was still one leader doing all the ministering . If it’s genuine then I guess like Jesus after about 42 months there will be now 12 going off and doing the same . Except it isn’t is it ? Jesus wasn’t ministering out of a single shred of Genesis 3 consciousness . He was transmitting pure Kingdom . He had no “ lone - I “ consciousness so what He was imparting wasn’t miracles , wasn’t even the complete covering for sin . What He was ministering was uncovering any of this sham existence by being filled with grace and truth .At times gently , at times ferociously . And they trusted Him to do it because He had authority .And was ofcourse under authority . Real life and Real Kingdom are the same thing . One thing . And we join each other inside it . But it is absolute Light and not all of Jerusalem were up for it . So here we are and this is the “ king David’s new cart “ of automated fellowship where we “ like “ something . The truth of Light though is we are either drawn to it in one another or repelled by it . And similarly if there’s any Dark we are repelling one another if in that matter we are already in Light . A lot of this is unspoken . It’s inside attitudes behind the things we are writing about . Many times we can’t quite articulate it either . Or it’s like Paul writes “ if I am an eye and because you are a hand , I say I have no need of you .....” so there's some of that too . We are all at different stages and that’s not a problem ..... honestly not .... It’s when a solo person thinks that after being given a gift of healing in 1 Corinthians 12 that they are now John Doe ministries Or That because they have read as far as Romans 5 that being able to minister to 15-35 year olds is the same as Kingdom . Praise and worship 25 minutes . Preach on the covering of the Blood 30 minutes . Get a word of knowledge to heal somebody - a few minutes then everyone’s buzzing and send them home . OK . But none of that’s Kingdom . It’s somewhere in the first two weeks of the gospels except they at least ministered in twos , so it isn’t even that . It gets 15-35 year olds excited ..... for many weeks and months any way ..... Until a church split over real world , real living type stuff .  


Dave Bilbrough, one of many on the podium of the London House church gatherings

Why do we go out in twos? So we can now have a tandem pair of Genesis 3 conscious people ministering out of their leftbrain of library facts ? No that would be like taking two mono loud speakers and saying “ hey listen to this . It’s stereo !” It isn’t though . It’s simply two mono speakers . It’s the same sound information reinforced through two mono speakers . THE REASON WE GO OUT IN TWOS AND MORE IS TO BEGIN DEMONSTRATING THE EPHESIANS 1.10 ADMINISTRATION . This is Kingdom . Gerald Coates , Maurice Smith , Dave Bilbrough, John MacLaughlin, David Mansell ( to start ) even the Galloping Gourmet !!! Yup Graham Kerr was there !!!! John Noble ofcourse . Instinctually they were doing Kingdom . But each one were still right inside the old Genesis 3 consciousness still , but with some anointing !!!! By by the lights of 1970s it was brilliant . And it was nascent Kingdom . We aren’t preaching” lone - I Genesis 3” power Christianity . We are not preaching mono loudspeaker Christianity . The whole “ sonic “ information of Kingdom is stereo from the very first sentence . It’s redeemed community . But ofcourse how redeemed we are shows up in LIGHT . If we are still a load of Alan Bennett mono “ Talking Heads “ ( his plays that are monologues ) Just putting us in a room will still be a load of mono speakers . To be baptised in the sea and under the cloud as a people , as a City compacted together , is something God has to work . If we work it , then it’s socialism . It’s redistribution of wealth . Which is just a con , because the elite share out our hard earned goods with a bunch of ne’er do Wells and cream off the top load for themselves .... or sell off all the hardware of a country .... its power its water its railways its health and all these get run as corporations and the expenses skyrocket . That’s why the actual production of any nation devolves mostly back into 70% of self employed and small businesses. Because pyramids don’t work . Endless tiers of middle managers benefit a few at the top but they are the most inefficient way of running anything . The Body . The Kingdom . Our own bodies . Do not resemble Eiffel Towers . Or pyramids . We are a whole . With no middle management . The Body is joined by that which each individual joint supplies . That’s the Ephesians 1.10 Kingdom . In Darkness you have to have pyramids . Darkness churches are run by one human down through tiers . Kingdom Churches are run by the Holy Spirit through living connection and many classes or types of gifting distributed throughout the Body . The one who has real authority is just doing a whole load more “ supplying and joining “.


Fisherfolk, Yeldhall Manor, Reading
Fisherfolk Yeldhall Manor
Wherever they were at the London house church leaders ministered out of the rediscovery of baptism in the Spirit in a no religious setting and RELATIONSHIP . Wherever they were at Graham Pulkingham and the Fisherfolk ministered baptism in the Spirit out of Graham’s deeper Anglican history but out of Community lived relationship . As we proved in Emsworth Community , the Body is itself an entity like our own bodies with its own homeostasis . There’s stuff coming up and in Christ we do have what it takes for things to be brought into complete deliverance . We weren’t very good at it . We didn’t have Norman Grubbs articulation . But it really was going on , had we continued with it . The alarming nature of “ The Hideous strength” that is serpent life quite put the leadership off , and some of the leadership got rid of the more mature leadership and called this all “ way too heavy and unnecessary “. So what happens ? Things which had been more fluid and Kingdom revert back to pyramid , and “ one leaders family “..... with only family members having a look in ... until they too get cheesed off. But no .... the gospel was clear . Take up your cross and follow Me Paul says Dont get bitter in the day of testing . That’s not the same as allowing a pyramid leader to do and say what they like . That’s just Marxism . But when your strongholds are being brought into the Light ..... be assured you won’t like it . It’s not a deckchair on the Mediterranean . It is the Song of Solomon north wind . It is the astringents in Esther’s beautification . Jacob said at Peniel “ Dont let me go until you have blessed me “. Bind the festal sacrifice to the altar . But boy this has to be right !!!! People who are Christ them will really be about pulling you through . The Spirit will be upon them for this purpose . They will be groaning with groans too deep for words and the Holy Spirit will be helping them in their weakness . And guess what ? Next week it will be their turn !!!! Nobody is exempt . We are going from glory to glory . Elders have just had more of this sequence . They’ve done more of this training in righteousness . But nobody can say “ I am without sin now “..... all we can say is we are getting better at believing Christ in me as me . It’s not a doctrine , it’s a manifestation of greater and greater unity and love. Of being inside each other in a holy and healthy way ..... not codependency , aiding and abetting each other’s Genesis 3 alone-I. This is why we “ sniff the air “ like Paul . Because we are spiritual beings we know this stuff anyway when we are amongst people . Understand this ..... yup , some part is a geographical melding of each church in one location .... but it’s really a continuous state in the Spirit . Having fallen in love , God does mean things like says ....Right you have to move on now !!! So it says in Acts on the beach everybody was loving on Paul as he was leaving , with much tears and crying . They genuinely didn’t know if he would be killed . But it’s this Romans 8 state that we are co pollinating round the world . To the extent we are inside it , to that extent we meet each other instantly inside it . When we were firstlevellers , we met each other inside the glorious knowledge of being born again . When we were baptised in the Spirit we met inside that too . When we were having Romans 3 to 5 opened up we nolonger had to regale each other with the exciting things God had been using us to do . We now knew it was just a glorious grace covered being we’d been brought into . But Romans 8 is the place where you know that you know that you know there is no independent self . Romans 7 has strung you up from the ceiling to prove it . You now know something of being inside each other ..... at least relative to the current Rhema word that Christ is speaking and getting you both involved in . Some people are preaching a Christianity , whatever that is . But Jesus preached Kingdom . The Kingdom of heaven is at hand . 3 1/2 years later there was a microcosm that got called ekklesia . Can we really call anything on earth yet run like a pyramid the world over “ church “ or “ ekklesia “? Does it even look like Acts 2? I’ve never heard this spelt out by anybody but me , but isn’t Acts 2 just the Holy of Holies furniture ? In the Holy of Holies there’s a prepared mercy seat . An acacia box covered inside and out with gold , stacked out with three forms of Word . Testimonies of “ Life being lived “ The Rhema NOW Word The Declaration of pulling the whole of heaven into our earth space . Or the almond stick declarations of Deliverance . And above the Mercy Seat the manifestations of Gods Now glory , His Shekinah Presence . So in Acts 2 we see this as all one package . And that is our blueprint as ekklesia . Well where is it ? Anywhere ? For brief instances God works revival like Jesus Word of knowledge about where the fish are . The fish are found and all the ministries are fighting each other over the nets and the biggest hauls . Then we go back to Jesus in the gospels and see the same pattern and reproduction of Kingdom . God has to start somewhere so He starts with His Chosen Son , who though solo , in His Heart are the highways to Zion . So unlike any other ministry anywhere Jesus brings 12 ordinary people into this co shared Holy of Holies reality by Acts 2. Extraordinary . But I’ve never heard that spelled out by anybody ever . Not even R Edward Miller who prayed in the Argentine Revival Not even Jorge Pradas who established a church in every province of Argentina and some others in Europe and UK. WHAT IS IT WE ARE ACTUALLY DOING ?


Yeldall Manor where the Fisherfolk were based in UK, then Vic Gledhill based Life for the World Trust  Drug Rehab here.

  Unless you are born of the Kingdom you cannot see the Kingdom . It’s just endless religious movements and stone buildings scattered across the nations . Cain church and Abel church . Understand the Anglican harvest festival is but a small meme of the entire thing but it sure does go a long way to capturing the whole of it. The idea of bringing in food that you have harvested out of your own farms , not as a sacrifice for sins exactly, they aren’t quite that mad ...... but it’s some kind of “ works thank offering “ for Gods abundant supply . It’s some tins “ on the side “ which will be farmed out to people who will be genuinely grateful , doubtless . But real Kingdom is real heart relationship with God and each other . It dismantles the whole of Genesis 3 separation from the inside of the heart out . We really do all go into the ground and die .... Not to OUR AUTHENTIC SELF..... To our whole Satanically driven spirit infestation that takes a Cross to deliver us in death and resurrection. Our authentic God conceived and God created self comes bouncing back bigger than ever !!! Norman Grubb calls it “ us - with a wink “. Because we know that at our inner centre we have died !!!! If this process doesn’t have Jesus label on it , it isn’t . It’s just that it’s a Holy Spirit label that can’t be seen except by born again eyes . When did I give to you a drink Jesus ? When that little one came in my name and asked for a drink . What is “ my name “? Spontaneously God driven . There is a beggar type who hasn’t the slightest intention of anything other than free food , and they claim that they are coming in Gods Name and asking you for free stuff . But just “ claiming “ and “ being something spontaneous “ in your own God given integrity are two different things . Back to the heart thing . All of us are naturally something . First thing I got used in was having loads of songs . These were a blessing to the Body . Then I got cheesed off . Know why ? I can articulate it now . I didnt want to be stuck for ever and a day with aiding and abetting the Genie Aladdin’s Lamp rubbing of praise . I wanted to get to the heart of what the apostles were actually doing . Vic Gledhill had a burden for all the drug addicts . He began Life for the World Trust and they moved into the Reading House that the Fisherfolk had lived in . During the height of multilevel marketing I met Vic again . By this time he was into motivational speaking in business . A kind of less well known Zig Ziglar . I asked him how he’d pulled away from his drug rehab work . “Only a small number ever get free “said Vic . “I got tired of wasting my life on losers . I feel I can make a greater contribution with those that want to change their mindset .” Want my perspective on that ? Perhaps you dont . My perspective is that is that Vic was a cross between a Matthew and a Mark . He likes things to be practical and actually work , but like Lance Walnau , he’s also a big perspective man , who likes setting things in motion . A builder . An entrepreneur . But if you never “ see “ how Jesus came not only to bless us with Deuteronomy 28 blessings , but to completely reverse the Genesis 3 lie ..... anything you practically try to do for people won’t get anywhere . That’s why we preach Kingdom . That’s why we preach seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness . Not just to be mean . Because it’s the only thing that works . Marxism doesn’t work . Actually neither left nor right politics works . Kingdomtics is the only thing that works , and contains every shade of genuine positivity within all of it .

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