Thursday 14 January 2021

David's Catch up list

 Many minds are becoming QUITE emotionally involved in the politics of the United States...

You are an advocate for children and so am I Please remember that death is no big deal, and that you are currently building a life in the next Realm... by what you do And by what controls your mind..

( HOLY /ETERNAL SPIRIT OF LOVINGKINDNESS PEACE, CONTENTMENT, GUIDANCE AND POWERFUL POWERFUL SERVICE & INSPIRATION...) In the past year I have learned more about true World control and evil Powers much greater than the United States... It is very important for you to share with your children all wars are Bankers Wars And many of the presentations from a website called expose 1933. Com This describes in detail the World Bank takeover of governments over and over again The world banking powers took over the United States government long time ago.. The entire world of United States politics has largely been a very dangerous and misleading show I care very deeply about the Human family and the worst trick is half-truths and emotionally twisted Misinformation. I have three playlist that are loaded with information that exposes the powerful network of evil. Be very aware that when Jesus says a soldier does not get involved in civilian Affairs when he is under the command the general or commanding officer... THE EARLY DISCIPLES Understood that to mean that you do not get involved in the government's and operations of the world.. Disciples of Jesus have the responsibility of creating the most wonderful servant family in the neighborhood...! Ask your children this why did World Trade Center number 7 just fall down? Why did all those buildings just turn into dust, 16000 buildings in Paradise California alone? Why did the aluminum engine blocks melt in these so-called forest fires? Did human beings have anything to do with the terrible forest fires in California and Oregon and in Australia? What is the agenda of the United Nations agendas? What does it say on the Georgia Guidestones? How did China get turned into a slave manufacturer for the world... and then a total surveillance Society? It was not communism. The world banking powers are behind both communism and democracy in order to create fear violence WARS and domination of large numbers of people through fear & greed. The same powers that set China up right now beginning to control the entire world population... Through surveillance tactics that are almost impossible to cast off What is the quiet weapons for silent Wars document? All disciples need to ponder these things in light of PLANNED emotional brainwashing of the world Playlist 1 human domination World control
Playlist 2 strange evil fires and unnatural occurrences
Playlist 3, using World Health crisis to create fear & submission... developing actual mind control of the population & efficient extermination of large numbers of the Human family.
YaHVeH Elohim I thank you for this precious family and their devotion to our friend Jesus Christ... please help their understanding Jesus way of life to be crystal clear and filled with your peace in all things. Help them to not be emotionally caught up in civilian affairs of this evil world, By the power of the Holy Spirit increase the work of their home for their neighborhood and the families around them. Give them the power to effectively Shelter foster children and fearful disoriented women who are not in the safety of family and a unified Brotherhood...! The blood of yahshua. I plead the protection of the blood of Jesus over this family and all of their assets and all of their Associates!

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