Monday 24 May 2021

Letter to New Churches Including Lana Vawser' Word

 Grace and peace to all the new churches and those eagles gathering around the Romans 6 carcass of our death inside Christ, maybe waiting for God to knit you to other saints and churches.

That time is now when the Holy Spirit is joining you to many new people. link

We are in a Nehemiah 8 time period just as our generation lived through the same thing in 1973-8 as God formed the secondlevel churches.
We have just lived through the period God spoke to me about in an aircraft returning from Normandy France ready for the 1978 Dales Bible Conference. link

Figuratively according to the Heavenly Gates of Jerusalem, Gate number 10 is the Gate Miphkad. With each successive Nehemiah 8 "Gathering in the Square " according to generation , comes a change in order. An ordering of the Kingdom of God.

Up until this time since the time of the beginning, apart from rare exceptions, the rule of elders in the Gate has been totally ignored for the rule by one individual.

In 1970s God spoke the "I will do a new things will you now perceive it" Word to us
The " I will make a highway of holiness in the wilderness" Word, which the fool will not tread upon.
The "Enlarge the place of your tents" Word
And we all DID NOT PERCEIVE IT, because we thought entirely according the the Pentecostal tramlines laid by the 1900s move of God.

The NEW thing is not entirely new since it already exists in Acts, and in many histories of genocided and hunted movements, like Waldensians, Albigensians , Huguenots, early Celtic saints (link) (link)
This Move was not instigated by a human life teaching it in the form of Jesus in Nazareth, but by Jesus as Chief Cornerstone and High priest of the New Melchizedek order whose agent as promised in Jeremiah 31 and the chapters of John 13-17 is the Holy Spirit, the Preparer and Beautifier of the Bride ready for the Heavenly Bridegroom.

The New IS The complete 1 John 2 three stage of growth gospel but from the outset in Body format all over the earth simultaneously.

Waves of God all over the earth have brought men into New Birth.
Waves of God have baptised people all over the earth in the Holy Spirit.
But never have Mature thirdlevel Father level saints emerged (1 John 2)simultaneously in Unity and brokenness all over the earth to work together hauling in huge hauls of fish.

Up until this point in history there have never been more than a small handful of victorious mature saints , skilled in Word and Spirit, skilled in grace and truth, skilled in a breastplate of both faith for exploits and faith for trust , love and faithfulness. The Mercy Seat and the Shekinah. The Ephraim Gate (11)of double anointing and the Prison Gate (12)of Hebrews 13.13 intercession. cf Watchman Nee.

Nobody calls the work of God their own, but walk humbly together.
Nobody teaches Old Covenant tithing, but people impart the faith excitement of Giving and the looniness of casting bread upon the waters and see it return after many days.

Says the Lord, "In the transition period all saints must be aware that some of the hidden ones are receiving no payment and are truly of the household of faith . I have called them to the hidden George Mueller provision walk of faith , and while he moved 2-4 billion pounds equivalent worth of supply money entirely by faith, he also went through the early trials of learning this new walk.

From now on do not expect to be asked for money. Do not expect my true servants to highlight themselves at all. I by the Spirit will call you into the excitement of giving by faith and it WILL go beyond what you think you have faith for. No more will saints suffer the chagrine of being accused of preaching for money, because they will not mention it, and as with Norman Grubb and George Mueller, my Divine supply will be evident.

Give and it shall be given unto you does not just mean you will get a larger gift return. I am talking of your vessel in the Spirit. Your capacity to give. The size of your faith bowl in the Spirit will keep bulging at the seams as the bowl itself enlarges, to be able to pour out more.
God loves the cheerful giver does not only mean God loves each cheerful giver, it means the MINISTRY OF THE SPIRIT of the Encourager and the one with a gift of faith regarding giving.

I will send these out into the Body at this time who will impart the principles of Kingdom giving, excitement , blessing , faith , the very gift of the Spirit of a generous heart.

The more each individual enters into the River and the Romans 12.1 life of laying down their bodies as living sacrifices, the more my Church will be filled with great power, Presence, Me Myself.

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