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Experiencing Love - Bonnie Morris and The Wave of Pure Light -Annie Schissler

Picture taken near Alton after tuning. On a Blackberry Curve mobile.
Experiencing Love
first appeared here
by Bonnie Morris


This moment in time is like no other. We have never been here until now, so what I write feels like what I can imagine the New Testament writers felt while penning their epistles. Ideas of love and law expressed in their experience in the Old Testament were so different than what was appearing on the scene during the fullness of Pentecost. (Yet, while this new thing has now had time to stir in our midst, there has still been this knowing sense of... in and out of grace; in and out of fellowship with God; in and out of the Spirit, etc...) But something had definitely changed for them! The writers were seeing something different in the 2nd heaven. They could not refer to their Greek literature or the Septuagint for understanding because it was not previously known.
So when the Spirit of Revelation began processing love and law differently to them, I’m sure they felt like they were in uncharted waters. So it is with this same sense that I am trying to pen what I perceive and am experiencing: “Love in the 3rd heaven”! I know that God doesn’t work in dark corners, so I am sure others are hearing some of the same kind of things. I just haven’t read or heard some of what I write herein. So, please, set aside your dictionaries and concordances. You are not going to find this there. Just listen and hear what the Spirit is saying. This is not something anyone will be taught. It can only be caught.

So, please don’t be too hard on me. I am pressing in every day to SEE what we can possibly see. I believe we are tapping into some of the things that Paul said he saw in the 3rd heaven. In the realm Paul lived in here, this 3rd heaven was unspeakable... BUT ... full of glory!

I have hidden away these past few months and so much has been given to me concerning Love, but I want to constrain myself to write just an introduction on this subject and keep it brief.

I am specifically writing this to the brethren who already understand that there are three realms of Spirit or heavens so if you are reading this article and do not understand this, questions may be directed to:

Other articles that expound on this subject will also be posted on this same site soon.

Your friend, Bonnie


(Heaven: A realm of Spirit)

This law is not a dead letter but a living relationship law that embodies Christ’s own character and life and is all inclusive in His sermon on the mount. He is the “LIVING” (verb) sermon. Please read Matthew 5:1-12. The amplified version is awesome here. Notice everything as a verb! You can see by what you read, it is all about relationship.

John 1:1 In the beginning the Word was God and the Word was with God. This too speaks of relationship, showing us Who He Is: “I Am that I Am”! There was action going on; a discourse taking place; an interacting exchange of ideas. This was also demonstrated in the words: “Let us make man in our image.” This image is a living image; this image is Love, denoting relationship.

Love fulfills the law that condemns. While experiencing love in the 2nd realm was far greater than anything experienced in the law, it also created some heartache. When we read (past tense) the rest of Matthew 5, we put ourselves in an even greater bondage trying to “DO” what it says because somehow we thought it was explaining a “Higher Law”; a holier standard to keep and then the expectations got even greater. If it were somehow a Higher Law or standard to keep, it would only spawn greater bondage. The point Jesus was making was this: (You will recall He was speaking to Old Testament Saints who were puffed up in their law.) Romans 2:17 – Behold, thou art called a Jew and rest in the law, and makest thy boast of God.

Paul even said of himself: “Touching the righteousness which is in the law, BLAMELESS”. Outwardly, he did it...Jesus was explaining the true depth in meaning of the Old Testament law. He exposed how full of sin they truly were. The way they always perceived it gave them cause to glory in themselves. The scriptures in Matthew 5:12-48 have not been understood in its context! Thus, we see one of the reasons the beat has continued to go on and on and the controversies, backbiting, debate, competition, expectations and “do every thing right attitude” has continued to prevail in this realm. Please read the rest of Matthew 5. See what I mean? In the 2nd realm, we still continued to try to “DO” all these things, not understanding that Love (God) fulfills all these things. We even “TRIED” to perform the love mentioned here. How sad is that!!!

In the 3rd heaven there is no need of a standard that causes expectations in performance. There is no debate in realm 3. There is no competition here. All these things are finally understood as temporal and without spirituality. The only race that was ever spiritual in the first two realms was the race we faced with ourselves to win over our carnal mind. Scripture says that men who compare themselves among themselves are not wise. Love in the 3rd realm demonstrates the relationship of the brethren as “The Word was God and the Word was with God”. I had so much to overcome to hear the word of the Lord on this because I was raised in a home with 5 siblings. We were bowlers. All I knew was competition and debate. From the time we were very, very little, we were taught this.

I can just see Love wiping His brow saying: “Finally, you believe at last”. He’s also singing: “AT LAST MY LOVE HAS COME ALONG”. (HA!) (I have many, many, many to thank, who, along the way, painted on the canvas of my heart. This painting brought me to my present day relationship with Love. Mostly, I thank Love who so patiently guided me.

So, progressing ones... Love in the 3rd realm means shedding the old light! When the light in us has become darkness, oh how great is that darkness!!! To try to keep eating from that which has become dark... is a real killer!

2.The Law of the Spirit of Life:
Romans 8:2 – For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death!

This is the animated or living law, by which the Holy Spirit is the Imparter of revelation. You can easily see relationship here by your own experience. Holy Spirit comes to uncover Love and continues to reveal and reveal and reveal Love to us. Holy Spirit is ever close and personal! Holy Spirit is not called “The Comforter” for naught. The reference to Him as Comforter further indicates relationship. Holy Spirit brings and attends every word that proceeds out of the mouth of Love, albeit compassion or revelation. This law brings us into each dimension of relationship and freedom.

3.The Royal Law:
James 2:8a – If you fulfill the Royal law according to the scripture ...

This living relationship law is Royal in the majesty of its greatness of character, out of which, if it did not exist, neither would the other 2 that we are considering here. This is the law of Love: Every attribute or virtue of God’s nature! This is the nature that Governs by serving others. This Royal, governing nature denotes a submissive relationship amongst the brethren in the 3rd heaven. (Submit ye, one to another out of respect for God) There is complete union here. This Love is a verb. This Love is always a verb. This Love has always been a verb, but in the first 2 heavens, we could not see it, but it is the same Love in all realms. When the 3rd heaven fully comes, the I Am that I Am will have brethren who clearly see True and Living Love. Love will have brethren who engage in interaction perfectly. Not only with Him, but with each other! Love will have brethren who have the ability to lift. Love will have brethren who echo: “I do only what I see my Father do!” This brethren, will see His full image in one another because they know Love fully. Love will fully manifest as a verb. AND..... then the world will know that God sent Jesus!

This is my experience. This is not a set of facts. This experience came by way of relationship. Freedom??? It will become full.




The Wave of Pure Light - written here in 2006

Picture taken near Alton after tuning. Blackberry Curve

Annie Schissler - Ed Miller's daughter

While being just dedicated to love and worship Him again, He snatched me towards the spheres of light. When He received me in His presence, He invariably does it with those ineffable words that bring such peace and so deep security; He tells me: ‘DO NOT BE AFRAID’.

I know that I would not be able to enter His Cloud of Glory if He did not give breath to me with His greeting, since the reaction that provokes the taking part in so high spheres of glory and holiness is tremendously overwhelming. He has to protect me from the effects of such grandeur and refulgence, for if it were not in this way, I would be devastated and I would not be able to stand it. He also covers me in His Cloud when He shows me His operations for this hour.

With tremendous strength and demonstration of purpose, The Lord talked to me about a great “now” when He would be gathering multitude of souls. In contrast with His chosen in whom He had been performing a profound work, this new operation would be carried out in a completely exposed way and with great clarity.

God showed me a new and extraordinary wave of heavenly pure light and life that He is accumulating to prepare the manifestation of the Great Harvest,that will develop underneath the storm of evil which is forming. He told me that He would not wait or retain this wave anymore, but that He would proceed to manifest it because His great “now” had come. While being released by Him, it would flow over the earth, returning multitudes of souls to the fold.

This new wave, full of powers and forces of light and life, was His instrument and had a double function: one opened as the incision of a sharp sword, and the other penetrated and went through beyond all defense and accomplished what God had proposed.

More about the wave of light In this new occasion The Lord told me: “you will see now”, and immediately I looked and I saw a new and mighty pure wave of power that had began to work under that terrible storm of darkness of evil and persecution. While the storm of darkness still followed its course, this new wave of so pure light and life that had been prepared for this hour, suddenly started to expand in an explosive and magnificent way.

He showed me how this new wave operated: there were like gigantic arms that collected in an increasing scale countless multitudes of souls for Christ. In amazing operations of God, in great power and strength, thousands and millions were taken for Him.

However, there were differences between the levels and conditions of these souls that the wave of light had reaped regarding the elect ones who walked above the storm. The elect ones were obviously superior in development and light, but despite their inferior condition, the souls that gathered under the storm were more numerous and were equally precious to the Lord and He was especially interested in the harvest of this multitudes. With great joy and power He was intensively working to fulfill this.

The inferior condition of the new ones was detectable not by their appearance, but by their relationship with God. Those who walked above the storm had a very intimate relationship with Him, characterized by a great intensity, as if they were linked with the same fires and torrents of the divine nature.

When the new ones took abundant blessings from God, it was due to the fact that they rebounded from His chosen ones. The blessing of one had an impact as a blessing for another one.

Clearly the operation of God in this wave of light developed in the chosen ones through the purity and the holiness. This wave of pure light was working in the midst of great darkness underneath the storm. He showed me a especially terrible and gloomy area that offered no promise, where the wave had not reached yet.

Then He made me see that this light would expand in places where it had never been before and where the darkness had reigned without opposition. These places were many and were awaiting the manifestation of this work.

He said that He would take this marvelous wave of light and life to a certain state of development - up to the same threshold of its explosion. Although He desired this wave to burst in in this explosive force of purity, something was still missing for this to happen. The moment of the explosion would be precipitated and lit by the elect ones who were above the storm.

Each one of them individually, had to open as if it were a door inside them and they also had to enter an even higher place of communication with Christ, which at the same time, would open their inner doors to the manifestation in great power of this force of light.

While opening these doors, that great wave of light would pass through them and would start to accomplish its purposes and works over the land of the final harvest. Although this wave, full of extreme power and force to the reaping, would gather multitudes, it would however gradual and progressively advance, taking its territory as long as the chosen ones moved forward and opened the doors to the new ones.

The ones who were under the storm, though they received great provision of light and life that God shed, nonetheless they were allowed to be moved, shaken and buffeted. However, through this, it would be provided the way in which the Lord would mold, transform and develop them. On the contrary, those who were above the storm of darkness, that is, the elect ones could not be shaken as they were rooted and asserted in their relationship with Christ

He told me that these sons that would give way to this new wave, must be extremely purified. This purification is of fundamental importance, not only for themselves, but also for these new ones that will be gathered. This high, complete purification of the elect ones is equivalent to the opening of the doors inside them that will rebound in a force of great life and light to those thousands that are still in darkness.

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