Monday 18 October 2010

Facebook Community and Cindi Estep

Some are using Skype and Conferencing already. Many of us have not "faced" the technology yet and have yet to stare it down and say "Ha! Think you can defeat me? huh?".

So for many this is a shock how we all look in real time!!!! But here's a small selection all wanting to express some love back to our dear friend Cindi Estep.

Ginger Pearce left us all suddenly, and the outpouring she received on facebook was a stunning
Life Check to her personal family, who had no idea of Ginger's reach. So Leo writes
"Yeah, Me too Libby, just the other day Jess & I were reminiscing about Ginger over the phone, & we were awed by the outpouring after she left us so we agreed "better to catch em on this side of eternity". It was just the shove I needed.
Best U.Leo " (Leonard Fredette)

My greeting 1

My Greeting 2
Apparently Windows Moviemaker doesn't like Blackberry vid files so you can't join them!!

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