Thursday 21 October 2010

The New Subject of Spirit Geometry by Chris Welch

First appeared on Facebook Wednesday, 20 October 2010 at 11:47

How do I know about this subject? I just made up the title.

Jesus was clever.He not only told stories about families and friends and fluffy things, he also told tales of builders and towers and armies.

Get my drift? Generally the Kingdom is presented in such a female style that churches are filled with women. Well that's one take. Another is that men have this slightly linear angular style to their thinking that doesn't pick up on the MANIFOLD wisdom of God. Women are perhaps better at this.

So , like a car, if your wisdom doesn't have a MANIFOLD, go down the shops and get one.

The real problem with politics is not the validity of left and right views.

The real problem with the church is not which particular denomination has the right view.

The real problem with education is not whether kids should be taught strictly, or left to go at their own pace.

No, the real problem with all of the above is way way way more basic.

The real problem is that the Fall locked us into our left-brains. Into linear thought. Into

I live from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil and everything along a rigid line of values going from bloomin marvellous to less good to bad to absolutely appalling. We live the opposite of Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and DO NOT RELY on your insight.But in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths."

This has become "Trust in your insight with all your heart and do not rely on your Lord. In all your ways stumble on through until you can make your own paths straight."

Any idiot can see that if we ran politics the way the two hemispheres of our brain work, or like a family manages a household with input from both parents, both left and right disciplines are equally valid. But linear thought can't see that. It is locked into into its own tramlines.

Just so for religion. Just so for education.

So Spirit geometry is for people with angular thinking. It's not quite the same as I've just written , so kindly rub down the blackboard, or if you've got one of those digital whiteboard thingies, just refresh the page please. Thanks.

This is about the 3 dimensions of physical space. Forwards sideways and up. It's about God's desire to build a house in the Earth.

So it is about combining ideas of physical geometry with Spirit construction. It is a totally one sided picture just as Jesus words were one sided: Before you build a tower , consider that you have got enough materials to make it, because when you start building and haven't enough to complete it, people are going to look on and laugh. That is, this picture contains nothing of God's love, or relationship or anything fluffy like that, so is only a very limited picture, since the whole of the Kingdom is about love. I'm saying this so you can blame Jesus at this point, not me. He started it.

The Stephen Hawking type word for a point in space having no dimensions forwards or sideways or up is a singularity.

When we are born again at our spirit centre we are a singularity. We are totally alive. We, like DNA, contain the complete frame of reference for everything that will ever be built into our life to make us a 100% fully mature adopted Son of God useful for any work on God's building anywhere on Earth.

The Bible's picture for Spirit Geometry is the Tabernacle. The Children,young men,father maturity manual of 1 John 2 put into a construction model.

To begin with, we are very limited in what God can do with us. We move in only one dimension , lets say forwards. We know how to share with others about how they too can have our "singularity" experience. We can say to folk, "I've been born again and you can be too."

We can tell others how to grow. "you move forwards like's easy isn't it?"

My problem with the next section of description is that the Young men stage of Christianity or here, the two dimensional form of Christianity seems to have 2 strands to it. You have people like me who only knew a full baptism in the Holy Spirit which jetissoned us off to share into our school and caused a small localised revival. But you also have Norman Grubbs that never have a clean clear experience of the Baptism in the Spirit and Jesus still lets them get into heaven....sorry that's cheeky. Ofcourse they get into heaven. But it kind of leaves the dilemma with how we get into twodimensional "plane" construction with such two different strands of folk. And I think it works like this.

In the second "area" of the Tabernacle, the "young men " stage are two classes of objects. There are the 12 pieces of Shewbread all neatly laid out on the Table, but there is also the candle stick, the ONLY form of Light in there. If the Bread is more Word based experience and the Candlestick is more Spirit experience-power-and gift based you begin to understand how these other "interlopers" (and remember both sides think that simulataneously of the other group) dwell side by side with US the true servants of God!!!!LOL

Clearly though, those fed on the Bread are still into linear thinking, because all their portions are neatly cut up and served up uniquely for them. Never the Breads shall meet.

So, in this stage, we can share with others not only how to get born again, (a singularity) how to grow moving forwards in one line, but also how to MOVE SIDEWAYS as well. Thus we are starting to break free from the curse of the Fall in our thinking. We are beginning to tentatively be aware that there are 12 tribes in here, but we don't want to look around much beyond about 4 or 5 of them. The rest make us feel sick.So we don't have anything to do with them.

Let's look at Jesus with the disciples. They were Hebrews. They understood about God. It was in their history. It was in their culture. Although not properly and legallly born again n yet, because that only happened when He breathed upon them after the Cross, nevertheless Jesus was really introducing them to a good deal MORE than One dimensional Kingdom. Pretty soon they were moving in two dimensions...they were empowered...goodness knows how...probably like the prophets of the Old Testament....and they prayed and commanded miracles....and so it was...they got the miracles...

And for a hundred years now, we as an international Body have been preaching this same two dimensional gospel of being born again, receiving the Power of the Holy Spirit and going around reproducing this type of Body, this type of Kingdom. In Spirit Geometric terms we've been spreading out numerically to the right and left. Or another way to say it is we have been sharing our LINEARITY in all directions!!!!! This makes a PLANE shape. Pentecostals. YWAM. All kinds of Spirit-filled housegroup. All kinds of Sattellite broadcasted Warehouse Church. Joseph Prince. Rob Rufus. The "reproductive" ministry of Morris Cerullo through Schools of Ministry that teach "PLANE" construction techniques.



And here the example breaks down.

Because God's House itself....


What is the third dimension? What is it that stops us building flat boring "Planes" everywhere we go that like half built towers just cause people to laugh hysterically, falling on the floor beating the ground? What is it that takes Sattellite TV form boring talking Head form where Joyce Meyers or Bertie Brits tells a story about how good the Kingdom actually filming the 3d KINGDOM deal, as would have happened had Acts 2 been filmed, with PETER STANDING UP WITH THE ELEVEN and proclaiming "What you see and hear HAPPENING is this......."

The third dimension had a rough start. The first time Jesus shared it tentatively half his audience left. I experienced that two weeks ago at the Oast house Conference. I shared with Andre that the same thing had occurred with me when I was 16 in Darmstadt West Germany in 1974. I literally had a nun practically frogmarch me from the bookshop (I loved linear thinking) down to the room where Mother Basilea, fresh from 2 weeks fasting and praying about Mao's invasion of Europe, flaming with heaven's fire scorched us on the inside with two "third dimension" or third level messages. The third stage of growth begins with us hearing a proper version of the 2nd level or 2nd dimension. Before we hear it we are strutting around the 2nd area of the Tabernacle with no real clue why we are in there, what it's for, and can we really go now, and evangelise the world because Jesus You are clearly wasting our time by bringing us in here in the first place, when we could be on Sattellite TV being more talking heads!!! And then we'd be famous....and then everybody will love me....and then......

Jesus suddenly with no health warning whatsoever announced to the disciples

"Unless you eat of my flesh, and drink of my Blood, you HAVE (now already) NO LIFE WITHIN YOU."

Ouch. Ouch.Ouch.Ouch. That bolt just came from out of His innards, out of His spirit and hit them in the same place.


You see I get a little alarmed hearing Andre and Francois speak. Their understanding of the Word is incredible. The blessing side of their ministry is undeniable. But in all the "short" time I have been with them I have not heard a single "bolt" coming from their innards, nothing that would make half their congregation disappear. And OK, it didn't happen all the time with Jesus. But reading the gospels through with this "3rd dimensional" perspective going on you start to see Jesus was continually causing trouble. Unlike some of the youngsters out on the circuit today, it wasn't rudeness....

It was that Jesus continually hit the Ezekiel 10:8 scrawlings that were the foundations of the people's lives He was talking to.

I used to wonder what on earth Ed Miller was going on about when he continually referred to various psalms which speak about God's voice like lightning, laying waste the foundations....

What foundations? What voice? I don't hear no voice...(Bit like Ghostbusters)

But 3 hours later , I'd leave an Ed Miller meeting and the whole of my innards would be shot through with lightning marks.

So what is the Holy Place for? If the Outer Court area is one gets us properly saved and knowing Jesus so we can also tell others....what is the Holy Place, the young man stage , the 2 dimensional stage all about?

Well, it's where our soul gets the KINGDOM treatment. It's where our heart , mind and will get KINGDOMIZED big time.

As I write in my blogpost which is one of the most read of all

Like Rene Magritte and Ceci n'est pas une pipe......the 12 lumps of shewbread and the candlestick


They are about the Kingdom. They are the sattellite TV shows telling you about the Kingdom. They are even the manifestations of Power, and revelation and prophecy, which we receive on our insides which BECOME the Kingdom in us, like growing seeds,

but they themselves ARE NOT THE KINGDOM.

The Kingdom itself is in one place only.

The Holiest Place. Where God is.

For millennia we have known that.

What we haven't known is that the KINGDOM


FULL TIME.Flesh incarnations of walking talking GOD in our forms

with the Presence of God, and the Spirit manifestations overhead backing us up.

It's Jesus fused with us. We have eaten Him. Literally.

Our little acacia/human flesh boxes are now covered with gold on our insides and out.

Inside us full time are the 10 commandments . The Word that Francois and Andre are sharing. The LOGOS.

But inside us also is the stick that budded. Faith operations, intercession operations which we speak by the Word of faith like Nancy Gilmore. Not only that , there's the MANNA word (Manna actually always meant...what on earth is that?) Manna word is what both Andre and Francois don't preach. Manna is RHEMA. It's the NOW Word that goes off after a day and begins to smell.

And overhead is an awesome Presence of God where things like Josh Mills and his glory gold dust fall every time he plays in churches. that is unless you are not wiping oil off your face at the same time. These are various wacky things God just enjoys doing which are never the same, but accompany His Word.

This is what is meant by the Incarnate Christ. It is this the Devil has not wanted. Doesn't care too much about sattellite TV or Pentecostal Christianity or whatever...... In revelation it says it's the MANCHILD he wants to chase off God's earth!

He absolutely does not want a COMPLETE TOWER. A 3dimensionsal, walking/ talking /working/worshipping/ sleeping/marrying/kid raising manifestation of the incarnation of Christ. He hates 3 dimensions. Because 3 dimensions means that his thousands of yours of reviling God's Word is UP

"NOW IS the manifestation of the Glory of God made known IN THE CHURCH TO ALL PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS!"

Epistemology is a long word I learnt of another learned brother's Christian blog. It means the study of truth, or how do we know or test the truth to be the truth.
Christian history is full of people saying the same words but meaning totally different things underneath. This article brought up a few discussions.

Let's go back one level and discuss the NEW COVENANT IN MY BLOOD.
Now this phrase is said in every church nearly every Sunday. But let's take a typical Anglican Church. They say this phrase because it is a theologically correct thing to say, but if you test the spirit of what is meant in most Anglican churches
what it doesn't mean is Jeremiah 31 as follows:
It will not be like the covenant
I made with their forefathers
"I will put my law in their minds
and write it on their hearts.
I will be their God,
and they will be my people.

34 No longer will a man teach his neighbor,
or a man his brother, saying, 'Know the LORD,'
because they will all know me,
from the least of them to the greatest,"
declares the LORD.
"For I will forgive their wickedness
and will remember their sins no more."

The Anglican church is run exactly like the Jewish synagogue predecessor but with Christian yes it is not the new covenant actually but a rehash of the old one.You still have a presbytery who stand between you and God, and they still teach you to know the Lord because no one really does. And every week there is remembrance of sin. And every week people are NOT taught the New Covenant which is the very Divine principle within that makes us not want to sin, becausewe are too busy with our New Father's business.

Got that?

Well in the same way Francois rightly points out that you can learn about the Tabernacle and it can, if taken in a wrong spirit, make you just like Martha was when Lazarus died and Jesus arrived in her eyes "late". She put everything Jesus was about to do today off into some resurrection sunrise at the back of beyond. Jesus looked straight at her and said effectively: Hellooo, I AM the resurrection and the Life.....Let's go do it!!!
So Francois writes:
The logos was logos before any one heard it preached, Gods logic didnt become logic or truth by popular vote why always look for a justified season, 4 months for the full harvest to manifest! Weve been sucked into that for centuries! Like th...e Jews we quickly buy into stuff that makes us delay and postpone the hour that has already come! That way they missed the Messiah in their midst! theyre still waiting. Instead, lift up your eyes and see the ripe harvest!
the temple isnt under construction for 2010 years and eventually Gods gonna remove a bit of the scaffolding to show the prophets the real thing! It was done to perfection in 3 days! levels keep sincere pple occupied with excuses to remain for another couple of laps in the wilderness!
The Greeks are here to see you! What did Jesus hear when he heard that the nations seek him? He heard what he read in Haggai...he knew that he was the desire of the nations! No wonder that he responded: "The hour has come for the son of man... to be glorified! This is the moment that the prophetic word was all about, the moment all creation was waiting for! (How will that happen, How will God glorify the son of man, after Adam lost the glory on man's behalf?) unless the grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone
You cannot feed a family of 4 let alone the nations with a single grain of wheat! This was the hour of the fulfilment of the mission of Jesus, to die our death and to be raised into the full harvest of mankind’s redemption! It bore much fruit! The single grain of wheat did not abide alone! (Jesus could only be at one place at one time; he couldn’t be in Jerusalem and Japan at the same time as a single individual, but he’s about to be multiplied beyond count in the harvest of human lives)

We were made alive together with him, (while we were still dead in our sins, before we understood or believed any of his mission) the nations were raised together with him and seated together with him in heavenly places!!!

no wonder then that the first people to be identified as living the Christ life, were those same Greeks from John 12 (amongs others) but now they sat under Pauls message and discovered Christ not in Jerusalem, but Christ revealed in them! Acts 11

Our point of departure is the throne room! Col 3:1-4 Eph 2:5,6, 1:17...(not as a reward for mature believers after many years of churchianity and ‘moves’ and waves of revivals) as fresh, brand new believers! because there is only one faith, God's.

to which Nancy Gilmore replied
In to us! In to us! The first two levels, (little children, young men), are into us! A Complete Christ in to us! We are DONE! We are operating as a WHOLE person in Christ; spirit, soul and body. As a whole person in Christ we operate on this third level, which is: what the Spirit has produced in us, (Christ fully formed!), He now goes out by us and produces Christ in others! Others are the benefactor now of our lives; even at our expense! Spirit-spirit union is co-crucified with Christ as co-risen with Christ!
I think Francois is not getting the reality which Nancy is speaking
because he comes back with the Spirit done deal package again (which ofcourse is fine...and I especially like the phrase in red.)

There is a dimension of life available to man that exceeds every bonsai boundary that we’ve imagined, inherited or created. “The thief comes with only one agenda, to steal, kill and destroy; (W...hat is he after? He fears your knowledge of the likeness of God in human form!) Jesus came that you might have life more abundantly!” John 10:10. “If you continue in My Word, you will know the truth (about yourself) and the truth will set you free.” Christ gives true context and definition to life in its most complete display. “It is in Him that God gives a full and complete expression of Himself in a human body. Moreover, your own completeness is only realised in Him.” Col.2:9,10, Phillips translation. The original blueprint design is intact in Him; this is the fuel of belief. Faith is not a blind-fold leap in the dark! Faith sees the complete picture. Neither is faith a luxury option, it is the substance of our being, it is our ears with which we hear the eternal voice, our enlightened eyes, and the hand with which we harvest life, and it is our only escape from the agenda of darkness. “Whatever is not prompted by faith is reduced to flesh.” Rom.14:23.

...and this is a summary of the Afrikaans thought 4 today...
1 Kings 6:7 "not a sound of a hammer or chisel or any tool was heard! Because every stone was already cut to precision and perfection in the quarry! Isa 51:1 there is only one quarry where this could possibly happen! man's co-crucifiction and co-resurrection in Christ, in God's economy!

Both Nancy and I are NOT saying we wait to "eventually" get some Holy of Holies experience.
The last article and last blogpost expressly states it is true for us in our spirit the day we enter Christ, and from God's point of view He looked forward to it having already seen us in Him before Creation was ever thought of. What we are saying is there is a time when we have made it ours, and we walk confidently in it. We've passed the driving test and God leads us out onto the roads. Now we have "our gospel", not somebody else's. Now we're going into action because we really know who it is who is living our life. Before, even as a Christian, we didn't really.

As well as the prophetic being pushed aside (now as unnecessary, because the perfect in Christ has come), the other big alarm bell was almost a brushing aside of spiritual history. There's no point in trying to claim anything with spiritual history other than this.....genuine spiritual history is wrought by God. It is impossible for me to work, it doesn't reflect on anything other than my "failure". It is the measure that He has worked in me by the power of His own faith, some measure of fusion. We are saying, not just that I am totally complete in my spirit in Christ, but some measure of Incarnation in me has occurred. And owning this , knowing this and declaring the possibility of this is the devil's worst nightmare. As it was when Jesus said "Follow Me." and "Come and see". Because we have gone beyond "faithing into something "Jesus has already completed at the Cross ,to KNOWING it IS HE who has done it in me, and continues to do it in me. If I for an instant slip back into a false independent position and claim that it is I of my own empowering...not only will I quickly fall, but the truth (certainly about such and such an area) is not in me.
I have absolutely no idea what people do with the verse Revelation 19:10 the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. We cannot even connect with the true Jesus and not be prophetic in some way or another. We are calling into being things that are not. We are pulling all the "done deals" out of heaven by faith...His faith.

So our epistemology is
what does our spirit say is true about what the Cross has done for us
what have I proved works in my life because I see God has worked victories
what do my brothers and sisters hold as Truth as we all walk together in the Light, which Nancy has pointed out is our Fellowship with the Father and His Son defined fellowship
and more specifically I would add
what emerges as Truth according to scripture in the context of the real Presence of God and the prophetic as we worship and wait on Him without agenda.
The Bible describes as mature those who have trained their senses according to righteousness.
This has nothing to do with works and everything to do with living with/alongside and experiencing the righteousness that is by grace alone. Put these sort in a meeting, they will not be happy with any other kind of fellowship, than the fellowship they "know" by experience with their Father and their friend Jesus.


Castors said...

I live from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil and everything along a rigid line of values going from bloomin marvellous to less good to bad to absolutely appalling.

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

This Tree is the schoolmaster that leads us to Christ.
It is not the real thing.
Although they don't say it in words,
most churches teach that Christ is the schoolmaster to the Law.

Sheila Atchley said...

Dear Chris,
This has to be a favorite of mine! I so enjoyed this post - and, as usual, I am marking it to come back to it...there is SO SO much here.

Good to "see" you, my brother. Say hi to Christine for me, I pray all is well with your souls.

Blessings, Grace, and Peace!