Monday 23 April 2012

More from Patrick Bwayo

 Many many people have made Pastor Patrick Bwayo's previous post high in the Top Ten List. If people want to give but are put off by these crippling commission amounts, please contact me at and by return I'll give details of our UK Charity account Christian Supplies Trust. It is nothing to do with any other foreign charity, but in such circumstances we can collect up money and make it worthwhile sending to Uganda.
Patrick will be sent a complete list of sender's names and emails to let you know he has received.

Today he writes
Pastpat Bwayo
  • Dearest Ones in the Lord.
    Things are ok on side and the Lord God is working in a mighty way to establish His Kingdom everywhere in the whole world. I have never looked behind whenever I face obstacles like those I requested you to pray for in my previous message. I thank you for the publicity you made towards my request. God reward you for your concern. I have however not got any funds yet. God our Father has I am sure spoken to some brethren but they do not have what to give. We still praying to God to touch those who can assist. I am particularly worried about the food for the orphans and fees for the last semester of my son. Exams begin on 30th this month. Continue to pray. Thanks.
    We are praying for you and your wife Christine. God bless you with eternal life. Amen

 This is what Patrick wrote a few days ago

Chris Welch writes:  Contact Pastpat Bwayo Direct on Face book 
  Please send your assistance to Pastor Patrick Bwayo
Address: Box 1255, Mbale Town, Uganda. East Africa.

Sadly Paypal DOES NOT mail money IN to UGANDA
You can send via Western Union  from UK who charge £14 commission per £100 for gifts.

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