Friday 20 April 2012

P.D.A. shares about Newport

Next Newport Meetings - May the 4th and 5th

P.D.A on Facebook writes

Wales was fun on saturday, my friend Brynn from Staffordshire was there who I met at Gloryfest in Jan' 11. When I met him then him and his brother had just started getting hold of the message of the finished works of the cross and were the only 2 people in his little church who were getting drunk on the bliss of their salvation. This time he'd bought a minibus full of drunk people from his church to wales, over the last year the rest of his church have started getting hold of their union with christ because of Brynn and his brother Dan. Effortless fruit from drinking the vine!!
The last few times I've heard Dave Vaughan speaking he's reminded me that even while we're sleeping the kingdom is advancing. We're glorified ones diffusing the fragrance of heaven effortlessly just enjoying our lives. He was telling us some stories of when he went to Indonesia a few years back and how he met this 24-year old pastor who had a church that had grown from 200 to 5000 people in a year who'd discovered that the more he just rested in his union with Christ and the less he did the more his church grew! Some of the churches out there have angels that turn up and dance with the people in the meetings! The angels literally roll people across the floor!! It was around 2007 that Dave just started staying on his couch getting drunk in the spirit and not really leaving the couch!! This was when he really started to realise he was a branch!!
Dave was going to start writing his memoirs entitiled; "Tales from the couch:Memoirs of a drunken monk" but this is what happened:

"So I started writing my book, BUT it's too tedious and time consuming using 2 fingers especially when they are drunk! So last night the Lord compelled an American Ghost writer who we have never seen before who has helped Jim Goll and several others with their books to come to the meeting! She said she felt the wind of the spirit 'Compelling' her to come! LOL, Connection made, I guess He has it all covered!!!"

This lady who is the ghost writer is called Renee and she's from Nashville but is living in Northern Ireland. She was the last journalist to interview Ruth Ward Heflin before she died. Renee came to the meeting in wales and then came over to Princes Risborough on sunday when Godfrey Birtill was playing and is planning to come to wales again as she can't really find any fellowship in Northern Ireland as the churches seem to be quite conservative over there.

I've had an interesting time recently, while I was away over easter somone (probably my junkie housemate or one of his friends) tried to break into my room. My door was a thick fire door so they didn't manage to get in but they split the door so my landlord had to replace it. Basically my housemate hangs around with some Pakistani drug-dealer types who I know can get nasty. I don't think my housemate knows that I know who his friends are but one of my friends was having his life made a misery by these same guys a while back. My housemate on several occasions had given his key to theses guys so that they could wander in and out of our house. Our landlord had told him not to give his key to anyone before.
When I got back from easter me and my other housemates tried to have it out with my other housemate over this but as usual he just span us a load of bullshit and tried to lie his way out of it. I was a bit fearful over what was gonna happen because I'd had the police round and everything and I wasn't sure how my housemate was going to respond and whether he'd get his drug-dealer friend involved. We told our landlord about it and he came round last friday and we told him what was going on. we then realised that the drug-dealer friend was in the house whilst we were talking to the landlord! He'd been given the key again and this time my landlord saw him leave the house so he knew it was still going on. I decided not to stay in the house that night and went to a party in Bristol, stayed overnight and went to Newport the next day. Whilst I was traveling to Bristol the Lord broke of all the fear about my situation really just from resting in my sonship. i really got filled with a new confidence. When I got back on sunday, my housemate had cleaned the kitchen (which he never does) and had lost all his normal cockiness and was being all polite to me and everything. Turns out my landlord had rung his mother (my housemate is 35 by the way) and now he's all on his best behaviour as I think he's realised he can't risk getting chucked out our house!
Lots of other little things keep happening like strange little miracles like my car electric window fixing itself and a few other strange things that probably wouldn't mean anything to anyone but just keep adding to my sense of security. The thing I've realised is that the more I rest in him the more it annoys the enemy, I don't really need to do anything else to fight him really. I have cast some stuff down in prayer to come against him too with visible results but mostly just feasting at the table seems to do the trick!! I did pray over this pillar ouside Wycombe district council offices that this known occultist had been putting carvings into the other week and the following week a car crashed into the pillar and destroyed it! that was pretty cool!
Funny thing was that the message Joanne Gravell spreached (its a mixture of squealing and preaching!) on saturday was about "Little keys unlock big doors" I'd just had a fresh new white door fitted to my room to replace the old brown wood fire door and had been looking up verses to do with doors!!
 Joan Reilly
  • most of this and just want to say first of all, I loved PDA's post. I liked the part where you said you left your apartment in fear of what would happen with the housemate's friends and that God broke that fear and you returned trusting God after he filled you wih confidence about the situation. I'm learning about fear after dealing with a lifetime of it (debilitating fear), and in my old age, I find that I now immediately act in spite of it. I see it as a running to God the moment I feel it in any situation. When we speak "when I am weak, then I AM Strong" When I am in fear, perfect Love overcomes and casts it out. Fear/Love/God in that order. I find that I never stop feeling the fear, but for the first time in my life I realize it's God's tool to "know" him better In me As me walking in it With me. Also, I loved the things you wrote about the couch memoris. The more I "rest" on my counch/bed, the more seems to get done. (spiritually speaking) Anyway, I wish you would write more on here. You always have such wonderful things to share.

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