Thursday 8 November 2012

Cheese support or Kill the problem?

 "Take along these ten cheeses to the commander of their unit." 1 Samuel 17:18
An Email to

Release Org,
if you check your emails
I'm the Christian musician and poet who in one
email sent a poem about Richard Wurmbrand visiting our church around 73 or so
and  in the other I sent How You Bless Our Lives, my song in the UK Songs of Fellowship book in the mid eighties
set to a report about North korea.
This morning I feel to stir you with a thought about David and Goliath.
David had a choice.
A choice at what level he wanted to work.
he was after all just delivering bread and cheese for his brothers on the frontline of battle,
who'd been in deadlock for weeks.
But he chose not to work at the cheese level.
He chose to work at the Goliath level, driven by his own personal anointing
and just a huge feeling of revulsion at what Goliath was doing against the
Army of the Living God.

Bless you guys. In your report about Columbian Christians you mention
the military who threaten the lives of the Christians.

Hmmm.  But we are NOT in the days of David.
We are in 2012.

There's nolonger 2 levels of operation. In other words "which side are you on?"
And here I could go spiritual and say like Joshua and the Angel episode
"Are you for me or against me?"  Answer "No I am the Commander of the Lord of Hosts"
But that's not what I'm saying.
You are all running around like bluearsed flies chasing around the world injustice as the reports come
in....but you're whole operation is a "cheese operation".
It deals with things politically with mail to politicians
money to help those already suffering
but you don't actually DEAL with anything.

Instead the whole church is at stalemate at the front line, paralised by a Goliath.
And yes, I am talking what people scoffingly refer to as Conspiracy theory.
The very struggles you spend such time over reporting in Nigeria and Columbia
are being cobbled together, funded, instigated and stirred up just down the road from you
in Chatham House  via networks of Freemasonry and goodness knows what.
You spend your lives chasing the tail ends.  But doing anything different is an internal decision.
David's decision wasn't practical. It didn't involve organising manpower. it came out of decisions
David had already made with his God. When faced with the problem he was already primed.
In 1973 when I met Richard Wurmbrand I was already making my decisions.
When I went at 16 as a bloke to a nunnery to meet another "father" in the faith...Mother Basilea Schlink,
she told us that her intercessory goal was to stop Chairman Mao invading Europe. Nobody in Europe knows
how close this got. But it is in Jung Chang 's book on Mao. Next thing we all here Mao is having a cup of tea
with Kissinger and Nixon in 1975 and China begins the slow road of opening up. There is no war.

Now if Release International were doing their cheese operation, there WOULD HAVE BEEN WAR...and
Release international  would now be sending out letters about Germany France and England prisons holding
Christians, and they would have relocated to the States or somewhere.
The DECISION is internal first.
What do you want?
A cheese operation which in the end feeds the glory of the enemy...or do you want to
dismantle Goliath. Once your internal decision is made, God will immediately begin
revealing the true nature of the world and how it works really behind the front of Romney v Obama elections.
There's a tribe in the Body of Christ who are like the sons of Issachar, they observe the times and the seasons.
I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE. I am coming into an understanding much later in life.  But the truth
is completely behind the scenes.
eg  the Arab spring and Syria etc....may at a people level be something about this...but in reality
it's because these are the last BANKS that are NOT controlled centrally...without which
the final plummet into a New World Order is not possible. So it has nothing to do with what people think
or what BBC tell us.

Are you going to continue one step behind? Or like Brother Andrew in the 90s with the Muslims, be
one step ahead  of the game? For that you need the Spirit of God
Chris Welch

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