Friday 19 April 2013

Listening for a Sound - Gungor

A lifetime ago we were listening for a sound. Part of that sound was God creativity. Fulness magazine was all about not just restoration...but the belief that there would be a reformation. The other part of the sound is the Word Stuart Wentworth shared the very week I joined Emsworth. He quoted "thou hast dug out my ear" from the reference to servants willingly choosing to stay with their masters and being skewered in their ear. "I will not go out free". There is a sound that comes from people whose "consciousness" or "spiritual inner hearing" has been dug out. It's a sound in the worship that you only get in a mature congregation....not an old congregation...a mature congregation. And then the other part of the sound comes in the depth of the lyrics. That's why the psalms are what they are. Some of all this is in this track.....I've never heard of them. But it pinned my ears back.

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