Wednesday 3 April 2013

Quality Reads 2 : Nancy Gilmore's Library

Nancy Gilmore has a blog called "Seeing God Only"
She also has a Facebook Group called "Lovers of God" where she alerts group members to all the new posts.

Who is Nancy Gilmore?
Here is a key post of hers which features on this blog 

You'd best get to know her story from her. From the time that Jesus revealed himself to her until now, she has ruthlessly followed the inner promptings of the Spirit, and this is rare. Almost unique. You see, mostly, and this seems to be our way of growing and "seeing", most spend and waste much time listening too much to others, and as Galations describes, they get sidetracked or bewitched. Nancy has doggedly listened rather to the Holy Spirit, and this made her persona non-grata to most Christians churches and systems.
In the last 4 or 5 years we have been articulating online the "why" of how the church as it is now , lures us off track. See material by Steve McVey. Hopefully we can learn from this online conversation.

But Nancy was sensitive to what was going on some 30 to 40 years ago, and being misunderstood by many, stuck to her Holy Spirit  ground....effectively waiting for us to join her in this Order of Melchizedek priesthood, rather than succomb and her join the rest.
Nancy's forthrightness is compared to St John by Norman Grubb in a letter that has just been put up on her blog.

Nancy begins her blog with many links to Norman Grubb materials

Further down the page are links to Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Pastor Richard Wurmbrand

Then begin her daily posts

Some Thoughts on John’s Account of the Crucifixion | briancoatneydotcom

Some Thoughts on John’s Account of the Crucifixion | briancoatneydotcom:

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David Gregory Books

David Gregory Books:

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One Plus One Equals One; by Dan Stone

Dan Stone:

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Double Cross by Dan Stone

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Jesus Before Pilate | briancoatneydotcom

Jesus Before Pilate | briancoatneydotcom:

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On any one day Nancy can put up as many as ten key links to other pages. She does this, either as they come up, as she comes across them, or as she feels the Holy Spirit directly bringing them to mind.

There are whole teaching series by
David Heisler
Dan Stone
Steve McVey
Baxter Kruger
Andrew Farley
Jacob Boehme
Fred Pruitt
Walter Lanyon
Rich Novek
Brian Coatney

If these names are unfamiliar to you, I would sincerely recommend that you get to know all of them and learn some of what they are sharing.
See Also MY Own Resources List
Books and Messages which have helped me

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