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An Enemy Has done this, said the farmer

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Jesus said after the farmer has sown good seed then an enemy comes and sows weeds which fight against the good seed and try to throttle it. The farmer says counterintuitively, leave the evil crop to grow alongside the good seed and then at harvest it can be all separated out. What harvest? Feast of Tabernacles. The two denominations with far the most evil seed are Catholicism and Anglicanism.Here are some of them. And what sheds light is the Bible's own details on how the Heavenly Tabernacle runs.
1. Both Anglicanism, and its origin Catholicism twist the position of the Lord's supper. They make the Lord's supper, which is a Holy Place activity, into a brazen altar activity. This and point two have a devastating effect right across every nation where they exist.
2. By stealing from the saint of God their own personal choice as to whether to properly cut Covenant with their Lord in baptism by immersion, and thus for the very last time taste death, both churches trivialise the personal activity of the heart decision, removing it by causing an unwiiting infant to be baptised instead. In addition there is no replica of death, so nobody in either church knows in their own physique by corporal memory that they have died with Christ. The decision is then whittled down to an intellectual choice to follow the teachings of the church, and not necessarily Christ at confirmation.
3. You have to pass through priests to get to God, implicitly or explicitly this continues into every Protestannt denomination and modern apostolic network today. Anyone receiving stuff for themselves direct from God is firmly not encouraged by everyone from the Pope right on through to Terry Virgo.
4. The very real places in God that the Spirit introduces us to are then mimicked in stone by both denominations. Virtually none of the priests and vicars themselves know the Spirit reality behind this architecture, nor radically promote the idea that the veil has been torn into the Holiest Place for all time.
5. There is not a single scripture which talks of one leader "taking a service". There are many scriptures which talk of "that which each supplies by the Spirit of God." We know from King Saul what happens when we twist obedience. All he did was do something which he was not allowed to do, and that because Samuel the prophet never turned up in time, and did that to test Saul. So Saul just once adopted a role that was not his and lost his kingship. Every week for the best part of 1700 years Catholics and then Anglican leaders have usurped a role that was given to the entire local Body of Christ, as a nation of priests unto the Living God. One can only imagine the outcome for these denominations as we see the time of harvest come.
6. Despite the phrases "A building not built with hands",
and the entire discourse in John 4
and the phrase " Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit" says the Lord
the centre of all activity still takes place in buildings, with buildings and maintenance costs, and once gathered very few Anglican churches actively preach the reality of New Life available by the Spirit in Christ, and then to prove it let the Holy Spirit run the services and baptise people in the Spirit.
7. Most of the Catholic and Anglican services take the form of a slightly warmed Judaism. Works of the law for salvation with a peppering of mention of Jesus Christ and New Covenant, although scarce a single professional minister knows what the new Covenant is. This is because, to repeat what Isaid earlier, God showed me in 2009 the primary flaw in both denominations is identical: they have switched furniture in the house of the Lord, allowing unclean spirits into the most holy places. When we follow God's order, deliverance occurs at the entrance court of God's House. In the praise and the worship. (Entering His courts with praise)
At the brazen altar. Taking the complete sacrifice of Jesus Christ at the Cross and His resurrection as the beginning point of my life in Christ, and joining Christ in being raised with Him by faith in His work.
Then if neither of those is enough, we proceed to the Laver in God's House. In the New covenant, full immersion in water tells our bodies that we have really passed from death to life in our spirit man. It is upon our renewed spirit man that Jesus pours His Holy Spirit in an experience of spiritual baptism. And now fully knowing inwardly that our spirit has passed from death to life, the Laver finally teaches us that it is a brazen shiny mirror....the mirror of the Word. And the same Jesus we read of in scriptures is now inside of us, and we gaze upon His reflection inside as we hear the preaching of the Word and read for ourselves.
8. All a minister is is someone who quickly imparts the knowledge of Christ in us the hope of glory and oversees some of the early growth along side the many other pastors in the one local congregation. Both Anglicanism and Catholicism in denying the reality of entrance into the actual Kingdom of God then have to suffer the consequences permanently:
nobody has the assurance of salvation
nobody is baptised in the Spirit
the congregation isn't filled to the rafters with spiritual gifts of all types which the Spirit ordains...endless pastors,some apostles, some prophets, specific types of healing gifts, wisdom gifts, endless practical skills, endless spiritual knowledge about all subjects.
9. So then both denominations limp along for decades forcibly raising money of a tenth to pay the one ineffective leader who uses his tenure to arrange many outward forms of activity which nowadays are little more than social functions which the councils also could run and are wanting to run in their secular way.

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