Friday 23 August 2013

Whisky and Dry?

Any of you been searching through Christianity,witchcraft, other religions?

26 July 2013 at 14:49 Facebook
In reply to someone who had exhausted themselves looking and considered the best thing in the end is a whisky bottle, and goodcompany and having a laugh.

I replied .............................

Solomon came to similar conclusions en route. Certain things just don't work in the leftbrain. On the other hand as you've experienced....just working yourself into alternate states isn't in the end much more practical than Dervish whirling.
Here are some secrets which might shave some time off your search and they are not meant to be wisecrack stuff. They are similar to a conversation i had the other day with a UK DJ while tuning his piano.
He was in a similar place having spent time at several Aleister Crowley devotee meetings. he'd learned what I recently learned for example. That Bush's Grandad is probably Aleister Crowley who was trying to get to some new "level" and having just been expelled from Italy, was in France...very much alone. Apart from the visiting grandma, who, it seems , wasn't anywhere near her husband in the USA when she conceived. Crowley also needed a sexual partner or two to accomplish certain rites.... The conversation went onto various other topics involving the UK. These are some of the things I said.
1. If you ever become a Christian you already know too much to be either an evangelical or a charismatic. You will have to start at the third level.
2. The third level understands what John 4 is about. Worship is nothing to do with place. Worship is to do with worshipping in Spirit and Truth. Jesus at the time, was laying this out to a Samaritan woman. Rabbis didn't talk to or teach ladies. And Jews did not relate to Samaritans. In India they'd be the Daleet.
3. The whole blueprint of the Tabernacle isn't about a building at all, it's about God becoming incarnate in us, both individually and corporately.
4. The power of God, like music, doesn't work in the leftbrain. We in the West know nothing other than leftbrain training, hence why your prayers don't work. The first bit of your experience is to build the necessary bits of your being that have been robbed you by being American. Not for nothing were the Red Indians murdered. My friend Joan Reilly was given a record the other month from an ancestor in the 1620s who was the first professional Minister in New Hampshire. Out of the burden of his heart he went to evangelise the indiginous Indian tribes but was stopped by the Luciferians who really run America, because they already had the big slaughter planned, and didn't want new Americans infected with the special powers known by these folk. They wanted well trained clones brought up on Greek Hellenistic teaching principles that would be great on a leftbrain hamster wheel providing them with lots of wealth.Some of the most influential though incomplete in their doctrines I am afraid are actually part Red Indian who slipped through the net. William Branham. Today's Ken Copeland and Bill Johnson.
5. Part of getting everything on your inside as consciousness means going through lots of outward stupidities. Even the victory on the Cross was won in like manner. You have only to read Job to read of 35 ish chapters of weird and wonderful advice from friends, while you yourself are taken down to ground zero. This is what church life is largely....but luckily it gets better. You don't stay at ground zero, but you get rebuilt but this time in God. Job is used as an extreme example, but really every Christian that persists in his or her believing is the same. That is why Jesus said if you Abide in my word...then you prove yourself to be my disciples, and you get to really know the truth (on your insides this time...not just in some stupid leftbrain seminary) and that truth itself has the Power in it to set you totally free. In other words...get the God get the lot! The winner takes it all.
6. All the socalled streams of Christianity are irrelevant. They are just holding stations while people grow. when people are mature they recognise each other and all meet up the other side...not the otherside of death...I mean the other side of the formation period. People don't test your doctrine. That falls into place naturally...they look you in the eye to see if you know Jesus. Not in that evangelical sign the dotted line way. I mean they look straight through you to see what you've got on your insides. And everyone gives themselves away as soon as they open their mouths. Any idiot professional minister of the gospel gives himself away as shallow within 5 seconds of speaking. Just like any wise Buddhist can tell how deep a westerner believes almost instantly.

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