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One of the biggest changes I have noticed since I came back from Mars is the change in the secular workplace.
By Mars I am joking ofcourse and refer to both the experience in working in Christian Community as well as being on my own and with my wife as a self employed piano tuner, seller and remover.
I did some restoration some months ago for somebody in a cutting edge financial firm, and since then I have been doing some additional menial work for different firms as well as continuing some self employed work.

Moses and the magicians in Pharoah's court did a kind of power battle before the anointing of the Lord that was on Moses outdid anything the sorcerers were able to do.

Well, today, apart from witches, nobody in the day to day western environment knows anything apart from the leftbrain education they received in school and university. Christians who have been filled with the Spirit do, but as they were also educated in the self-same leftbrain bubble, they are not particularly great yet at moving in the supernatural realms. (Many even reading this will dismiss this last sentence as crazy, since at no time in their life will they have ever confronted anything that was not immediately explainable by cause and effect.)

There is a race on, however, between spiritual and secular, or even spiritual secular and just plain old secular.
Anybody reading Daniel Yordy's material which is available as Amazon Books, or online at will already know the greater race is that God becomes manifest the world over through flesh.  And God is LOVE.

Except that Agape Love, Hesed Love, Covenant Love, Unconditional Love is of God and comes and is expressed through the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life relates with our heart. Proverbs 4:23 Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. NIV
Although that is direct it misses some of the meaning of the original texts:
Above every charge keep thy heart, For out of it are the outgoings of life....the issues of life...the wellsprings of life
That verse which I often quote alongside the proverbs 3 verses are incredibly accurate in their phrasing, once you know who Man is in his makeup. In this post  I am not sidetracking to explore this, but for those who are interested in meditating on God's are some thought links.

1.Your very future is bound up in what you are "seeing" of God and life in general. This is all going on in the recesses of your heart. The pure in heart shall see God. Take care that your eye is single.
2. The wellsprings are literally God creating for you in your environment the sort of Universe you want to live in.
3. There are many things WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN CHARGE OVER....but most in western society have not prioritised their  personal charge over their heart. And we have become something on the way to a Dalek, or a Dr Who Cyberman. A cog in a machine.
4.The realm of the heart is your soil.The parable of the Sower is about that very soil. And Ezekiel 8 is about what is going on in your inner rooms...the inner rooms of your temple.

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil has two departments as is written on the tin. Their version of Love would generally appear up the good end of the Tree...but it isn't usually unconditional, and a better word would be NICE.

If NICE is the  Tree of Good's word  for God's LOVE

The main reason the secular world is being pushed into this race to mimic the Kingdom has been the release of the gifts and the fruit of the Holy Spirit as multiplied thousands have experienced the baptism in the Spirit in the new, and some of the old churches worldwide.

If you see a bunch of Christians happily doing group hugs, and more and more solo hugging, this is going to force you onto your left foot, away from the rather stilted stiff upper lip ways of the Western world before that. And this is what has happened. Since the widespread form of relating that the baptism in the Spirit brings, the old rather detached form of relating, certainly in the workplace, has been severely challenged.

Well, that was until the eighties and nineties.

The movers and shakers have been learning some new tools, and I must admit I was very ill-prepared for how sophisticated they were now.

There are two levels this seems to be happening:
1. The form of relating we found natural in churches has now been codified, described and set down to encourage a different form of workplace altogether. But so far the secular world are not very good at bridging the gap between NICE and bottom line profit.
So there's a rather manic depressive approach to relationship in the workplace. Like the two faces of Janus.

They will receive you NICELY.
Most banks have this softly softly front. Very welcoming staff.
I feel it is a direct fulfilment of Daniel's prophetic description of the last empire....the FEET made of clay mixed with iron. Well, right there, that's the point! They don't mix. So you get this seeming human warmth and  softer quality. We are after all made from "the dust", from clay. But not far behind this surface is what your spirit always warned you about, but you were telling it that it was just paranoid!  HARD METAL UNFEELING COLD IRON.

Well this is not a blogpost about banks, I just use that one example.
I was speaking on the phone to the financial man I was restoring for. Up until that moment he'd been one of this new type of commercial being. Utterly friendly, very talkative, very open. But he happened to be at work and obviously an underling wasn't pulling his or her weight, and forgetting he was also speaking to me, he changed personality completely. He could have been Ghenghis Khan.

Several times since then I have observed this uneasy phenomenon.
What is unnatural is the tensecond timespan between maximum niceness and maximum dictator mode. I find this very disturbing.

Jesus wasn't nice. He was Good. He had unconditional love.
But to the man who was boring Him with all the deatils about how he was so good that he was keeping all the Law, and what more should he do...Jesus just turned, looked straight at Him and by the Spirit was inspired to say....
Go...Sell all you have and give it all to the poor and come and follow me.

Jesus wasn't NICE. He wanted to see that man free of himself...his nitpicky attitude to God, to keeping law...but all the while hanging tightly to control his life from ever being what he felt would be unmanageable. And Jesus was saying...just let God manage it least until you've learned how to walk in Him, and if you follow me I'll teach you how to walk that way.

The NICENESS stakes are going up the more believers are learning how to walk Christ as them, by believing  Galations 2:20 as fact.

But at some point we have to make this Galations 2:20 leap of consciousness...that's the point with Moses and the magicians. At some point they ran out of steam.

The charismatic leaders are now so clever at mimicking what a Christian should look like, so its no wonder we encourage the world to keep their fake play acting...because the church are doing it. Flanders the Christian in the Simpsons Cartoon is a laughing stock. We only brought it on ourselves because of this false ISHMAEL of Christian's not Christ. It's the GOOD end of the Devil's TREE. The Existence called the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

You cannot fake genuine goodness. To live authentically as you, you must find the Original Life source, and Christians are saying, look, it has a Cross in the heart of it. Take up your Cross and follow Me said Jesus.

2. The second way this False niceness is pervading is absolutely sinister.
Through different investigators like Fritz Springmeier, and even the comments  to the side of this blog in the videos about the CIA by Kay Griggs it becomes clear that the subject of MIND CONTROL is now of first rank importance.

Mindcontrol as a deep study began with the early Austrian psychoanalysts, which came out of research in the Austrian police state of the 19th century. Very technical studies were carried out on humans in the Communist Gulags and the Nazi Concentration camps. Some of the Nazi researchers were removed to USA and subsequently established the CIA and just simply continued their research over there. The ruling elite families are in about 13 dynastic families who have many different family subnames or fronts so that they are not obvious, but they intermarry only among these lines for occult reasons. Over thousands of years they have been refining the upbringing of the children through trauma and abuse to create grownups with very appealing front personalities or "alters", but behind this thin appearance is one mess of controllable and controlling personalities. These persons ARE NICE. And since the CIA did various forms of deeper research most often preceeded by the name letters MK, eg MKUltra...their mindcontrol is virtually untraceable except by close family and friends who may learn some of the symptoms and begin to guess.
These NICE-fronted people are installed in all key walks of life, in churches,in banks, in politics, in education. They are one of the larger reasons Jesus believing Christians don't hardly feature in our countries. These people, these NICE people are brought up to exclude all of them.

This becomes very obvious when you get baptised in the Holy Spirit in the UK. Looking back I can see some of the subtle techniques which were employed to shut down our school revival, and ofcourse all we saw were NICE people, wanting the "best " for our education.

My friend came I believe now from such a family.
M. was my friend in primary school. We both got into the State Grammar School. He "prayed the prayer to become a Christian" when many others in my class did.
In primary school I visited his nearby house. Not many times. There were always excuses.
His dad was in one of the big name firms that many have continuously accused of occult connections.I only learned that very recently about the firm . His mother "just happened" to have someone in the family starting an influential UK magazine. At the time I didn't think anything of it, but M's family were Fabian socialists or that was the front. They hated Jesus Christ with a passion.
They disallowed my friend from ever singing in assembly although his voice was good enough for choir.
With continuous heat they put him off going to my church, and it seemed he forgot about the "religious episode". Just out of interest I tried to contact him again after or during my time at university.His mother answered the phone and asked pointedly why I wanted to see him? (Afterwards I reflected, she did not want her Cambridge graduate son already lined up for directorship in the same firm as his Dad to have anything to do with my Christian ways, I guess)
Some little time later I heard he was dead. Some "freak swimming accident in America" and his body was never found!!!!
His brother has spent most of his life with MPD in a home at taxpayer's expense. Rockefeller's family dynasty has huge numbers with MPD using up services funding. The bloodline childrearing method  creates people with MPD. So the more I think about my friend , the more I conclude , unbeknown to any of us, he was probably in such a family. At the worst, it could be that his Christianity resurfaced and some "friends" got rid of him for them. Since meeting an Icelander online on Facebook who has probably also been terminated after wanting to expose his bloodline family and becoming a Christian, I am much more able to accept the existence of such behaviour...even if it is also close to home as with my friend.

I have decided that I am not NICE, but I want to express the goodness of Jesus Christ, and if that means ripping away some of the devil's carefully manipulated facades as led by the Spirit,this will lead to a much less dangerous world, in which at present you never know who has an IRON SOUL because it is covered in Tree of GOOD - style CLAY.

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