Tuesday 17 December 2013

Two Grace Doors...Two Acts of Covenant

It has been painful

to realise that while grace

opens up the doors to

all the victories of Christ,
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 it is the same grace that

 unpacks salvation

 in its true corporate context, 

only as believers are

 as specific

 in their believing 

that they are the Church.

Just saying I am a church of one , or as Norman Grubb used to say, more to get people thinking

than as ultimate statement, I am the Holy Land....
well it doesn't cut it.....any more than living together makes you man and wife.

Cutting covenant is very deliberate,and above all is giving the right to full disclosure.

Open and laid bare.

- Carcasses in Genesis 15, with a flaming burning supernaturally hovering torch passing between you.

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