Tuesday 15 April 2014

Jerusalem's 10th GATE :The Inspection Gate

Facebook 15th April 2014
Mikkel Thomsen's post :"We just be what we spontaniously are, and by so we are a part of building others up to be free in who they are.... Christ in their forms. We just do and speak what we are and it is recieved by some and isn't by others all worked out by Grace through faith, and by so the Body builds itself up, ofcourse with Christ as the Head."

Chris Welch writes:
Norman Grubb lived in a very interesting transition period. After 2000 years of what Jesus described as a time when the Kingdom Field would be sown choc a block with rogue seed infestation, Norman saw in the then wonderful woman of God Jessie Penn Lewis, the key of the Christian Life. Now Jessie was actually wanting to get Norman to be baptised in the Spirit. He wasn't, but in the wisdom of God , in that moment began his articulation of what the whole Christian Life is about. So around the 1920s you have this amazing twin fork going on. Pentecostals and then charismatics went in one direction, and Keswick  and free evangelicals went in a slightly different fork, via Watchman Nee, and later Norman Grubb's discoveries of the Exchanged Life. Now for 2000 years we have got used and almost inured to division in the Body of Christ. Not having experienced anything different it is perfectly reasonable and "honorable" for friends in the church to upheel and stomp out on each other, and this is considered perfectly OK. It's similar to what has happened in society, where relationships becoming abusive and dangerous notwithstanding, now marriages breakdown at the drop of a hat, and this is also perceived as normal and acceptable in exactly the same way.

Jesus is ONE though.


 He actually neither knows nor recognises DIVISION.

He sees THROUGH every division with Eyes that see everything complete in the Father since before the beginning of Creation.

Mugginsville , Texas has let's say, 1st Baptist Church on 1st Avenue, The Lesser Climbing Unitarian Church opposite, Her Lady of the Golden Veil Catholic Church at the end of the block, The Navigators Coffee House is between the two, Mugginsville God TV Uplink is further down on the left...

So what is the solution? Well Mikkel Thomsen has described the "BUFFERS" view, what happens as a last failsafe at the end of the trainline, before things fall off the train station. But none of this is normal Christianity.
Normal Christianity is the Holy Spirit being allowed to construct both personally and also as local churches according to the 12 Gates of Jerusalem, which represents one complete, healthy unit. The Holy Spirit will not allow a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil  12 GATE checklist to be operated by our leftbrains. All attempts at this ofcourse have failed. This is because He operates only in the Tree of Life...and if all of us only built exactly according to the real life within us, we would find that all 12 Gates were functioning normally and we are operating as the spirit beings we are. So what's the answer? In the Spirit, the answer is Gate NO. 10. It is the inspection Gate. It is manned simultaneously by every single believer who is connected directly to the Head, but it also includes the firmest encouragement from elders...those who get recognised for connecting everybody to the Head direct. THIS IS THE FAILSAFE that has not been operational since the very first church, and is the reason why every single church Move or Revival gets so far, only half builds the Tower Jesus talked about, then collapses because it HASN'T BOTHERED TO CALCULATE FROM THE BEGINNING WHETHER IT HAS ALL THAT IS NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE TASK!!!!!!
What is that ingredient?
Holy Spirit powered dealings
Holy Spirit powered willingness
"Yes I come to do thy will....a BODY you have prepared for me."
"Which Body?"
The New Man.
The One prophesied.
The Body of Christ rising up in every nation in every tribe in every tongue.

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