Friday 27 June 2014

What Is Thirdlevel Intercession?

Facebook questions around my phrase :  thirdlevel intercession is apparent.

Craig Geis What is thirdlevel intercession?
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Jody Burns What is thirdlevel intercession?
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Chris Welch One of the things God is and does is be for others. We cannot "ask God into our life" (as if He wasn't there) experience a rebirth from Darkness to Light, let Him establish Himself in us and expect Him to behave suddenly differently.
He is SELF FOR OTHERS. HE is intercession. Laying His life down for others.
His first intercession by us , while all the other "self for other " things are going interceding within us that we become established in who we now are....or as Francois DuToit puts it....who we always were but never knew or forgot.
This takes place in our 1 John 2 Child Stage and the young man stage. At least a good part of what is going on , but by no means all, is intercession to get US established and on into adulthood in Christ.
There are many things that can shortcircuit us.....( the first bunch of Israelites grew hard of heart and died in the wilderness) but if we don't harden our hearts God is faithful to bring His own Life to maturity in us.
Now this is no different to the natural world. Kids tend to be absorbed more with self...AND THAT ISN'T wholly wrong. You need to be growing in all ways ever to reach adulthood....but there comes this shock in fallen natural life....when self absorbed youngsters (both in the right way and the wrong way) suddenly learn the universe does not revolve around them at epicentre.....and they start to hold down jobs, and provide for their own families etc.

In the Spirit....maturity....or fatherhood...or knowing Him/fusing/ with Him who is from the beginning is when we start moving into the unique commissions God has us all in. We become pourers outers. As i said from DAY ONE we start to become that. John says....herein we know we are in Him....
whoever keeps His word, in him the love of God has truly been perfected. By this we know that we are in Him:

Having experienced the love of God....we begin truly and unconditionally to love others.
But often in the hurly burly of the "fixing stage" we feel like we are in a no.3 wash in a washing machine. We don't know which way up we are.

But Romans 6 to 8 doesn't last forever.....and once we "see Him in us as us" properly....everything settles down much more and everything we do is done "out of rest"

So that was the phrase "thirdlevel intercession".
By apparent we mean JESUS HIMSELF was not evil.
But our ADAMIC DEATH which He carried into the grave with Him, really did kill Him...or killed His first mortal body anyway. He came in the likeness of sinful flesh....but unlike Adam....never blew it...
so as the Last Adam He was the Perfect Lamb to take our condition completely on Himself and lose it in the Eternal waste dump. From whence the Spirit raised Him up according to the will of the Father.
And there you have the Trinity in operation.

Jesus is now in the heavenlies with the Father, but the Spirit's role is on Earth preparing the Bride.
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Chris Welch One of the processes we go through is "being framed". That is people ascribe to us things which are not us. if we refuse to do other than what Jesus is doing through us...this is what it means to go the way of the Lamb.....we march through all these "apparent fixes" and the Spirit unlocks doors by us.

This "apparent " nature of things is prefigured by Abraham.
God took an instamatic photo for all time of the moment Abraham raised his knife to slaughter the Child of Promise. It was an "apparent" moment. But it was what God needed to be able to tie down the Covenant on earth and begin the huge adventure of salvation. This was God in Abraham....being willing to sacrifice not just his own son...if that wasn't incredible enough....but this was maxed up millions of times by virtue of Isaac being a total miracle son, a Child of God's Word promise, and thus something that was totally God for Abraham....and even then he was still willing.
For this reason God has fixed the promise of natural Israel AS WELL as supernatural Israel, which we all become by faith.

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