Tuesday 5 January 2016

AJ Welch

Chiltern Crematorium Committal Service Friday 22nd January 2016 2.30pm  Milton Chapel Old Amersham Bucks UK
Followed by Memorial Celebration Service at St Johns Methodist Church, Woodside Rd Amersham on the Hill

Any short messages from friends can be recorded and put on Youtube to be part of this celebration

Anybody who has any inside secret information on Alan's goodness !!!!
please feel free to forward any information from Preston Manor School Wembley,Wartime experiences, London University....he was for.example.a contemporary of the lady that raised Henry VIIIs ship Mary Rose, He studied geology and chemistry, he did a stint at early Road Safety testing, taught briefly at Walsall . Married my mum Margaret and went under Methodist Missionary Society to teach science at Mfantsipim Ghana. Old boys are some of the most significant people today in Ghana including Kofi Annan who even recently sat with Dad at one of the London Ghanaian gatherings. Martin and I were born there . We returned 1961 and Dad taught in what is now Chesham GS Whitehill for 25 years, apart from a teacher's exchange to San Diego in 1981. Dad and Mum finished as they began but this time setting up the science department of what was then President Moi's personal school at the bottom of his garden {euphemism} at Kabarak Nakuru. It is now a university. Kids know very little of parents activities until memorial services. Please help us piece together all the lifelong minibus driving,elderly care,socially disadvantaged help,charity giving, youth action committee, Foresters, church work,without even mentioning the big one.....LABAID.ORGwhich he began 25 years ago.
If you can be there at this event in two weeks please.come and celebrate an incredible life.
Dear Chris
Thank you for phoning and sharing a piece of your father's fruitful life. May his soul rest in peace. Alan was and remains a blessing for all who came across him. We all have received the news of his death with deep sadness but we rejoice that we were fortunate to have a relationship with one so truly great. For me personally, Alan was a source of sensitive encouragement and powerful inspiration. His capacity to listen with sharp yet unobtrusive insight is hugely appreciated by me and many others in the church and beyond. Our prayers and thoughts are with all your family as you try to come to terms with this loss. Like us, we pray that even in this sad moment you will find the space and time to celebrate the wonderful gifting your dad was
As discussed on the phone, I'm going ahead planning a Service of Committal at the Chilterns Crematorium followed by a Service of Thanksgiving and Celebration for Alan's life, at St Johns Amersham Methodist Church. I will contact you again shortly to confirm the practical arrangements but don't hesitate to get to me at any time.
Grace and Peace
Rev Dr Vincent Munyaradzi Jambawo
a Methodist Presbyter
41 Codmore Crescent
Telephone 01494 580338
Mobile 07784766911

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The Africans couldn't understand him because he wasn't like a village chief. He didn't acquire things nor build concerns with him at the centre. In fact he just didn't fit the African measuring stick.....of power wealth and a big family. He didn't fit the expat measuring stick either.....how much can you use blacks for your own aggrandizement? What do you mean you are helping blacks to become selfrunning totally free of charge? What do you mean by running LabAid after you retired as a charity?
You draw a wage as a trust member surely? None of us do,he'd tell the big Oxfam and Christian Aid.directors on £100,000 a year. No our running costs are £1000 a year from a.few.meagre gifts with which we buy any equipment which we cannot derive from the stuff school labs in the UK tip each year. So what's in it for you? The knowledge that more schoolkids get hands on practice with things that will propel them into science at university and research at an international standard. Somehow after 40 years of in the shadows work in LabAid and all previous voluntary work got to the Queens ears and she invited him to Buckingham Palace. But such recognition was mortifying to Dad and Mum. That was not what they did it for. My Dad and Mum spent their whole lives not fitting into this world at all. But they will.fit perfectly in the next one.  Chris Welch

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