Friday 18 March 2016

Meditation under scrutiny

I believe meditation is spiritual.
Should we do it?
God's Word commands us to meditate on His Word.
We are to meditate on God through the Holy Spirit.
When we gather in the Name of Jesus, this actually means very little in the leftbrain frontal cortex, or a critical mind, but in the other parts of our mind, like love itself it means an awful lot.
For this is how we keep in step with our Living Lord.

I do not advocate blanking your mind.
But Jesus talks about us "shutting our door" and going into our inner room to meet with our father in secret. And what better way to describe the process of meditation within the safe confines of God's Presence..

There are some alarming manifestations in this radio piece on TM.

I think as Christians it is too easy to just say......AHA.....that means it's the devil then.

But the Dark Night of the Soul is mentioned, and also a death experience.

I know in a Christian context these are different forms of death to self experiences, or death to control, or death to the delusion that we are self run beings, self run gods.   All very real. I do not know enough about the other contexts.

But clearly Western people should know a lot more, and not least the health professionals.

I believe this radio programme is vital listening to readers of this blog, and have made it available to those outside the listening window of the UK.

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