Saturday 12 March 2016

The next big transition

In the last big transition coming out of the devastation of 60s modern denominationalism....God never organised a forum to answer each and every question....but it was a movement of those who had recently been baptised in the Spirit. We had a linear relationship with this new.level and within our current churches bunches of Spiritfilled people would meet/share together/ pray/share daily lives as friends....but it took the apostolic Word to.say.....yes.....but what are you? Little subfellowships or the Church of the Living God? Jesus had always been clear these are the sons of God those who follow the Spirit of God. So like the Pentecostals some 50 years beforehand we trekked out to discover life as churches of Spiritfilled believers.....or the nature of some.churches that had been denominational changed quite radically like.for.example Old Town Baptist church and Farnham Baptist.....And Chorleywood and Holy Brompton Anglican churches. Many Catholic churches too. Ruth Heflin adopted and frequently visited the Nutborne Catholic Bible School here nearby. Now I am aware those with insight into Catholicism and Rome will be horrified.......but you know what......????? At whatever level of infrastructure you may have noticed God kind of winks while.we are in Romans 3 to 5 in our walk. You see while in our day to day walk we continue in the independent self it doesn't make a whole hill of beans difference what infrastructure surrounds us.....we are.still in that whole realm of inner seeing that Jesus says is.......if the Light within you is Darkness then imagine how.great is the Darkness. And we.can even change our leftbrain theology somewhat as the new churches have done, but the fruit of our inner believing seaps out. And it's the same fruit as ever. Catholics and Baptists both divorce. Kids both grow up jaded by their.parents Christianity and leave all form of religion.Whether or.old. Actually you can even be a thirdleveller like Jesus and don't immediately recognise you. But they weren't driven away by his sin at least!!!! And yes I know in Christian families it's difficult working out always why people.are.offended. Because Jesus also offended people and His heart was pure. But generally offended people.cite actual sinful behaviour.....And as long as we still don't know the internal dynamic of the single eye.....we may have external anointing.....which means we.make.ourselves available in certain 2 hours of meetings.....but the rest of the time we still.walk in Genesis 3 independence and bear bad fruit frequently.
My first sentence opened with the first transition. It wasn't galvanised by a central forum where all our ideas.were.sorted out we were.galvanised by the move of God where all of us had experienced the baptism in the Spirit. So in this next's not one of's one more Psalm.120 stage of being pig sick of how things are in charismatic and Pentecostal.churches and just crying out for the total answer inside ourselves. Then we are joined from within at this new level of.walking and believing.....And we are.either experiencing or.have already walked the Romans 6 and 7 path, the path of separation and division within ourselves.....the path that gives us our total answer....the Holiest Place walk of Christ now as us in our form....Galatians 2.20.

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