Tuesday 10 May 2016


As a Kingdom person I almost couldn't care HOW a country is managed. If Kings are like King David, then that's some worship base for a nation.If people want to be communist, then as long as it isn't atheistic Freemasonic communism like in Russia China and Cuba....well even that can work in God. Or how about Presidents? Well if they aren't Skull and Bones, they should be OK. Skull and Bones is the secret Satanic pact to create conditions for Armageddon...or Golgotha 2....or "the Place of the Skull"

God's actual order is the church....but as nobody can possibly imagine a church with thirdlevellers in....(think loads of Mother Teresas, Dietrich Bonhoeffer's ,Watchman Nees) I'll shut up about it, because everyone in the West has been brainwashed by
(Masonic) "separation of Church and State" purely because of the messed up massacre that is the Catholic Church.
Similarly the saints I have connected with
the Franke's in Germany
the Nugues in France,
real cool Finnish guys I met in Kenya,
wonderful Spanish Christians....
Please understand...the basic concept of a Rothschild free Europe appeals to me....
But as things stand here is the truth as the Brexit people see Europe
What you should know:
The United Kingdom is the 5th most powerful economy,and trading nation in the World.
The UK occupies one of only 5 permanent seats on the UN Security Council.
The UK has the greatest military power within the EU.
The UK has a trade deficit with EU countries of £89 billion, £36 billion of which is with Germany alone. These countries need our business. They're not going to jeopardise that!
UK farmers will continue to receive their subsidies after Brexit, as they did before we joined the "Common Market".
Much is made of the 500 million potential customers in the EU, but within our Commonwealth of Nations established in 1949 consisting of 53 countries, the total population is 2.2 billion! And they mostly speak the international language
English! And we'll still trade with the EU.
There is no "status quo" if the UK stays in the EU. With a
constant flow of directives at the rate of almost 3000 every
year, our country will increasingly be absorbed into political,
monetary and legal EU control, to our considerable detriment.
The EU does not provide national safety - NATO does! The EU, at least in part is responsible for the civil war in the Ukraine and with its open border policy with millions of migrants heading across Europe, the EU is responsible for considerable insecurity and instability.
The EU annual accounts have NEVER been reconciled.
Much is made of the last 20 years accounts unsuccessfully audited, but the EEC/EU, etc., has been in existence for over 50 years­ Originally, the accounts were on a series of spreadsheets and
about 20 years ago the EU belatedly introduced double-entry accounting. When their chief accountant reported her findings
to the EU Commissioner Neil Kinnock, he sacked her!
Despite the EU accounts "irregularities" the UK pays £millions to the EU every day, money that would be much better spent here at home building new hospitals, etc., supporting British citizens and reducing our national debt, currently of £1.6 trillion.
The Institute for Economic Affairs has stated in Feb 2016, that AEU membership currently costs every UK household approx.
£2,900 each year.
Under UN rules, the UK has the right to control the seas around our coast out to 200 miles. Under the EU Common Fisheries Policy, this is not possible. UK waters account 0- 80% of the total EU catch, but UK fishermen may only catch 13%.
The UK Government would ban live animal exports for slaughter, but under EU legislation this is not possible.
ln June, Turkish citizens (almost 80 million) will, under EU law, have the right to enter EU countries, including the UK.
The 3 million jobs lost claim originated from a report commissioned by Britain in Europe, which stated that "up to 3.2
million jobs were associated with exports to EU Countries." The
same paragraph also stated that "there is a case that withdrawal from the EU might actually offer net economic benefits". The
report was subsequently rewritten to read that '3.5 million jobs would be put at risk'. Not true!
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership(TTIP) is a series of trade negotiations carried out mostly in private between the EU and US. It is designed to reduce the regulatory trade barriers for big business in such areas as food and banking, but also even the sovereign powers of nation states. It is apparent that the EU will push through this deal with the US.
The EU Commissioner
for Trade intends to conclude
negotiations before President Obama leaves office.
Dave's 'renegotiated settlements" aren't worth a jot. They're not legally binding and won't be enforced, even if they were significant, which they're not!
Once free we can: (a few examples!)
Ban live animal exports for slaughter
Be governed by those whom we elect
Control our own borders
Cut unnecessary red tape
Negotiate our own trade deals around the World!
Protect our coal and steel industries and
Protect our environment properly and stop flooding
manufacturing companies from overseas dumping
Rebuild our NHS
Regain and control our sovereign fishing grounds
Save millions every day, for what WE need
Scrap Corpus Juris in favour of our Habeas Corpus
Scrap the European Arrest Warrant
Scrap the European Human Rights Act & replace with
our own UK Bill of Rights, encapsulating Magna Carta
Scrap TTIP
Scrap, or set VAT levels to what we need
Scrap useless directives and set our own laws
Support our farming and fishing
Support and reward our inventors and innovators

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