Friday 13 May 2016

Gareth Malone and Grayson Perry

I felt some different levels of truth kicking around last night on Television which are worth commenting on because they were both connected to the artistic process.

Gareth Malone was doing the second part of his choosing and training of the Invictus Choir ready for the American hosted event, the Invictus Games. These are where the war wounded compete against each other in disabled events, showing their skills in overcoming their condition.

Not only were the biographies of the lives of the choir looked into more, but also how their stories impinged on the preparation process.   The BIG BOMBSHELL, after Gareth had unsuccessfully been able to identify a song to sing....


Very ordinary people with only modicums of musical skill, being asked to write their own expressions of how they felt about their lives.

Gareth collected key phrases from each choir member, and then with them put some melodies to them

Very powerful lyrics. Very true lyrics.
Greater than the sum of their military experience lyrics.

War is awkward

Because a nation asks its inhabitants to lay down their lives to fight for freedoms.....but often the causes are dubious.  And especially in the last 250 years since the Freemasonic Great Plan has been  the underlying blueprint, but only the Elite know anything except the "cover stories".

eg....we fight against the threat of Western democracy ISIS.....but the real events are the decimation of Christian culture in the South of Sudan and the takeover of the last bank in the world that Rothschild doesn't own.

But that all said, war is also awkward for the reason that it is a moneymaking programme for the wealthy, and a decimation programme to keep the earth's population from growing too big.
It is awkward because no nation adequately cares for the people it has asked to become disabled on their behalf, and not have the courtesy of dying and keeping things simple. In other words, who carries them now for the rest of their lives???  Who engages with the traumas hese people carry in their souls?

And this ofcourse must play a part in the truthfulness of the lyrics in the songs.
TRITE HEROISM doesn't cut it. because the truth is very messy and insidious indeed.....soming ultimately from the Enemy of our Souls who has been a liar , a thief and a murderer from the beginning.


It is not my purpose here to discuss the two famous people in UK who regularly dress in woman's clothing(Eddie Izzard and Grayson)......spoken about expressly in the Old Testament.
But you should know at least one reason for David Bowie's stratospheric success was because he actually complied with  one of the Elite's programming of society....the blurring of the genders.
Whatever you may feel about this it is helpful to know where some of their thinking is originating.
Some of Steiner's 1906-7 lectures are influencing current thought and programmes without most of the public being even slightly aware of the things he was saying.

Rudolf Steiner lecture 1906 Woman and Society.
In every human being — this is a fact — the etheric body consists of two parts; the etheric body of a man, as he lives among us, shows itself to have feminine features, and the etheric body of a woman to have masculine features. Many facts in life become clearer when we recognise that in a man there is something of the feminine nature, and in a woman, a more masculine nature. From this it can be explained why certain character features can arise in Man. In truth we never have before us in the physical, material human body anything other than a physical expression of the totality of the individuality. The human soul forms for itself a body with two poles, just as a magnet does. It forms for itself a masculine and a feminine part, each of which can be either a physical body, or reacts at another time as the etheric body. Hence, with regard to those emotions which are associated with the etheric body — devotion, courage, love — a woman can clearly evince masculine characteristics, and a man womanly characteristics. In contrast, with regard to all those characteristics which depend more on the physical body, the consequences of gender will express themselves in outer life. -

So Steiner is describing  a "completion" of man and woman that takes place as they spiritually rise.

And for me in the Holy Spirit isn't this the work Jesus does.  In 1 John 2 it describes us fusing with , knowing He who is from the Beginning in His Fulness.
God is the Warrior King and also El Shaddai, the One who gives Suckle , a female aspect of care and nurture.

I hope by this preamble to give glimpses of a bigger perspective on Grayson Perry, because he himself did so last night as he continued his series analysing what is a MAN?

And ofcourse the irony is, as an artist who cross dresses, you would think he is the least likely candidate to comment.

So, he is picking examples of ultimate manhood....or so recognised, beginning last night with the police force as they conduct dawn raids in Skelmersdale. This town represents so much about a culture of life on  benefit.

So in that context Grayson was looking deeply into both sides caught in this web......the drugs pushers and no-hopers, and the law enforcers, who self confessedly seek to hold the condition from complete takeover, but also state they fully expect others to take the place of those convicted.

Complete with penis graffiti, Grayson does two works of art encapsulating the Skelmersdale situation then invites the townspeople to view and comment. He also explains why the graffiti feature.....and why he chose the model of an African occult power figure, distorted to become a powerless figure.

God's heart for the whole of the situation, rather than the rather two dimensional approach of current police strategy, helps you understand the difference between
"worldly thinking"
and real "kingdom thinking".

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