Thursday 14 July 2016

The Challenge of a Galatians 2.20 Community

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12 July at 23:37 ·
Don't you think it's a challenge? Norman Grubb and his wife Pauline deconstructed everything down to Galatians 2.20 in a plantation in the Congo as missionaries. To this day their groups don't build anything. They don't build churches, they share spontaneous life with those.who will listen. Then on the other spectrum you have Bob and Rose.Wiener and recently Lance Wallnau who organise anything that moves. Bob and Rose mobilised university students as movers and shakers in what would become the Religious Right, ultimately George Bush and the War on Terror. Lance Wallnau.sees so.clearly how.freemasonry has captured.what he calls the 7 mountains civilisation for.Satan, actually it's 1000 points carefully crafted for takeover. Lance sees the big 7 and is mobilising Christians to take them back. So.where am I? Actually pretty much in the middle, and I would.say with the apostles. It took 3 to 4 generations for God to roll out the revelation of Himself depending if you count Terah somewhere in the equation....then Abraham Isaac and Jacob, after which God.raised up.a nation in that revelation of.Himself. It took Jesus 30 years to get the God package Himself, receive the baptism of the Spirit, then raise.12 men in that package, which became the church. But as Paul wrote, the church is God's chosen vessel for.demonstrating to principalities and powers God's manifold wisdom......even before you get to talk of its evangelistic effect as a Light on a hill. But church at this level.......a community of.people.raised in Jesus own consciousness of Himself as the Divinely begotten Son Of.God.....that is something totally different from the quick fix travesty we have on the high streets at the moment whether stuck in dead human traditions, or pathetically immature versions of.people who are at least alive, but at best only equivalent to the very first days the disciples met Jesus. So do I rubbish what Lance Wallnau is.doing or Bob Weiner tried to do? Not completely. Do I.rubbish the union crowd who.Don't build anything in particular? No, because at least we now have something looking like the same believing the disciples were getting into as they literally took up their cross and.Followed Jesus. But this and this only is the context of the gifts of the ascended Christ.....apostles prophets pastors.and teachers and they, grounded in Jesus actual consciousness have the Grace gifting to raise.real churches.for.The first time.since the apostles. Do.we.raise.up structures to oppose freemasonry? Do.we.create steps to take over the political.realm? Did Jesus? Do you know you don't have to. If you simply live as Communities of Christ in you as you.....Do you know.what happens? The same thing as the first church. The same.thing as Jesus Himself or St Paul. They come See also the Woman and the Manchild.....The bipartite nature of the Living Church and what happens to her in Revelation 12. We are not building programmes to.deconstruct other manipulations. We simply live.from God's Life and watch what happens.around us. You see THE PROGRAMME IN THE EARTH, WHICH THE DEVIL.IS TRYING HIS OWN HARDEST TO EMULATE......IS THE RISE OF THE MATURE MAN IN EVERY NATION AND CONTINENT. What is the mature Man.? It is God incarnating Himself here on earth through believers who.simply believe upon His Name and all that brings forth in the life of a human being. What we are saying. What I am saying is the very picture in the Holy of Holies of the Mercy Seat, the acacia wooden box representing us in all our human qualities with God overshadowing us individually and corporately as is the very picture in the Holy of Holies. What I am saying is we don't have to be intimidated by the great supercompounding schemes of the Masons and the esoteric orders, it's the Plan of God in us who believe that they are trying to.copy. That humble human life of yours in its spontaneity is actually God going on.....and it is rarely good enough for the Pride of Life who just sees a root out of parched ground.....compared.with their Harrods bling.....but no matter.......Jesus really is enough inside us.

Later on Facebook
If you get Galatians 2.20 at a young age, and I would say in a Holy Spirit context, (that is, a community of believers who actually believed and acted on the message repent,be baptised and be filled with the Spirit) you would see something like the Kingdom forming. I was in the bare bones of such a community at 20, and before that in the spontaneity of the Jesus Move. But neither had the root core message of Genesis 3, of Galatians 2.20. So yes,we were Spirit filled and much Of Jeremiah 31 New Covenant was true for us, and we knew something of Agape together ......we were feeling our way......but knowing Jesus words "I have not come to being peace but a sword......I have come to lay the axe to the root" not really, neither we nor the blind guides leading us had any idea.....
And believe me, they were some of the best there were. Is the Kingdom possible? I really believe the Spirit tools are now in place but it's a topsyturvy kingdom. It's not just get born again......its not just get born again be filled with the Spirit. It's not just have these two elements in community or else people like New Life Christian Church would be known in all the earth......but still stuck in the notion of the independent self and Watchman Nees two dogs, one black and one white and who do I feed the most? like most charismatic churches no one knows of them. So in that context you flounder around to complete the job, and like Terry Virgo you revert to Reformed theology again, or like Selwyn Hughes to psychology, or to variousn12 step programmes or to sending people toseminary . But everything is arse about face. It's filling out the lack of foundation with slabs of pure mud. The kingdom works......building your life on the sand of Genesis 3 separation and orphanhood does not.

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