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Sylvia Pearce
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Sylvia Pearce
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“What is man that Thou dost take thought of him? And the son of man
that Thou dost care for him? Yet, Thou hast made him a little lower than God (Elohim); and thou does crown him with glory and majesty! Thou dost make him to rule over the works of Thy hands” (Ps. 8:6).

A Universal oneness is virtually unknowable except as expressed through a particular form. God the Father was incarnate in His Son Jesus. “The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory as the only begotten of the Father full of grace and truth” (John 1:14). The Son is the Father’s particular and unique form “who is the brightness of His glory, and the express image of His person” (Heb. 1:3).

God is a family man, so He created Man for the purpose of creating a family of sons in His image in order to re-express His own personal Glory. Man is not God; however, he is made a little lower than God (Elohim) (Ps. 8:4; Heb. 2:6). Man was created to express and contain God, but never to take God’s place as Satan tried to do. Man is a dependent being, and only a receiver. Man cannot produce his own life; therefore, he has no nature or life of his own, but instead he derives his nature from the One who indwells him. God created man’s free will out of His own free sovereignty

The Bible is God's
A record of thirdlevellers who according to Psalm 24 have sought the FACE of GOD as Jacob at Peniel

Chris Welch
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The offense of Light is that there is more to be had. This is what really offended Cain's "bit on the side offering."
But ps.36 says in His Light we see Light.
Doesn't seem fair? We already have Light and there we are seeing more. But there's no Weights and Measures Department that says "Enough already you are using up heaven's stock. Put that bit back."
Church is nothing to do with what is practiced currently. Want to hear an apostles encapsulation of church on the genuine "tinlid?"
Walking in the Light. Walking implies legs. Going somewhere together in the Spirit. You were here but now a month later you are here. When Christ ascended He gave gifts unto men not so they Lord it over you Catholic Churches and modern charismatic networks. No, many gifts are given so they "key you into walking in this Light." If it was keying you into their particular Light.....well forever and a day you would be dependant on them, and this is what we see. They are fakes. The genuine gifts have the Spirit and grace impartation to KEY YOU into walking in THIS ONE LIGHT of God. The Melchizedek Order. Many think this is the lampstand in the Holy Place and have settled down nicely and folded their arms to endless prophecies and visions of.Light. I have some very discomforting news for them. The lampstand is just the Satnav. The waymarker. The Light is the Lord Himself, High and exalted and totally real, in another room altogether. The Holy of.holies where He is Head of His Church. While your eyes were still dimmed having just come from the Light of the sun in the outer courts He provided a candlestick for.reference.....but actually He is the Real.One and He is Alive and ever new, which is bad news if you are still living from " an object" instead.
In His Light we see Light.
We walk in the Light as He is in the Light and as we confess our sin we have fellowship one with another and His Blood cleanses us from all sin.
If you are not into Genesis 15 open carcass living, with the Holy Spirit supernaturally floating through the middle of you as you are laid bare, may I tactfully suggest you are not in any church of the Lord yet, but something quite quite different.


Chris Welch
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It's not that the Bible is insufficient for the task. It's that every single phrase that is currently leftbrain lore inside you has to be respoken to you in the Holy Spirit. The current Grace move is just that, to do with the one.word.Grace......which if you remember before.was this meaningless tag word that littered all the apostles letters that sounded very religious. Well the Spirit now.wants to take you through the whole Bible again and completely speak the whole thing to you from heaven.....because your own understanding isn't cutting it!!!!.


Honestly Paul Noble and I are not in a hidden cartel, we are in an open one!!!!
This is yesterday's status but had no time to put it up.
Many people accuse their pastors of being a cork in the bottle.
Can you find me the Bible verses about
1. being a cork?
2. the church being a slender necked bottle?
Paul Noble
3 hrs ·
What's the main job of a pastor? A pastor or shepherd is supposed to equip people to find their help and answers in the chief shepherd Jesus Christ. That's why many pastors get burnt out; people rely on them rather than Jesus.

PhillipMorris or via
Unless our thought responds instantly to the fact that God is the only life, that God is all there is to individual being; and unless in our heart and Soul we truly believe that, we cannot be spiritual healers. We might do some mental healing with a little mental pounding, here and there, but we shall never be spiritual healers until every call for help brings out in us a sense of love. This will be a sense of love that comes not as love for a person. In the normal course of events, we shall never know one-tenth of those who call on us for help; we never shall meet one-tenth of the people who will call on us for help, once we achieve this spiritual awareness of being. The calls will come from all over the world, and they will come by mail and telegram and telephone. We shall not know whether it is a metaphysician calling, or whether it is a Catholic or a Protestant, or whether it is a prisoner in a dungeon. And it is better so, since our immediate response must be: “This is the very Christ of God appearing to me as an individual call for help, as an individual person, or as an individual claim. All that can ever be accepted in my consciousness is God–God, and the Christ of God, which is God appearing as the individual, whether that appearance comes as person, place, or thing.” Until we can stand on that ground and on that rock, we shall not be able rightly to interpret, “the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.”14 Why is the place whereon I stand holy ground? Because I* am standing there; that is what makes it sacred. Could we, by any stretch of the imagination, first stop to ask who it is that is standing there, or what his name or race or religion or creed is? Not in this great revelation of God–God appearing as individual you and me. That breaks down in our consciousness all emphasis on religion or race or bigotry.

Chris Welch
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from someone monitoring closely
Dallas shooters was a Clinton Serco Sniper hit sold to high bidders involved in murder for hire snuff films for her campaign fund. The evil snake kills with impunity and rubs America's face in the aftermath by creating chaos and civil unrest giving blacks the lie they need to proceed with insane retribution with out any claim that they are being targeted by an unnamed assassin running for el-presidente.

Daniel Skillman
8 hrs ·
The narrative behind the phrase, "black lives matter," is that in many ways it seems black lives haven't mattered. At least not as much as, say, white lives. Those who reject this narrative are likely to reject this phrase as well. If a person doesn't think that black people have had it worse than any of the rest of us, then the phrase, "black lives matter," is likely to sound, at the very least, strange to them, and possibly even offensive.
To many of us, it is quite evident that, as a group, black people, on balance, have had a rougher go of it than white people. This is not as evident to others.
The first priority is, of course, saving lives right now. However, a nearly concurrent concern has to be educating people about the nature, extent, and causes of racism, both personal and systemic.
There will still be people who, even in the face of copious statistics and strongly compelling interpretations of the same, will continue to deny the ongoing reality and effects of racism in this country. It is still possible to distinguish these interlocutors from hard core, personal racists, though, you'll need a lot of patience and a keen awareness of fine distinctions to see the difference.
Still, I maintain my hope that most people truly want to do the "right thing," and, at least, they desire to appear reasonable, if not actually to be reasonable. Evidence matters. Arguments, in the academic sense of presenting good cases, matter. Minds can be changed.
I continue to contend that the phrase, "black lives matter," is an important one, no matter its origin. But I'm not content simply sloganeering. I want to play a role in changing hearts, and minds, and actions, and *lives. So, I'll be presenting facts, offering interpretations, giving reasons, making arguments, and pleading with every honest tool of rhetoric at my disposal for you to believe that
Will you join me?
Chris Welch
Chris Welch I refuse to stoop to this level since I learned SERCO was involved in the whole thing as paid assignments. Maybe basic truths need stating, but how about the BIG ONE?
WHO employs SERCO to kill people and stir discord? I think churchmen everywhere prefer to waffle black and white stuff instead of actually finish the job.

Reply to Phillip on the matter of evil
Evil a State of Hypnotism Does wrong thinking, then, appear outwardly as sin, disease, and death? No, it does not. It comes to us merely as an appearance or a belief, and we accept that appearance or belief as if it actually were an external form. Can a person who is hypnotized into believing that there is a white poodle on the hypnotist’s platform, ever produce a white poodle there? No! All the hypnotized thinking in the world will not produce a white poodle. It will only produce an appearance or a belief which the victim claims is a white poodle. Wrong thinking will never produce sin, disease, or death. We are not creators; God is the creative principle, and It creates only Its own image and likeness. Our wrong thinking and the world’s wrong thinking, therefore, will never produce sin, disease, or death. Such wrong thinking will only objectify the belief as an illusory picture like our “white poodle” and then look at it and say, “How am I going to get rid of it?” It is not even here, so how can we get rid of it? There is no such thing as sin, disease, or death; and all the wrong thinking in the world that we can do will not produce such things. But the universal belief in a selfhood apart from God does produce these erroneous pictures which we see as claiming to have substance, law, and reality; but which they do not have. All such pictures are as unreal as the white poodle which the hypnotized man believes he is seeing. Let us remember, he is not seeing it; he believes he is seeing it. There is no way to remove that white poodle except to awaken the subject out of his state of hypnosis. How do we do that? One with God is a majority. If there were one person of spiritual vision in the audience who could laugh out loud and say or even think that there is not a white poodle to get rid of, the hypnotized man would awaken out of the dream. It is only because everyone is in agreement with him–the blind leading the blind–that it happens. If someone would consciously realize that he is merely witnessing a form of hypnosis, such a realization would quickly awaken him to the fact that hypnosis is not a power. It is a belief in a power apart from the one Life. Whenever we are confronted with any form of disease, sin, death, lack, or limitation, let us be quick to realize, “This is a hypnotic picture, and I do not have to do anything about it.” In this way, we can very well have an instantaneous healing. Even if the healing is not instantaneous, our holding to that truth will ultimately reveal the harmony which already is. We must realize that there is no disease: there is only hypnotism; there is only a hypnotic picture appearing as disease. Spiritual healing is not using truth with which to overcome error. It is not using the power of good to overcome the power of evil. Jesus answered the impotent man: “Rise . . . and walk.”6 This was not using a power to heal disease; it was saying, in effect, “There is nothing to be overcome.” He did not use the power of God to do something to Pilate or to ward off the Crucifixion. He said, “Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above.”7 Then he let the Crucifixion proceed and he proved life eternal. A spiritual healer is not a person who develops a technique of using truth to overcome error or of using treatment to overcome disease. A spiritual healer is that state of consciousness, which knows that God alone is the reality of all being, and that anything else is a state of hypnosis. The recognition that he is dealing with a state of hypnosis, rather than with a person or with a condition, is the healing consciousness.
Chris Welch <07000intune"">
10:43 AM (1 minute ago)
to phillip
I think the overall tenor of this is bang on. I mean at the level of there is only truly one thing going on in the Universe....God's Life.
But it is diminishing Satan the resister
The world wars were terrible and ultimately originated in Satan's instruction to one mind. Albert Pike.
Remember until 1871, there wasn't even a notion of a world war. he literally invented it. (Google this if you don't know about this. Also don't listen to the lies of the British Museum. Albert Pike's letter was on show in the 60s in the vestibule. That's where I read it as an 8 or 9 year old and asked Dad about it. What???? You mean the World Wars were planned?? Don't be silly Dad said. Since then Juri Lina's and Fritz Springmeiers and Barry Smith's work has shown different to what Dad knew)
So NO....according to the parable of the soil
and according to the principle of the scrawlings on the Temple wall in Ezekiel 8:10
the power of the devil's form of hypnotism is entirely according to the Proverb
What a man fears shall overtake him.
The devil's goal then according to Genesis 3 is to "OPEN OUR INNER EYES" God PLUS SOMETHING, but the horror is, unlike the white poodle, it actually manifests in the apparent realm we live in.

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