Thursday 29 September 2016

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Saints and saintesses
you may have noticed there has been a slow down.
I wasn't too worried, because last month we were away in Barcelona (July) and Lake Garda (August).
But I have noticed, yes I have been quite busy midwifing an increase in business, some from, some from, that even so I haven't had the same drive towards blogposts.

I am writing consistently on Facebook, but the status is private only to some 2500 friends.
I was writing to my friend John Stevens the other day that I was feeling that I had expressed a lot of the "spiritual dam" that had been collecting for nearly 30 years with no outlet anywhere. So, as many of you realise, 080808 is really significant for me. It was on that significant numeric day that I decided to go into action and share openly on this blog.

What is NUMBER 8 in Hebrew?  It stands for gateway or Door. It even looks a bit like it in Hebrew.
Therefore 080808 is the opening of the third Gate,the third place in God.

God did this before time began, purposing the total inclusion of us in Him way back then.
Jesus ofcourse OPENED the way into God's Holiest Place for us. He is the Pioneer and the Perfector of our faith.


there's our human, corporate reality
and there's Jesus own perfect fulfilment of ALL THREE PLACES IN GOD in His One Life

Long before Jesus, the first ever Passover was experienced corporately with Moses and the people leaving |Egypt and passing through the Red Sea.
In Tabernacle terms   Jesus was our brazen altar at the Cross, as well as our cleansing, the Laver.

But when Jesus came it was the time for Him to raise humankind, and in particular the Jews that were listening, from an outer courts religion, to a corporate priesthood. And so....


Acts 2 lifted us via the birth of the New Church into a Pentecostal reality in God.
A transition stage.
And for 2000 years spontaneous moves of God have maintained this type of walk and revelation, while those who slipped back fell again into an outercourts, Old Covenent walk with God again.

And so in these days, since about 1950 we come to  a new thing
NOT NEW individually, since Jesus Himself tore the veil of the Temple and His flesh 2000 years ago.


But apart from the precursor of Acts 2 when 12 spiritually mature leaders helped pioneer this new thing in the earth called the Body of Christ....

It is only now that the Light and Life of God is leading us to a mature Body, a mature Man, a mature expression of Christ corporate....

but much like King David's story, we began in a flush of anointing in the 50s and 60s,  but since have been driven right "round the houses".....even doing lots of harm en creating a false triumphalism energising USA's War on Terror.....

and like David , now broken and at last more willing to hear God, in a very similar way to the disciples after their desertion of Jesus.... at last people are willing to really hear the real Living God.

So having shared this burden online, it's not that I am saying I have finished, but I am certainly open for God to be transplanting all that  many of us online have shared,, in real visible community all over the world.

Certainly my Facebook writing has not dried, so maybe I should be continuing to share my most up to date  "seeings" from Facebook as blogposts here for those that are not on Facebook or in my friend's list.

Generally daily readership is around 300 viewings daily or 9000 per month

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