Tuesday 6 September 2016

Third Level Musings, sociologically,spiritually,politically

Facebook statuses today

I'll give you Late development and Midlife Crisis !!!
We are grateful for those psychologists and researchers who have mapped out some of the phases humans pass through, and even in the last twenty years it has been a shock just how big the transitions are physically and mentally in teenagers. I always thought something was going on!!! This was so massive for.me, coupled.with school performance factors, and the general Holocaust and atomic malaise.we were brought up in, it led me to find Christ.

But I have always felt there were gaps in what we knew. For.example why boys are "late developers". They aren't of course. This is something else that hasn't been mapped.out properly yet. A bit like mid twentieth century know it all's declaring the appendix useless just because science hadn't caught up.
We are fearfully and wonderfully made ps.139 and.just as many adjustments still need to be made to assessing how.we.develop differently male.and.female, so too the restrictions of.secular thinking have to be cast aside.as.we come to the issues of.spiritual.development , and what is really happening in that hush hush area of.the male midlife.crisis. When a cog fails to fit in a particular mechanistic system......and routinely and universally so......it's not the time to.change the cog forever......it's the time to change the whole mechanistic system. e.g.. that boys develop late. Or that men go stupid about 40. And there have been similar historic blandishments made by men about women.
There are.mysteries here psalm 139 says that need digging. Not just researching about the womb, which is on going, and finally.will.result in abortion being totally abolished. "What were we thinking?" As the Illuminati and Masonic plan to cull populations is revealed, together with their pincer drive to sexualize people as soon as they possibly could, and long before anybody had the vaguest notions of.parenting .
No .....men and women continue to "make themselves" , be fearfully and wonderfully made for.all their human life.....and this largely reflexively without any external programme, since there is so precious little knowledge still as to what a human is. The nearest Prieure de Sion Royal Society science can get to is slightly more.developed animals, so you can see the drivers of our.societies haven't a clue what to.do to.foster growth, once human males can put a penis in a vagina. There simply is precious little learning as to what the final 50 to80 years are all about. Yet the truth is declared, we are.fearfully and.wonderfully made.

Once you "get" the threefold tabernacle structure, the threefold way humans develop....children,young men father's...the threefold way the whole of history's arc is you don't write stupid Facebook posts anymore about the Old Testament being crazy. This would be like.condemning nursery school because they have teachers telling stories, and not professors giving erudite lectures.
Everything has a glory.
A comedienne was suggesting that babies be subjected to the garbage bin because they are totally useless to.society. All tongue in cheek. Yet they become the centre of the room. They probably have the most attention for being able to do the least.
Third level living can hardly be perceived at the.social level yet because Americans and English people are still caught up in the "young man " or.transitional concept of.democracy, which is one better of course than Lord's and serfs....Or.complete social childhood.
But ever since "the people" in Greek.democratic style chose Barabbas the writing has been on the wall with democracy, and Ephesians 1:9-11 declares a better administration is on the way suitable to the fullness of the times, when everybody is thirdlevel, according to Jeremiah 31.....and the least shall know Him.
This is also the meaning behind the Rock that Daniel saw coming out of the mountain and crushing the feet of the Babylon world systems.
I.e. internal knowledge of the Rock making a way for.itself, and all.else.crashing to the ground.
This is also behind God's thoughts when He declared "As.surely as I live all the earth shall be filled.with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea."

The Third Testament
Ok Chris,you are telling me there are three levels. How come there are not three Testaments?
There's only the Old and New Testament,there ought to be three. Can't answer that can you?
The Old Testament is the Outer Courts of Gods House.
The New Testament is the holy place, the first covered area of God's House.
There Is a Third Testament.
But Its Not a Book
It's a many membered human being.THE HOLIEST PLACE.

The time of the True Isaac
Have you ever been a big fish in your own small pond and then a small fish from an ocean somes along and completely wipes the floor with you?
This is what happened when Jesus turned up with the chief priests.
Their small pond had been quite manageable until that pesky no good comes along raising people from the dead.....effectively rewriting the whole Book !!!!!
This is what will happen as the thirdlevel hatches !!!!
I mean we saw an Ishmael version in the beginning of church history. One minute Christians were being burned as human candles by Roman Emperors, next thing....almost without any hoohah at all, it quietly becomes the State religion.
This is because, even at an idea level, Christianity is so infinitely superior to anything that preceded it, jewish or secular....that it just swept its way round the administrations.
Hah!!!! Not least because it made for great submissive peoples to tax heavily!!!!!!!
NO.....The Isaac Version will be similar in that it won't have to fight its way.....not in the human sense.....
But THIS TIME we are talking CONSCIOUSNESS.....or Jesus Consciousness....into the Cross and out into resurrection the other side.
So if the "idea of Christianity" was deemed good.....
Imagine what the full blown Isaac is....
The Gift of Righteousness now MANIFESTED !!!!

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