Monday 19 December 2016

The Cog of God - David Weber

The Cog of God by David Weber through Annalize Mouton
I feel to say something briefly here about “Ezekiel’s Wheel,” of how it can represent for us a son who walks in COMPLETE UNION WITH THE SPIRIT, this one perhaps in ceaseless activity and yet always RESTING perfectly in God, this because GOD IS THE COG within this one’s wheels (his activities).

For brevity’s sake, I’m not going to quote scripture here, but I will comment on Ezekiel’s vision…

Beloved, Ezekiel states that the four living creatures of his vision had the likeness of a man and that each “likeness” had four faces. I believe that “four” represents here a creation work (something wrought out on earth in men), and as I have shared, “wheels” can represent man’s ACTIVITIES. Keep this in mind. With regard to the faces, I propose to you that they represent FOUR DIFFERENT PURPOSES OR DIRECTION OF FOCUS for man, all of which ARE TO BE SUBJECT TO THE SPIRIT and in this way reflect the purposes and the glory of the Father. I believe that the wheel beside each creature in the vision represents the particular ACTIVITY associated with each of the four “faces of man” in the earth, the “noise of the wings of each creature” representing activity in the spirit realm, and “the noise of the wheels beside the creatures” representing the corresponding activity in the natural realm. These things are ALL TO WORK TOGETHER, side by side, and not independently of each other, nor independently of the Holy Spirit.

What this is saying, beloved, is that the wheels of our activity are not meant to spin outside of THE PRESENCE AND THE LEADING OF GOD. Our Father and His abiding presence must be THE COG within the wheels of our activity. Another way of putting this is that if the Spirit lifts but we remain in our activity, then that wheel/activity has spun out of control and will produce NOTHING for the Kingdom. If the Spirit turns but we continue on a straight path – same thing.

With regard to the faces, I have said that they represent our different “purposes and focus,” all of which must be SUBJECT TO THE FATHER and the leading of His Spirit if they are to be a Kingdom work/activity. As far as I see it, here is what the faces represent…

The face of a man – this represents the natural responsibilities of Adam, son of the earth, born of a woman – his family obligations, etc.
The face of a lion – this represents man’s Kingdom authority – his spiritual gifts and ministry.
The face of an ox – this represents man’s work, his labor.
The face of an eagle – the represents the spiritual dimension of a man’s life – his prayer life, even his prophetic seeing, speaking and moving.

Beloved, having presented to you what I have here, I propose to you now that in ALL of the above mentioned “purposes or direction of focus” you CAN exercise Kingdom authority and power by you being in CONTINUAL subjection to the Spirit, OR you can manifest DEAD WORKS by having your wheels of activity spin out of the control of the Holy Spirit. Look at it this way; in even your family conversations, learn to lift from a subject as the Spirit lifts from that subject. In your spiritual work, stay within your anointing and calling. In your daily job, let the Spirit show you how all that you do can be a KINGDOM EXPRESSION. In your life of prayer and prophecy, be sure to let the Father be the COG that drives your thoughts and your prayers and your words. The wheel within the wheel of your activity is God’s call upon your life and is the grace to see His kingdom come CONTINUALLY in your life, beloved. So, be careful not to step outside of your grace-gifting or to “turn aside” from the direction in which the Holy Spirit is leading you, for if you do that, YOU will become the drive behind the wheels of your activities, and from God’s perspective, that is death, not life.

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