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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Don't Stop at Prophecy.....

building site at dawn
The problem with the prophetic is this....
It's the bottom line.
If God has spoken something, had revealed something...
say in 1973, when He showed us that He was forming brand new churches....
everyone thought we were nuts.
But within months literally God had sent in all the necessary materials for the first stages.....
Juan Carlos Ortiz and Yonghi Cho on Discipleship.... the London Housechurch people and the Fort Lauderdale people....
And so it was the wheels started rolling.
New churches are everywhere now.
But just as the holy place, though necessary, had major incompletion problems..... since it's the Holiest Place where God actually dwells...
And even so it's a matter of history now that heavy handed discipleship is disastrous.... but that isn't what Jesus was practicing.... He was already a thirdlevellers, a 1John2 Father type....
Which wasn't perceived in the Jesus Move.
So with the same authority we know that we know that we know that thirdlevel church is on its way.
But I said the prophetic , being the bottom line, is the problem....
Because it's not story.
It's not wooing.
It's like Ezekiel 37 dead bones rattling.
Only the second wind makes the thing beautiful, when the Body stands up.
God is about revealing Himself and He is beautiful in all that he does. Under the anointing and with a gift of utterance even the prophetic sounds amazing.... but it is only the prophetic.
God causes the thing to happen. He is the cornerstone. He is the painter in vivid colour. He causes storyline. Everything is in relationship with Him and with one another.
Jesus says if He be lifted up before men then all will be drawn to Him.
Notice there's no choice there..... He is so beautiful all are enthralled, all feel personally drawn.... it's not herd mentality .... it's each individual drawn.
Jesus says we are a Light on a hill.
He says if we walk in the Light as He is in the Light then we have fellowship with one another.
Many in the evangelical and charismatic churches know some kind of touch with the Lord and each other... but that this level of genuine, this intimacy is relatively few and far between. But if we all determine ourselves to walk in His actual Light, rather than shame, we find fellowship with one another in this place.
So while the prophetic is the bare bones, the bottom line....
The genuine working out is the Light on the hill

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