Thursday 14 September 2017

Three Reflections on How Ministry works now

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Three Facebook Reflections
1.Team Ministry - Gate 10
Here's some thinking.
The new " team of the Way" hit Jerusalem. Jesus did this first on Palm Sunday knowing in His Spirit this would.set in train events leading to His death and John the Baptists announcement
Behold the Lamb that takes.away the sin of the world.
Leading up to Pentecost which was the yearly Feast this "team " prayed together as instructed by Jesus.
The Holy Spirit fell as promised. They kind of hijacked the Feast. But in a nice.way. Love was poured out. It was spontaneous, infectious and from the heart.
The Fisher folk came to our school with Presence. There was pressure on them some Billy Graham thing......but they had new Wine. They were sensitive. It was very moving.
The third level is a wine. It is the Kingdom. In Acts 2, as it happens Peter did preach with His door opening "Keys" to the Kingdom.....but a whole.lot more.was.happening.
And it was coming not out of
"I will" that false superiority that people.sense.... was a sharing in the Melchizedek Isaiah 55 says......we got you want some????'s not about one man ministry in Lakeland.
Or people visiting an outpouring inside an Airport Church in Toronto....
But about a of thirdlevellers moving in God from.a.redemption well inside them created over some time by God.

2.The Bible as God's Unfolding Heavenly Blueprint
Do you understand how superb the Bible is? If as Rothschild publishing says, it was a book cobbled together by committee .... well it would have the feel of the Millennium Dome
Or some political party.
Let's get real. The Bible doesn't mean anything to anybody outside the Holy Spirit. Corinthians says that. Proverbs indicates that a proverb in the mouth of a fool is like a man with lame legs.
This is why school RELIGIOUS STUDIES lessons sound so stupid.
Why most Anglican sermons when actually compared with the Bible don't sound like they come from the same planet. Actually they don't. One comes from heaven.
Listen as we press on in thirdlevel Christianity the sheer brilliance and timelessness of the Bible is unfolding.
In 1972 when I responded to a Billy Graham message in a film in our youth centre in Amersham near London, actually, although attended by the Presence of God , it was very crude as a message compared with what Jesus and the apostles were preaching.
I consider me , Daniel Yordy, and many on Facebook to be at the very forefront of people getting what God is saying in the Present Rhema Light of His " pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night"..... but I still only see glimpses of why the Bible IS AS IT SAYS THE WORD OF GOD REVEALED TO MAN IN BOOK FORM.
A committee can't even put together something which outlasts its own decade. No way is the Bible anything other than what it says.
Here's a blueprint.
God has to begin outward.
We are outward people.
We begin outward. You teach kids with crude outward stuff, then get ever more intricate.
But even God had real problems communicating an Isaiah 55 water of Life with " the outward Jews" in the Old Testament.
How the frikkin heck do you communicate the covering of sin and shame SIMULTANEOUS TO
And how on earth do you do that through animals that can only die once in one place at one time??
Perhaps this held up the Plan of the Ages at the beginning of time? Anyway what God came up with was brilliant.
Certainly way beyond anything anybody could dream up. Most bishops to this day haven't a clue about this.
One burned to show an animal in our stead.... a life for a life
A propitiation from where spacecraft get their re entry propitiatory shield....
But simultaneous to that another goat is driven into the desert. This is the best picture of Jesus Christ taking our sin spirit down off into Sheol and leaving it there.
This is a legal transaction. It means the devil has nothing on God regarding us nor Gods own statement of giving the earth to men.... and through our sloped shoulders onto the devil.
See, when the devil failed to obey, his judgment was eternal. So would ours be.... but God Himself came as us to clear the whole score. Legally.
When Romans says the Law is dead to a person that dies..... this is what our death inside if Christs Body means.
I didn't mean to do anything more than allude to the two goats as a blistering example of how phenomenal the Bible is.
No, my real example I woke up with was David and the New Cart incident.
There simply is no other story which is a better graphic for the subtle difference between
Thirdlevel Christianity and the charismatic
The song leading
The charismatic praise mountain
The quick one bit erection of a one man pastor in a hired hall, or home, or Joel Osteen auditorium or his father John .....and calling that church.
David and the New Cart represents no personal involvement in the process
It represents the same automation
The same separation that we have known from the Garden of Eden onwards....
A trick. A system. An automised approach. Living from this delusion, this Genesis 3 Delusion , this " Tree of the knowledge of good and evil"
Moon reflective living
Living at one remove....
All of this new Cart approach DIES NOW
I received this Word initially right in the middle of a 1984 Welsh Conference that I prophesied into but ofcourse , ofcourse I didn't yet " get" the full strength of the message.
See, it doesn't come by committee.
No instead of New Cart operators
Conveyor belt managers....
What we are is priests.
In the best God could come up with
Was the picture of priests hoiking up the actual Presence of God in the Ark into their shoulders connected by poles.
Personal and total responsibility
Personal " locomotion"
But even this is a bit clunky.
Actual priesthood is Jesus Christ coming in you, the hope of glory.
For carrying on the " shoulder"
what this actually is, is God the Holy Spirit bringing advance seeing of the coming Kingdom....
We " stand in" for its arrival on earth.... read Romans 12.1-2
We put our lives on hold to see This Life Manifest
Manifest or bust....
The risk that it might not....
We do not know how to pray as we ought, so the Holy Spirit helps us , interceding with groans and utterances too deep for words.
The linked poles of the priesthood are again Gods clunky attempt , but altogether brilliant given the restrictions.....
Of describing a priesthood in Spirit reality
Linked to the One so totally linked " by the same poles"
This is the Miphkad Gate picture, the tenth Gate of Jerusalem. Judgment by a co - group of elders.
It has that picture of Jesus
And the Government shall be upon His shoulders....
I.e. Carried in by the Spirit intercession of a new priesthood that is as happy in the Courts of heaven as they are in seeing things manifest on earth.
THINK BOTH ELIJAH AND GEHAZI THE SERVANT AS ONE MINISTRY.... one part sees the storm ahead of time coming out of heaven,
The other midwifes it's actual arrival.
All these are actual realities and always have been in the Spirit..... just sitting there in the Bible....
What we have on earth are people like David that simply haven't spent enough time examining the heavenly way of doing things....
They are all to a greater or lesser extent arranging their new carts as solo " pyramid pastors " or vicars or Catholic priests.
God never ordered a new Cart automation system of seminaries....
It was always about you and I walking in the Light , being transformed in that Light
And exporting that Light all over the world.
It was never about new carts
About living in separation
And God automation systems
The Word was always thirdlevel Christianity
Going the Way, learning the Truth and getting The Life
Abiding in His Word, knowing the Truth, and being totally set free.
Where we have hobbled along in our
New Cart-ism???? Our cheapskate separation shortcut???
No wonder we listen to idiots saying the Bible was cobbled together .......

3.A Brief Breakdown of the Holy Place
What is the holy place, the mid area of the Gods Tabernacle?
Crudely..... an acceleration room.
Up until now God has been at one remove. Gods work has been at one remove.
Preachers preach about God and the Kingdom as a third person abstract, separate from us.
But this is as stupid as a Bose sound system salesman talking about the superb quality of his stereo sound systems but then selling them with one speaker.
"Oh.... the stereo, errr the second speaker?..... well that'll be sent along next year or some unspecified time in the future sir."
Jesus Name is Emmanuel. That's what we are selling.... at no cost.
We are saying if we gather in His Name there He actually is in our midst.
Blessed are you who come in the Name of the Lord.
If people receive us in that Name guess who turns up for them?
We speak in the I Am.
Jesus isn't my half sister (Abrahams Sarah)... or half brother.
Adamically he actually is. He never came in our flesh, directly inherited from Adam . He was inserted in the likeness of flesh but without sin into the line of Adam.
By faith Jesus isn't my half brother any more.... by faith I have died and it isn't me that live, I live by the faith of the Son of God. I have direct connection.
I don't preach or speak shadows , I speak Light in the Lord.
All this we have a fabulous foretaste of when we are baptised in the Holy Spirit. But our daily life is our soul catching up with our spirit.
We were Darkness
The Holiest Place is Total Light
He is my Light and my salvation
The Lord is the Light of Jerusalem.
So my Spirit really digs this stuff....the veil really was torn 2000 whole years ago....
No my soul.... the rest of me needs acclimatising
Accelerating to the speed of Gods Light....
To go Thwack..... right through the fragmentation chamber of the altar of incense.... which is the Spirit reality behind the earthly copy....
So yes, the holy place isn't quite the doctors waiting room we thought....
It's more like CERN and the Hadron Collider
On a collision course with God
At Peniel
Or as Job put it
In my flesh I will see God!!!!!

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